Raise lions, not sheep.  It is with great pride we report that someone raised a lion in Northumberland County north of Hershey, PA.

Cops there continue to investigate a double-homicide.  Reports say two women and a juvenile fled their residence after fight with 47-year-old man named Tracey Adams.

They fled to 31-year-old Brandi Hauck’s nearby home for safety, but Adams came after them.

At the residence, Adams demanded entry.  Hauck refused and Adams shot through the door, striking Hauck in the head, killing her.  He then forced entry.  (Hint:  Don’t be looking through a peephole in your door when some lunatic is outside of it!)

A juvenile, age unpublished, accessed a firearm then shielded the two women behind him.  When Adams approached, he shot and killed Mr. Adams with at least one round to the head.

We send our thoughts and prayers to the victims of Mr. Adams’ rampage and wish the best for the juvenile as he processes what happened.  What a certifiable hero, whether he believes it or not.

From PA Homepage.com:

LOWER MAHANOY TWP., NORTHUMBERLAND COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) —  New details revealed in a Northumberland County double homicide where two people were shot and killed.

According to the District Attorney’s Office of Northumberland County, an investigation was conducted into a double homicide on Malta Road in Lower Mahanoy Township that occurred around 5:00 p.m. Sunday.

Through further investigation, Pennsylvania State Police stated a fight occurred earlier in the day between two women, including a juvenile, and 47-year-old Tracey Adams. The women escaped and ran to 31-year-old Brandi Hauck’s home, troopers said.

Police say Adams drove to Hauck’s house, brandished a pistol, and demanded Hauck leave. Adams then shot Hauck in the head through the front door and she died on the scene from her injuries, PSP stated.

Detectives believe a child, acting in self-defense, shot Adams in the head and killed him while he was shielding the two women behind him.

The District Attorney’s Office of Northumberland County noted the child’s actions were justifiable and prevented death or injury to the remaining people inside the home.

Police have ruled Adams’ death as a justifiable homicide.

5 thoughts on “HEART OF A LION: Kid shoots murdering home invader in the head while shielding two adult women behind him”
  1. The school shooting enabling swine like Moms Demand Action and the crumbling has been Brady campaign will call this one a domestic violence mass shooting involving a child.

  2. I doubt you will hear about this on the Marxist MSM. It’s just one of a couple of million a year success stories where a gun saved innocent lives. Instead, we hear endlessly about “40,000 gun deaths per year!” – most of which are gang-bangers and suicides. And, of course, the few hundred casualties a year from drugged-out, gender-bending, and/or mental Mary mass shooters, most of which are well-known to law enforcement who does jack shit to prevent any of it.

  3. New shooters are easy to train, they have no bad habits. Aiming is useless until one can press the trigger and not move the firearm.

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