Remember that gun registration window that closed on December 31st?  The governor hasn’t.  Attorney Tom DeVore has reportedly heard from someone inside Team Pritzker that they’re exploring using a emergency executive order to seize those registered naughty guns in the aftermath of a mass public shooting event.

It fits neatly along side the leak GSL received last fall about the governor’s team working with legislators to draft a bill to “close the existing owner loophole” in the aftermath of a high-profile mass casualty incident.  That bill would likely be introduced as a “gut and replace” amendment to a shell bill, then fast-tracked through the legislature in the dead of night, just like the Protect Illinois Communities Act bill in January 2023.

Here’s the story from WICS

A Facebook post making the rounds is raising questions about the assault weapons ban registry and how the Governor might use it.

Thomas DeVore, an attorney with the Silver Lake Group, posted on Facebook that Governor Pritzker could issue an executive order declaring an emergency should there be another mass shooting. That post has been shared almost 450 times.

DeVore’s post says “His executive order would be that all owners of the banned weapons who are on the registry would have to turn them over to the government.” “He told us he heard this information from colleagues who “have the ability to understand what’s going on within the inner circles of legislative leaders and the governor’s office.”

DeVore could not tell us which colleagues he was referring to.

“It was a phone call that I had with them a couple of days before I made that post.” “The conversation developed, as I’ve been told is that the governor’s people have already drafted some language for an executive order under the Illinois Emergency Management Agency Act,” he said.

We reached out to the Governor’s office. They told us the post was “Unequivocally false”

The governor’s office might claim it’s “unequivocally false” it surely does sound very similar to the leak we received last fall.

Where there’s smoke there’s often fire.  Or at least something smoldering.

10 thoughts on “DEVORE: Gov may use ‘executive order’ to demand surrender of all registered guns”
  1. Not that this seems to matter anymore, but I can think of about a dozen provisions of the USC that such an action would violate. Illegal search and seizure would be the most prominent, of course.

    I tend to take things that Tom Devore says with a grain of salt, but Lard Lad attempting something like this would not surprise me in the least. He is absolutely drunk with his own power now that he has total control over Illinois after buying the courts. He has moved into the realm of cartoonish super-villain since he was allowed COVID powers by his fellow travelers in the GA. He now joins the ranks of his fellow communist governors Newsome, Whitmer, and Hochul as being far to the left of even Lenin and Stalin at this point.

    Executive Orders only cover the executive branch of government. This has been hashed out time and time again at both state and federal level. The governor does not have dictatorial powers, despite his delusions to the contrary. Even Pudding Pants Biden hasn’t tried for something like this, and has said in his few lucid moments he doesn’t have the authority to do a straight confiscation. Doesn’t mean that Lard Lad wouldn’t try it, but he doesn’t have the authority.

    The more likely scenario is the gut-and-replace through legislation, since the Communists hold a large majority in both houses and can move anything they like to Fat Boy, who would gleefully sign it. Fortunately, they cannot, for a variety of reasons, do this overnight and there will be some notice before it were to happen. Make your plans now to move your guns to another state, if you haven’t done so already. Have an escape plan in place, and be ready to implement. Keep a close eye on what the GA does.

    I am always a little skeptical of ‘unnamed sources’. Not being a Pollyanna – simply being cautious. If you want me to truly believe something, show me the evidence. When the GA starts playing their game – THAT is evidence.

    1. Ahhh, the elusive “search and seizure” clause of the constitution which resides right next to the “separation of church and state” clause.
      And, for the old coot Here who is incapable of comprehending my words or reading the Constitution, I am being sarcastic. There is no such clause.

  2. With the “open borders” agenda of the Bidumb administration welcoming any and all illegal invaders into America, American citizens will need our semiauto defense firearms to protect ourselves, our families and our communities against the terrorist cells surely here just waiting for an opportune time to wage war on us. Since these illegal invaders are/will be “democRAT voters/constituents” Jelly-Belly will declare America’s citizens as the terrorists instead. Unless of coarse the illegal invaders attack the government. Catch 22. What is a dick-tater governor to do?
    Pray for America!

    1. They already did declare gun owners terrorists, more or less. Their pronouncement that ‘white supremacist’ groups are the single biggest threat to America (not Antifa, not communists, not Muslims, not the endless hoards of illegals pouring over our borders) shows you exactly where their sympathies lie. If you are a white male gun owner, you have been marked as an enemy of the state.

      Of course, if you point out the events of the last twenty years or so that would lead one to this sort of conclusion, you will be dismissed as a tin-foil wearing crackpot.

  3. Democrats truly hate America. They give aid and comfort to an invading force, and do everything in their power to disarm us peasants. They want us defenseless. Democrats seem hell-bent on another civil war. They have forgotten how they fared in the last one.

    1. Gun control and confiscation takes money and the GOP is RIGHT THERE already supporting MORE money to the ISP to do their thing. It is what it is. Republicans share equal blame. HB2722

  4. To all of you blaming democrats for this PICA law you might wanna take another look. The REPUBLICAN PARTY is toeing the line 100% to fund the state police and their operations. In plain english, they are funding Democrat priorities and thus not your friend. They are stabbing you in the back as they smile to your face and want votes from gun owners. What are ISP operations? To arrest and harm you physically and financially and legally and when given the order, confiscate your guns and raid your home with you tied down. So if you think the lessor of two evils cuts it anymore I have ocean front property in Arizona to sell you. Senator Plummer has sympathy for the agency doing this to people, NOT YOU! He’s on video on Bishop on Air. Look it up. Face the fact you are on your own or live in delusion. It’s your choice. HB2722

    1. Apparently you purtian hacks are too dumb to realize the ISP also processes Foid cards. Defund the ISP? Ok who processes your foid reapplication genius? Than if you get bused with with an expired card your shit out of luck. You moronic clowns just need an excuse to hate “establishment republicans”. Its pathetic and sad.

  5. All we have is a “UNIPARTY.” That means ONE and ONLY One. They just PRETEND to present us with ‘two sides of the isle’ when it’s really only two sides of the same coin. It’s all now, and has been, a total fake-out and lie after lie after lie.
    They’ve been pulling these shenanigans for many years and getting away with it.
    TIME TO WAKE UP and do far more than just smell the coffee.
    You MUST do it yourself.
    Get prepared – NOW – to fight and be prepared to give all, if necessary, for those you love and what is your own hard-earned personal property.
    None of us is better than our forefathers who did just that and history is in the process of repeating itself right in front of us at this very moment. It IS crunch time!
    Each of us is responsible to perform our God-given right to self defense and use whatever means each of us chooses to protect and defend our lives and property from the communist, fascist thugs who want to take it all away from us and DESTROY (what’s left of) the U.S.A.
    As always, until a Peaceful and Prosperous resolution, God, Guns and Gold, Jake

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