Talk is cheap among so many politicians today.  At election time they start talking the talk about their support of issues their base cares about.  Like Adam Kinzinger or Kevin McCarthy (or Mitch McConnell), they talk tough about their support for things like gun rights.  They make all sorts of promises to do things they fully know they either cannot do or have no plans to do.  Then, after the election, their “leadership” on things like guns evaporates faster than a freon spill in the summer sun.

Enter Mike Bost.  In recent days he’s repeated his bromide that “When it comes to guns, no one’s a stronger supporter than Mike Bost.”

Putting aside for a moment Mike Bost’s support of gun control schemes like banning bump stocks and ending private gun sales between individuals nationwide (we’ll get to those in a moment), Bost has remained relatively silent about Pritzker’s gun and magazine ban.  Yes, despite Bost’s pledge that “When it comes to guns, no one’s a stronger supporter than Mike Bost,” this same Mike Bost has remained mum on Pritzker’s gun and magazine ban and its requirement that existing owners register their self-defense rifles, pistols and shotguns before January 1, 2024.

Again, Bost has proudly proclaims: “When it comes to our guns, no one’s a stronger supporter than Mike Bost.”

Where is he on the PICA gun and magazine ban and his compliance with it?  Or maybe he doesn’t own America’s favorite rifle?  Maybe he quietly supports PICA “because nobody needs an AR-15.”

Why is this possible?  Well, Mike Bost did support the bump stock ban.

When that gun control scheme didn’t have the votes to make it through Congress, Bost joined Adam Kinzinger to urge ATF to ban the devices through regulatory rulemaking.  Nice!  Nothing like supporting regulatory rulemaking with criminal penalties for stuff that didn’t have the votes to pass Congress.  Thanks Mike Bost.  Are you familiar with the history behind the word “Quisling?”

As if that wasn’t enough, Mr. “No one’s stronger on guns than Mike Bost” supports an end to private gun sales nation-wide.  Thanks buddy.

And closer to home in Illinois, Darren Bailey took Mike Bost up on his “no one’s stronger on guns” challenge.  Darren Bailey challenged Congressman Mike Bost to not only publicly condemn Gov. Pritzker’s PICA gun and magazine ban law, including the gun registration component, but to also tell folks that he too will not comply.

And Bost has remained conspicuously silent.

Again, Bost claimed as recently as January 3rd that When it comes to our guns, no one’s a stronger supporter than Mike Bost.”

All talk, no action.  Is that Mike Bost?

Talk is cheap, Mike.

Maybe Mike Bost is a “supporter” of gun rights like a jock strap is a “supporter” of athletics.

We’re tired of politicians who talk the talk but who do not walk the walk.  Or worse yet, politicians who claim they’re staunch supporters of gun rights who then want to ban private gun transfers among law-abiding people.

We’re tired of politicians who make promises they can never and will never keep.  “Mike will finish the wall and keep cartels out of America”?  Really?  You gonna promise whirled peas too, buddy?

Mike Bost is a lot like Adam Kinzinger.  They campaign on supporting gun rights but then after drinking the water at the Capitol, they start advocating for gun control.

Mike Bost sure seems like a wolf in sheep’s clothing when it comes to guns and gun rights.

28 thoughts on “TALK IS CHEAP: Congressman Mike Bost claims ‘When it comes to guns, no one’s a stronger supporter than Mike Bost’ yet he’s strangely mum on defiance of PICA law”
    1. Same here, Too many so called Republicans turn out to be a Mitch McConnell or even worse a sniveling traitor and disgrace to a military uniform like fake crying bitch Adam Kinzinger.

    2. You and me both, Mark. The Republican party is nothing but the well-paid enablers of the communists today. This is the party of traitorous scum like Romney, Kinzinger and Cheney who all talk like Reagan, and govern like Stalin the second they get into a position of power. They are always first in line to wipe their asses on the Constitution. Like a well-used card table, they fold up at the first sign of resistance.

      Trump exposed this type fully for the world to see by their own actions. Remember Paul Ryan? The asshole that prevented Congress from putting up the wall at our porous border while building one around his own mansion? It happens with this lot over and over again. Reach across the aisle frauds who sell out Americans at the first opportunity. The Illinois Republican party has been filled with this type for years – go along to get along losers. When given the choice, however, a leftist will also vote for a real communist instead of communist-lite, which is why the Republicans are essentially the Whig party here in Illinois now and we are under the hobnailed boot of fuckwads like Lard Lad and his entourage of Marxist scumbags. Given that same choice, a real American refuses to vote for either.

  1. GSL is just a pathetic rag for the same MAGA grifters who lost us the 2022 election. Bost has been a good congressman. He also fought against Madigan and his cronies in the legislature when he was in the general assembly. Hey GSL stop LYING about his record. Bost voted against the gun legislation last year that 14 Republicans voted for and has NEVER supported banning bump stocks or private sales. Also the fact that Darren Bailey is backed by Matt Gaetz the world champion of venmoing underage girls for sex is all the more reason not to support him. Bailey is a performance artist who will accomplish nothing in congress. His little photo stunt means nothing. You think ISP is gonna come after a former state senator? Nope! Theres also just the reality that he’s a bad candidate who lost a winnable governors race or at least one that we could have forced the dems to spend money at. Disgusting that GSL has resorted to these pathetic lies about Congressman Bost’s record. Shame on John Boch for promoting this trash.

    1. Hey Kevin – why don’t you just kneel before the left and come out once and for all? ‘Republicans’ like you are worse than the left – at least you expect to get shivved by them. ‘MAGA grifter’ is code for the kind of leftist enabling garbage that has ruined America from within.

      You are little more than an apologist for Joe Biden and his crowd. Never Trumpers are the most vile traitors of all in America.

    2. Oh, and here you go, from Bost’s own official House website:

      And Trump was wrong on this issue, by the way. Trump’s biggest shortcoming is that he has a lousy instinct in choosing his advisors. He got bad advice on this one, and bought the stupid paranoia about one mass shooting incident.

      Fuckhead Bost caved in and joined the anti-gun left as soon as the opportunity arose. But, no one is stronger on guns than Mike Bost.


    3. Kevin, Then answer the question…. Where is Bost on PICA ? It’s obvious that he’s trying to play both sides, saying he supports gun rights to get Conservatives but not saying it too loud or too often because that may piss of the RINO lovers who are just fine with “some” gun control, so called moderates, and it could get the liberal filth more active against his campaign. If he wins you’ll get nothing to support gun rights. He’s not going to sponsor jack shit for for gun rights. Also when the hell did Bailey have a winnable Governors race ? most so called Republican voters in Illinois only vote for limp dick RINOs like Bruce Rauner or Adam Kinzinger. The state is so polluted with Marxist scum that even most of the so called Republican voters are half a commie fuck stain.

    4. Hey LiberalsRCancer do you enjoy getting your teeth knocked out by the left? No one is kneeling before anyone you ignorant tool. If Darren boy gets into congress he won’t be working for his district. He’ll spend all his time on Newsmax and Fox in front of a camera for his own ego like Matt Gaetz and his ilk do non stop rather than governing. Sorry but I prefer adults running the government not some wannabe Rush Limbaugh who’s auditioning for his next job on conservative radio. Once Darren loses this I’m sure he’ll be moving to another state and applying for a job on conservative talk radio.

    5. Hey Bill I am one of those “RINO Lovers”. In fact I’m supporting Nikki Haley for president. Bruce Rauner VETOED the dealer licensing bill. Your ilk decided to throw a temper tantrum over abortion and immigration when he was in office and gave us Pritzker. Yes I would give anything to have Bruce Rauner back in the governors office. Stop running wingnut election deniers and Matt Gaetz wannabes in suburban districts. People like you are the reason we are in the situation we are in because you all put party purity over winning. It wont matter for me soon though since I just closed on a house in Nevada and hopefully you “RINO” hating maga freak wing nuts wont follow me there and ruin that state as well.

    6. OK Kevin, I’ll play but just this once I’ll pretend you’re not an angry liberal troll with Trump derangement syndrome. Congrats on supporting Nikki, she’ll be dropping out in a few months as Trump takes the lead and becomes the winner in the 2024 Presidential election. As far as Rauner I agree I would rather have him than Pigster. He may have vetoed dealer licensing but you forgot to mention he gave us red flag horse shit and 3 day waits on all guns not just handguns. He’s RINO scum that caved in. Now if you want to be truthful about the last Governors election and drop your “temper tantrum” over abortion nonsense it becomes clear that JB Pigster spend shit tons of money scaring the average Illinois sheep zombie voter into being terrified that Bailey would single handedly take away their “right” to kill their kid before birth. Of course that couldn’t happen but the idiots had it stuffed down their throats until they believed it so they voted for Pigster and about 54% just stayed home on Election Day. As far as running wing nut election deniers in the suburbs goes who are you talking about ? which candidate ? In Illinois ? Putting party purity above winning ? you mean compromising and caving ? again what pure Conservatives are running all over this state ? we have like 2 maybe. I think you’re imagining things. Congrats on your new home in Nevada !!!! I was there once and it’s beautiful, nothing like camping in the desert. Loved looking up at a million stars. It’s better that Illinois but it is still a blue state thanks to 2 counties and it’s getting worse so good luck with that being the Republican you are and all. Don’t worry I won’t be following you there and ruining that state as well ( Yeah, right wing Conservatives ruined Illinois LOL you must be demented or on drugs ). Have a nice day

    7. Hey Bill guess what Nikki will be the nominee when Orange Turd gets dumped at the convention after he’s a convicted felon and the donors demand it and Ronna gets told to either dump him or be ousted as RNC chairperson. And thanks for proving your another Trump ball coddling dupe who will buy whatever shit he sells you. Nobody other than dumb, insecure, gullible dupes use the term “Trump Derangement Syndrome”. No its called being smart and having morals and ethics but I know those of you in MAGAworld dont care about either. No one is throwing a temper tantrum I’m just mocking your stupidity LOL and Nevada is not a “blue state”. They have a Republican governor who used to be the sheriff of one of those counties that you claim is “ruining the state”. I’m assuming you mean Clark which is where Las Vegas is and no it isn’t “ruining the state”. That’s where all the money is and tourists go. Thanks for showing your own rural elitism. And yes Bailey’s position on abortion is precisely why he lost. In addition to the fact that he insulted about 60 percent of the state by calling Chicago “Pritzkerville” and a “hell hole”. Yes nothing says “vote for me” like insulting the majority of the state. He also costed us races in the house and the legislature. Go look at Oregon and New York they had moderate governors candidates and even though both of them lost they pulled down ballot candidates across the finish line. And no conservatives didn’t ruin Illinois….MAGA did. There is nothing conservative about MAGA. Conservatism is dead and replaced by MAGA. All maga is good for is helping liberals get elected. Oh and abortion is not an issue worth fighting for. those aren’t unborn babies they are unborn democrats. All you “pro life” virtue signalers want to do is breed more democratic voters on welfare. Put a planned parenthood abortion factory in every democratic stronghold and let them butcher their future voters.

    8. I love it !!!! I assume you refer to yourself when you say “It’s called being smart and having morals and ethics ” but then you say ” let them put a Planned Parenthood abortion factory in every Democratic stronghold and let them butcher their future voters.” Yeah because everyone votes exactly like their parents did so kill them in the womb, right ? Great morals and ethics there. rip em out in pieces and toss them in the scrap tray. You’re wrong and sick in the head. I was born and raised on the west side by union Democrats so yes children can vote different than their entire family. You mentioned my rural elitism ( great liberal term ), I must have picked that up growing up in between the Austin district and the Island. ( I290 / Austin Blvd. / Cicero Ave. / Roosevelt Rd. ).
      You mentioned Conservatives didn’t ruin Illinois MAGA did. Yeah 40 + years of Dummycrat control, corruption, bribes, kick backs, mob action, unions, etc. didn’t ruin Illinois it was a paradise until 2016 right ? Name all the MAGA candidates and elected officials that raised the property taxes to the 2nd highest in the nation. Oh wait, you can’t can you ? more nonsense from you. Say some more stupid stuff it’s amusing. Bailey did say Shitcago is a hellhole and he is 100% correct. take a ride down Madison street east of Cicero and tell me it isn’t I can recommend about 30 more rides to see the magic if you like. Everyone that lives their knows it’s a shit hole. You still fail to name all the wing nut election deniers and Matt Gaetz wanna bees in the suburbs. AGAIN GOT SOME NAMES ??? Of course not, you just spew nonsense. NAME SOME NAMES !!!! You said Nevada isn’t a blue state ? Again you show your ass, Diapers Biden won Nevada, The state has went Dummycrat in every Presidential election since 2008, both US Senators are Dummycrats. It is a blue state for sure and having a Republican Governor doesn’t make it NOT A BLUE STATE as you said. You’re moving there and don’t know this ? WOW !!!! If you want to respond please include the names of all the MAGA people that ruined Illinois, I can hardly wait. If not I enjoyed our conversation.

    9. Hey Bill you know who has the highest abortion rate in the country? It’s the black community. Guess how they vote genius. 90 percent democrat. Yeah you’re a bigger fool than I thought if you think they will EVER vote Republican. Tell me again why we shouldn’t let a highly democratic constituency kill their welfare babies at the expense of suburban women voters who are overwelmingly pro choice? Yeah I thought so. I don’t give a rats ass if heavily democratic voting blocks want to kill off their future voters. Since you all love to complain about how the dems are “importing” voters via the southern border I’ll apply it equally to abortion. Also a clump of cells is not a baby if it can’t survive outside the womb its not a “life” because thats what science says even though I’m sure you dont belive in that either. Here want me to name a few names here ya go: Jeanne Ives, Keith Pekau, Catalina Lauf, Erica Harold, Arthur Jones. The later who was a Nazi sympathizer that the state GOP didn’t even have the balls to ban from the primary ballot. Here I’ll name some more outside of Illinois Yesli Vega(Virginia), Jim Marchant(Nevada), Madison Gesioto-Gilbert(Ohio), Kari Lake(Arizona), Herschel Walker(Georgia), Karoline Leavit(New Hampshire), Doug Mastriano(Pennsylvania), Joe Kent(Washington), John Gibbs(Michigan). All raging election deniers and MAGA freaks and all LOSERS. And Nevada is a PURPLE state where no election in the past decade has been decided by less than five points. In fact it used to have a GOP AND DEM senator at the same time until you MAGA freaks offended enough people in Clark and Washoe counties. Maybe if Trump goes to prison this year we can replace one of the dem senators this year too. And yeah the dems wrecked Illinois but you MAGA clowns helped them do it by making the Republican party toxic in the suburbs. I’m in Dupage Roskam’s old district. This used to be a solidly Republican area on the congressional level and in the GA. Now its all democrat so yeah Thanks MAGA!

    10. That’s your list of names ? the election deniers who ruined Illinois ? Jeanne Ives fell into obscurity years ago. Erica Harold ran in 2018 and hasn’t been heard from since. she was denying the 2020 election results in 2018 ? the rest are nobodies who went nowhere. again, sad and pathetic but nice try. I’m still laughing at how MAGA ruined the paradise known as Illinois, not 40+ years of Dummycrat corruption, NO they only “helped” HAHAHAHA !!!! You should rent a clown suit and do birthday parties and such. Just share your political views ( especially on Illinois ) and you’ll get lots of laughs and make a few bucks. MAGA ruined it for the Republicans in the suburbs ? NO, limp dick RINOs like the ones you support fucked that up. Jim Durkin was MAGA ? Nope, he was a joke. Anyway, as much fun as this is and I mean that, I do have a lot of snow to move before work so you be a good clump of cells and run along. One final thought….. Nikki Haley would probably be ok but she isn’t going to beat Trump. The polls say the vast majority still want MAGA. Have a nice day.

    11. Hey LiberalsRCancer you know who else supported banning bump stocks? Your buddy the great conservative MAGA leader Josh Hawley. You still havent shown me where Bost supported banning private sales. Also I care more about voting records not some statement he said out of emotion when the country was still mourning the worst mass shooting in history. There was a bump stock ban introduced did Bost co sponsor it? Brian Mast at one time said he might support an Assault Weapons Ban and then voted no on it when it came up. I dont care about talk I care about how they vote. Oh and if Trump has such shitty advisors than what does that say about him? It shows he has terrible judgment and doesn’t belong anywhere near the white house again. Nikki Haley 2024 Long live Dick Cheney and FDJT!!!

  2. Ooh!!

    Looks like someone got called out for calling someone else names.

    Before I read this comment I was thinking I would suggest that Johnboch ask Mr. Bost to sit for an interview and ask him what his positions are. But now i’d like Mr. Boch to back up his claim that the man voted against bump stocks cause the above fellow who seems to know says he did not.

    And I would hate to have any political lobby group suggests that its litmus test for favorable candidates is their wantonness in violating law – whatever that law is!

    I’m not sure that Darren Bailey wouldn’t be the best candidate for governor but don’t make your one-issue vote on that candidate’s propensity for violating established law. if you don’t like that law, I suggest you sue and sue everywhere. And anywhere you can. you don’t have to wait for a maag or a devore to sue, you can do so yourself. I am.

    And remember whatever distaste you have for Donald Trump, the 2 issues that prove he will be the best President. And that is one, the wall and, two, conservative judicial appointments. Remember without his judicial appointments. We would not now have Bruen and other very important judicial decisions limiting the power of administrative agencies.

    ** And at the risk of being called a narcissist or worse by our resident old red flag coot, I’m still waiting for Johnboch to apologize to governor Jabba the gut’s lovely daughter for calling her a whoor. Ladies? Are there any ladies here? Please explain for our illustrious leader exactly when and if it is suitable to call a woman that.

    1. Fuck Pritzker, and his entire family. They are a skid mark in the shorts of America, just as Joe Bribem’s family of trailer trash is. Your evidence about Mike ‘Sellout’ Bost is posted above with the Never Trump apologist.

    2. but, but, but, “ken” (aka: GrifterLyingScum GLS 1589) YOU ARE a narcissist and a quisling, all can see it by your posts, you are just too arrogant to realize it yourself, you poor, pour pathetic grifter, still lusting after baby-girl Prickster I see, is she “Amy” in “Amy’s daddy dr. ken”? Like them young don’t you “ken”?
      Pray for “ken”, his mental deficiency is getting more pronounced and it has always been bad.

    3. GSL1589: Just think of every time you post evil, defamatory matter about me that it just cost you $10,000.00.


      Cause, you’re gonna get sued. However, in accordance with law, I again ask and insist that you retract all your defamatory statements about me, including those pertaining to “narcissism,” “scamming,” “treason” your “quisling” accusations, and the worst, you calling me a “pedophile.” I am NONE of those things, and the proof of that is objectively verifiable. You keep repeating yourself, and you’re just digging a deeper and deeper hole.

      And where’s johnboch with the infamous banhammer? He did some “housekeeping” asking us to keep personal attacks out of it, yet, here’s his butty GSL1589, calling me all of these horrendous things. And that in response to my statement RESTRICTED to the subject matter of the post and consequent discussions. And johnboch, just imagine when I sue him that GSL, the organization, is going to incur significant time and resource expenditures simply responding to my discovery requests, including requiring YOU PERSONALLY to go back and reconstruct everything you’ve edited or “banhammered,” and in requiring you to testify But you keep letting HIS insults come.

      AND, johnboch, I’m still waiting for you to apologize to the governor’s perfectly lovely young daughter for calling her a whoor. Ladies? Is there a single lady on this website? HOW can you let the head of this organization call another woman a whoor just because he detests her father’s politics? IS that OUR standard now?

  3. Ask Darrin Bailey how he would vote on HB2722 and you’ll find out immediately if his talk is also cheap or if he puts his money where his mouth is. He has a cute video of defiance but a YES vote on that bill would be the same as handing a gas card to the ISP so they’ll have the ability to show up at his house and arrest him. There are no two ways about it. If you support the bill empowering confiscation and harassment of gun owners you are not pro-gun. If you are pro-gun you would be a NO vote on HB2722. Never mind what they say. Actions speak louder than words. Every single republican in the House was a yes vote on this. It is what it is.

  4. Bost’s only claim to fame is he once threw a fit in the Illinois Assembly. Done. That’s all.

    1. Because he was angry about being forced to vote on a bill that he didn’t have time to read. God forbid our legislators actually READ the bills they vote on. Bailey’s claim to fame is losing to Pritzker by 10 points in a governors race that could have been won with the right candidate or at least kept competitive which would have forced the dems to spend money here rather than in purple state governors races.

    2. When the bills are slammed through the legislature in the overnight hours at the tail end of a lame duck session, enacted upon the governor’s signature, NOBODY has time to read, evaluate, or oppose, ANYTHING the Marxist-democRATS write up, Bost must be perpetually angry.

    1. YOU GO, Jeff, the TROLLS are getting thick, between “ken” and his Ali-A$$es, it sure seems that “Kevin L.” might be one of “ken’s” “SPOOF-SCAMMERS” as well, although he doesn’t have the similar writing style except for G”L”S 1589, my personal nemesis TROLL-BASS-TURD scum. The “narcissist-quislings” just cannot be somewhat cordial, they are trying to destroy this GSL web site because they can’t stand differing opinions than they spout. Pathetic bass-turds. In “ken’s” case he has never liked John B., and he is forever lusting after the governor’s female offspring, and “ken” thinks John “slighted” her “honor”, but “ken” likes his girls “young”, just sayin’.

    2. Son, I have nothing against Johnboch. It’s just that he does so many silly things he’s a ripe target for criticism. Like, for instance, calling the perfectly lovely daughter of your political opponent a “whore” just because you can. THat’s not macho. That’s not manly. THat’s just disgraceful. And we’re still waiting for an apology, RIGHT LADIES? Ladies? Any woman here think it’s appropriate for johnboch to call a woman that just cause she’s jabba the gut’s daughter?

      And your anti-debate proclamation is starting to sound like you’re not just brain-addled, senile and insane, but COMMUNIST, too? And you’re old enough to know that “COMMUNIST” used to be the worst epithet one man could hurl at another. You COMMIE RAT BASTARD.

      What would America be without debate? If you wanna just get together and have yourselves a slippery lil circle-jerk, ya’s just go ahead and do so, but if you post polarizing comments and the site invites COMMENT, then that ALSO INVITES DISSENT and debate. If you want us who disagree with your idiot way of thinking “banhammered” simply because we disagree with you well, then, you know EXACTLY what the left is doing TO YOU.

      And there you go again with your defamatory statements. Kindly retract all your defamation, or be sued.

    3. “ken” GrifterLyingScumbassturd, F U VERY MUCH, when a young woman puts her own “scantily clad” “(nekkid?) pics on the internet fakebook?, is she “trolling” for attention? THOT she was, who knows what was in her mind to “advertise” her “wares” for all to see. It seems you are more concerned for her “virtue”? than she ever has been what, five years ago, or longer? Get over it “ken”, she probably never cared about it so K M A with big sloppy ones, pathetic, mentally disturbed pile of dark, gooey excrement. GO AWAY “ken” grifter lying scum spoofer scammer.

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