In Southern Illinois, incumbent Congresscritter Mike Bost is feelin’ the heat.  America has long had a problem of politicians who talk the talk back home at election time, but then go to Washington.  They drink the water there are their beliefs get diluted.  The next thing you know, they’re voting against the wishes of their constituents.

And in the case of Mike Bost, his votes and shenanigans in Washington are coming home to bite him on the ass.  And when voters and regular people are holding him accountable back home in those few public events he attends, he’s getting quite snippy.

Why are we following Bost?  Because he claims that “When it comes to guns, no one’s a stronger supporter than Mike Bost.”  A “supporter” of gun rights?  We want people who will stand up and fight for all gun rights… and NOT follow your example of supporting regulatory bans on bump stocks and an end to private gun transfers as you did with your support of so-called “universal background checks.”

At a recent county Republican event in Bost’s district, Bost became rather animated when the event’s leadership wouldn’t read a prepared statement lauding Mr. “All Hat and No Cattle” as somehow the savior of all that’s good in his district.

Bost, it is said, looked like a petulant little child having a temper tantrum.  That little fake temper tantrum crap might play well on C-SPAN but it didn’t play well in the real world.  It didn’t win anyone over, but instead cemented their support in Bost’s challenger, Darren Bailey.

Bailey, while running for Congress, continues to throw sand into the gears of Pritzker’s gun control machine.

Unlike Mike Bost, Bailey has loudly, proudly and publicly stated his defiance of the gun registration requirement under law.

Let’s face it:  Mike Bost is all hat and no cattle when it comes to his “support” for gun rights.  In fact, you could put his support for gun rights in a jock strap and still have plenty of room to spare.

8 thoughts on “YOU COULD PUT MIKE BOST’S ‘SUPPORT’ FOR GUNS IN A JOCK STRAP AND HAVE ROOM TO SPARE: Mr. ‘All Hat and No Cattle’ Mike Bost is feelin’ the heat”
    1. I watched the “temper tantrum” and thought what a pathetic pile of **** this M. Bost is for acting like a petulant child without discipline and his persona is exhibited for all to see as the “character” of rural? ILL-Annoy. This idiot needs to be defeated, soon!

    1. Mike bost is an ass clown of the highest order. And if he hadn’t supported gun control the rest of us wouldn’t have found out. Nice job Mike bost… ya big dumbass.
      Don’t be a quisling on gun rights and Guns Save Life Won’t crawl up your ass

  1. I have seen an add featuring Pres. Trump hailing Bost as the savior of the 2nd amendment. What gives???

    1. Mr Trump is a horrible judge of character. Look at the people he hired who have worked to sabotage him.

  2. I saw Mike Bost got an NRA endorsement. Maybe NRA needs to reevaluate their endorsement process. Very disappointed they endorsed a guy who wants to end private gun sales.

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