Kim Foxx took a victory lap after seven years of wrecking the criminal justice system in Cook County, IL.  The Soros-funded prosecutor told an audience at the “Leaders Network” that she had accomplished her goals in office.

Good Lord.

From the Sun-Times:

Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx defended her seven years in office Tuesday, saying she decided not to run for another term because she’s accomplished her goals and wants to make room for the next generation of leaders.

Foxx wouldn’t share herplans for after her term ends in 11 months.

“I honestly don’t know what I’m going to do next,” she told a meeting of the Leaders Network at the Columbus Park Refectory.

She’s been a disaster for productive residents and a boon to the criminal class.  Just like so many of the other Soros-funded prosecutors across America.

6 thoughts on “WE AGREE! Soros-Funded Cook County (IL) prosecutor Kim Foxx: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED”
  1. Other than spreading her legs for her gang-banging brethren, she fulfilled George Soros’ goal for destroying America from within. It was the exact reason she was installed in that office with his money.

  2. If I had in my possession the money she spends on her hair I could retire. I know that’s a cheap shot but I’m trying to get by on a budget.

    1. Oh, silly! That’s not HER hair, don’t you know!? That’s BECKY’S hair that she threads in and dyes black!

      Anybody remember the chitcago alderwoman-of-color who infamously declared, “fawk fotty acres and a mule!” I wants me fotty acres and a LEXXXXXUSSSS!”

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