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https://www.gunssavelife.com/?page_id=68 CCRA/GSL member for 15 years and VP for almost as long. Lead instructor for GSL Defense Training with nearly 15-years experience as a handgun instructor and more recently rifle instructor as well, teaching hundreds of people (kids and adults like) basic firearm safety and handling skills. Editor emeritus of GunNews. Grew up in Hillsboro, IL. University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign Alumni. Works as an office manager during the day, publication editor at night and firearms instructor on the weekends. Firearm training junkie. Graduate of shooting schools taught by nationally-known instructors Massad Ayoob (Lethal Force Institute, 299/300 qualification score), John Farnam (Defense Training International), Pat Rogers (EAG Tactical), “Sully” Sullivan (Defensive Edge), John Krupa (Spartan Tactical Training Group, class top individual combined skills shooter), Frank Sharp (Fortress Defense), Steve Tarani and classes from numerous other regional and local instructors on firearms and defense topics as diverse as exhibition shooting (shooting trap with a rifle among other fun stuff), defensive knife, speed skills and first aid. United States Rifle Association Certified Instructor, Appleseed Intructor (in training), NRA Certified Rifle, Pistol and Personal Protection in the Home instructor. Teaches primarily with GSL Defense Training, but does 100% volunteer work for USRA, RWVA and the longest-running NRA Youth Shooting Camp in the USA, recently promoted to running the pistol line there. Married to guns and firearms training, and enjoys photography, flashlights, amateur radio as hobbies. Shares the home with three furry ferrets and a delightful woman who could do better than John. Terribly unlucky, John has tragically lost most of his guns and ammo in a series of boating accidents.

Preparing for the legal aftermath of using force self-defense

December 4, 2020

Criminal defense attorney Brendan Bukalski from the Johnson Law Group’s Bloomington office served as our main speaker at the Pontiac GSL meeting in October. He shared a tremendous presentation on the important role good attorneys play to keep you out of prison following a righteous use of force in self-defense. Yes, trials following what...
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GSL’s new President Dale Lock: Please allow me to introduce myself…

December 2, 2020

by Dale LockPlease allow me to introduce myself as your new president of Guns Save Life. My name is Dale Lock. I live in Petersburg. Raised on a farm in Fulton County, I cannot say that I “grew up” there as my wife of 45 years would assert that I never “grew up.” As...
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PERSONAL SAFETY: Fire Extinguisher Fundamentals

December 1, 2020

  Peoria’s tech time presentation at a recent GSL meeting featured retired firefighter Al Devlin giving a short presentation on the proper and effective use of fire extinguishers. “Fire extinguishers?” you ask. Indeed. It proved a very educational presentation. Devlin talked about the four types of fire. Type A – wood, paper, and anything...
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BEWARE: Lots of concealed carry instructors still cut corners… even classes sponsored by indoor ranges

December 1, 2020

  You would think after Illinois passed a law that mandated jail time for concealed carry instructors who cut corners in their CCW classes that unethical instructors would straighten up or just stop teaching. You would be wrong. We still get reports of instructors chopping four, six or even eight hours off their 16-hour...
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LIBERATE ILLINOIS: GSL Venues held hostage by Gov. Pritzker. Now Decatur GSL meeting cancelled in addition to Pontiac and Peoria this week

November 30, 2020

Venues across Illinois are being held hostage by Governor Pritzker’s lockdown edicts.  Constitutional rights to assemble?  Ol’ JB found a flu exemption to that right, along with plenty of others. We just received word this afternoon that Coz’s in Mt. Zion, the home of our Decatur regional GSL meeting, has been shut down by...
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GSL December Meeting UPDATES (As of Tuesday, Dec 1)

November 28, 2020

We have some meeting updates to share with the membership, friends and family.  It is current as of this writing and we’ll update if anything changes.  Read to the end.  You’ll be glad you did. As everyone knows, our governor and his administration have enacted all manner of lockdowns of the Illinois economy ostensibly...
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MAKE YOUR ALERT LIST: Formalize plans for a post-emergency support network

November 12, 2020

by Kelvin Coburn, MBAGSL Sangamon County EmceeLife is precious and we all can take it for granted over time. However, all sorts of bad things can happen to any of us at any time. Fires, floods, tornados happen regularly, and so do car crashes, heart attacks and illnesses. Throw in the one-in-thirty chance of...
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BIDEN “WINS.” What now?

November 6, 2020

by John BochGSL Executive Director Joe Biden has been proclaimed the president-elect, per some in the mainstream media.  Take that for what it’s worth.  This leaves gun owners in a very precarious position. What happens now? In the past couple of days, I have talked with several trusted, key people.  People from government, the...
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GSL Meetings in Rantoul and Charleston WILL TAKE PLACE

November 5, 2020

Guns Save Life meetings in Rantoul and Charleston will take place next week, regardless of Governor JB Pritzker’s unconstitutional and arbitrary COVID restrictions. Rantoul:  Tuesday, November 10th We will meet at the Knights of Columbus (1001 N. Ohio in Rantoul) on Tuesday.  The building will open by 6pm.  The KC will not serve any...
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GETTING HONEST, FINALLY: Polls show nothing but bad news for Biden, Inc.

October 30, 2020
GETTING HONEST, FINALLY:  Polls show nothing but bad news for Biden, Inc.

Trafalgar Group polling was very good in 2016.  In fact, they called it for Trump in the days ahead of that year’s election, bucking the common consensus of all the junk polling unit. Here’s their latest, as of Friday morning.  There is a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel for...
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