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https://www.gunssavelife.com/?page_id=68 CCRA/GSL member for 15 years and VP for almost as long. Lead instructor for GSL Defense Training with nearly 15-years experience as a handgun instructor and more recently rifle instructor as well, teaching hundreds of people (kids and adults like) basic firearm safety and handling skills. Editor emeritus of GunNews. Grew up in Hillsboro, IL. University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign Alumni. Works as an office manager during the day, publication editor at night and firearms instructor on the weekends. Firearm training junkie. Graduate of shooting schools taught by nationally-known instructors Massad Ayoob (Lethal Force Institute, 299/300 qualification score), John Farnam (Defense Training International), Pat Rogers (EAG Tactical), “Sully” Sullivan (Defensive Edge), John Krupa (Spartan Tactical Training Group, class top individual combined skills shooter), Frank Sharp (Fortress Defense), Steve Tarani and classes from numerous other regional and local instructors on firearms and defense topics as diverse as exhibition shooting (shooting trap with a rifle among other fun stuff), defensive knife, speed skills and first aid. United States Rifle Association Certified Instructor, Appleseed Intructor (in training), NRA Certified Rifle, Pistol and Personal Protection in the Home instructor. Teaches primarily with GSL Defense Training, but does 100% volunteer work for USRA, RWVA and the longest-running NRA Youth Shooting Camp in the USA, recently promoted to running the pistol line there. Married to guns and firearms training, and enjoys photography, flashlights, amateur radio as hobbies. Shares the home with three furry ferrets and a delightful woman who could do better than John. Terribly unlucky, John has tragically lost most of his guns and ammo in a series of boating accidents.

Illinois AG Hires Gun Control Advocate Professor – Who Admits to Fabricating ‘Facts’ – to Justify FOID Act post-Bruen UPDATED!!

August 2, 2022
Illinois AG Hires Gun Control Advocate Professor – Who Admits to Fabricating ‘Facts’ – to Justify FOID Act post-Bruen  UPDATED!!

Meet Fordham University Professor Saul Cornell, above.  Despite a proven track record of fabricating “facts” to promote gun control, the Illinois Attorney General has hired him to defend their position that the FOID Act is constitutional in the post-Bruen world.  If that’s the best they’ve got, they’ve got problems. Guns Save Life filed suit...
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LET’S SHOW UP: Naperville Considers Ban on transfers of America’s Favorite Rifle & Other Semi-autos, along with standard cap magazines… Meeting Tuesday. PLEASE ATTEND!

July 15, 2022

DRAFT_Assault_Weapon_Sales_Ban_Ordinance_-_July_13_2022 Gun control disarms victims, not criminals.  And gun free zones only apply to the law-abiding among us. Yet, despite those simple truths, a virtue-signaling contingent among the City of Naperville leadership wants to “do something” following the Highland Park massacre.  Instead of targeting criminals or Antifa-wannabes to make families safer, the Naperville City...
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MAKE RIFLES GREAT AGAIN: Arizona’s Jerone Davison Defends the Second Amendment With Powerful Congressional Campaign Ad

July 8, 2022

Arizona’s Jerone Davison (pictured above) doesn’t mince words when it comes to the Second Amendment.  He’s out with a shocking and powerful campaign ad, one which he says is a cinematic depiction of something that happened to him as a child in rural Mississippi.  In the voiceover, Davison brutally slashes back at today’s Democrats...
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EPIC WIN: Bruen decision will strike down racist, classist & sexist gun control for years to come… for now though, carry your gun and watch your back!

June 24, 2022

Hallelujah.  We knew the Bruen decision would almost certainly fall in our favor, but looking it over, it’s so much more than striking down “may issue” carry laws in states like New York, California and Hawaii.   There is much to celebrate for gun rights.  After all, racist, classist and sexist gun control measures just...
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RIP Andrew Lock

June 18, 2022
RIP Andrew Lock

GSL’s President Dale Lock lost his son Andrew last Friday.   Celebration of Life services will be Thursday morning-ish in Farmington, IL.  Here’s the obituary. Andrew Lock passed away unexpectedly on Friday, June 10, 2022 at the age of 43, at his home in Annandale, Virginia. Andrew was born to Dale M. And Rebecca Wier Lock...
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SAT, JUNE 25TH: Donald Trump Coming to Adams County Fairgrounds in Illinois!

June 16, 2022

The Donald, or President Donald J. Trump, will make an appearance at the Adams County Fairgrounds on Saturday, June 25th.  It’s FREE and open to the public!  Tell your friends and share it far and wide on your social media pages! The event will take place in part to promote Donald Trump’s endorsement of...
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ISRA Candidate Endorsements Are Out… Don’t blame us. We’re not affiliated with ISRA…

June 14, 2022
ISRA Candidate Endorsements Are Out…  Don’t blame us.  We’re not affiliated with ISRA…

The Illinois State Rifle Association has released their candidate endorsements ahead of the June 28th primary.  We’ve gotten more than a little heat from callers upset about the ratings.  Folks, we aren’t the ISRA.   The ISRA-PVF has selected the following candidates for the General Primary election on June 28, 2022. Gubernatorial Candidate: Darren Bailey- Rep...
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AN EASY CALL: Mary Miller supports and defends your 2A rights while Rodney Davis votes for gun confiscations and gets awards from the Brady Campaign

June 10, 2022

We at Guns Save Life look at candidates and their stances on gun rights.  And when it comes to gun rights in the 15th Congressional District, it doesn’t get any better than incumbent Congresswoman Mary Miller.  She’s A-rated by Gun Owners of America, and like Guns Save Life, they’re pretty hard-core on the Second...
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LET’S CRASH THEIR PARTY: Anti-gun Rally in Charleston Saturday at Noon

June 10, 2022
LET’S CRASH THEIR PARTY:  Anti-gun Rally in Charleston Saturday at Noon

  The gun-hating Left will promote racist, classist and sexist gun control this Saturday at noon on the north side of the courthouse square in Charleston.  They are the usual suspects – likely the same ones who marched to DEFUND THE POLICE two years ago in opposition to a “Back the Blue” rally on...
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LESSONS TO BE LEARNED: A tale of two Central Illinois home invasions

May 7, 2022

At a recent Guns Save Life meeting in Pontiac, a retired Illinois State Trooper talked about a couple of home invasion cases with very different outcomes right here in the Land of Lincoln. He shared publicly-available information, offering important lessons gun owners can take from the facts of the cases. First, he talked about...
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