Okay, she’s not officially dead, she’s just brain dead.  Mijawon Johnson, 36, an 8-time felon out on parole for robbing an undercover cop, tried to steal the 61-year-old woman’s bag.  She fought him initially until he dialed the violence knob up to ’11’ and savagely beat and stomped her before taking her bag.

Imagine you mother or grandmother killed by a habitual felon out early for robbing a cop – his eighth felony conviction and he’s only 36!

Chicago isn’t safe, folks.  CWB has the story, as usual.

CHICAGO — Prosecutors say a 61-year-old woman is brain dead and will likely die after an eight-time felon, on parole for robbing an undercover CPD narcotics officer, savagely beat her during a robbery aboard a Red Line train in downtown Chicago.

Judge William Fahy granted the state’s petition to detain Mijawon Johnson, 36, as a public safety threat during a hearing at the Leighton Criminal Courthouse. State officials have also moved to revoke his parole.

Surveillance video showed Johnson trying to steal the Uptown woman’s bag on a train car near State-Lake around 1:33 a.m. on January 4, officials said. He soon launched a violent attack, pinning her head on a seat and repeatedly punching her in the head and stomach, the detention petition said. Officials said he “stomped” on her body and left her on the train.

CTA employees found the woman unresponsive when the train arrived at the Roosevelt station.

Prosecutors told Judge Fahy that the woman was “on a ventilator and is brain dead” and was “not expected to survive.”

Don’t worry though.  Local and state law enforcement are busy chasing down who has registered their guns (and who has not).

And the feds?  They’ve been busy running down January 6 protesters, investigating white supremacists and other Biden enemies.  So they couldn’t catch up with a would-be cop killer for three years on federal gun charges.

Man, it’s all about priorities.

We’ll give you three guesses where this one came from:

CHICAGO — The man accused of shooting a Chicago police officer and trying to shoot another cop after participating in a smash-and-grab burglary of the Prada store has been AWOL for more than three years from a federal gun case, according to court records.

Deshawn Lucas, who was shot and critically injured during the confrontation with CPD officers, is the first person accused of shooting, killing, or trying to shoot or kill someone in Chicago this year while awaiting trial for a felony.

Officials announced a host of charges against Lucas on Wednesday morning, including two counts of attempted murder.

Later in the day, COPA, the agency that investigates police shootings, released an update confirming that Lucas fired a gun during an exchange of gunfire with officers. The agency said everyone who participated in the burglary fled in vehicles, except Lucas. He tried to get away on foot.

CPD officers spotted him carrying a gun near 1 West Walton and ordered him to stop, COPA said in a press release.

Bodyworn camera footage and private surveillance video recorded the officers’ efforts to stop Lucas and the shooting, according to COPA.

Yup.  Priorities.

4 thoughts on “CHICAGO ISN’T SAFE: 8-time felon on parole for robbing an undercover CPD narcotics cop, arrested for beating a 61-year-old woman to death”
  1. There used to be a saying. Lock’em up and throw away the key. Now, especially in Shitago. Not only don’t they lock’em up. They literally removed the locks on jail. And replaced them with a revolving door.

  2. The Feds are chasing down all the J6 ‘rioters’ except one. Ray Epps. Probation for his action of inciting crowds to attack the Capitol. If you happened to be in the vicinity (as determined by your cell phone location), held in jail for years awaiting trial, and sentenced to years or even decades in prison with no evidence in most cases. The only thing that punk lacked was a ‘FBI’ tattoo on his forehead.

    The J6 Kabuki was a warning to the peasantry. Criticize us, and lose everything. The US is a Banana Republic on par with Central and South America.

  3. A reckoning must take place in this country in apocalyptic fashion. Not only the usual suspects like this ass clown also those who give aid and comfort. Sweep them ALL away. No other path exists to civilization.

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