Darren Bailey had a full schedule today with media interviews over his public announcement that he would not register his self-defense firearms.  Frankly, Mr. Bailey is taking the courageous (or maybe a little foolish?) stand to make the announcement in such a public manner.  However, I will say that former State Senator Bailey is saying what most of us are thinking.

Here’s his interview with Greg Bishop on Bishop on Air.

I recommend tuning in around 7:30 or so every morning to hear Greg Bishop’s show.  It’s live on YouTube.

7 thoughts on “HE’S SAYING WHAT MOST OF US ARE THINKING: Darren Bailey on Bishop On Air regarding his refusal to register his self-defense firearms”
  1. Wake up!!! Wasn’t the 2A supposed to be be the instrument to keep the government in fear of “We the People”? Now Darren’s calling all of you out on that. Darren was the first one to push back on all the unlawful executive lock-down orders while every on was still grumbling putting on their masks to go to the grocery stores. A lot of the “so-called” grass-roots GOP has been trying to run on Darren’s coat-tails since, but they do NOTHING. The state government needs cleaned out, especially RINO’s who are all talk, and no action. While I still believe that Darren’s message is sincere, it’s politically genius. If Pritzker wants to go after Bailey for this, it will be a HUGE political boost and publicity for Bailey. There is nothing “foolish” about Darren’s actions. This is a win-win situation for him.

    1. Absolutely agree with you. I think there is no downside at all to Bailey here. This is NOT the guy they want to make an example of in my opinion, since outside of Crook County PICA is deeply unpopular and it has far less to do with public safety than naked politics. I commend his actions, while realizing that his status as a public figure affords him a sort of ‘shield’ that you or I would not have. Shining sunlight on these cockroaches may be the only way to fix this now, and it will take someone with a much higher public profile than you or I to do it.

      What would really help us is if other members of the GA, Sheriffs, local State’s Attys and other politicians came out and did the exact same thing. Stand up and say “No…we refuse to comply with this bullshit”. Cops would be good too, especially ISP. I doubt you would see much of this, however. What few Republicans that are left in the GA are mostly limp-dicked RINOs that are little more than seat warmers and wastes of oxygen. My own Senator comes to mind on this. She’s great at photo op bullshit, and utterly useless otherwise.

    2. Have to disagree about “every one” putting on their masks. I for one did not, at any time, put a mask on my face to go anywhere in Illannoy. The couple times or so I was confronted about it, they were told that I was not medically able to wear one. That was the end of it.

  2. Bailey’s looking like the courageous and principled one yet again. Good job Darren. Like Boch mentioned in the earlier story, I worry that Pritzker / ISP might do something drastic enough to get someone killed. That would not be a good day for anyone.

  3. Courts (including the supremes) have long referred to the 2nd Amendment as a “hunting” or “self-defense” right. I read the Bruen decision. Did you? I read NOTHING in it that mentions the TRUE REASON our founding fathers adopted it – and we have known this real reason since the day the Amendment was adopted – and that is TO PREVENT TYRANNICAL GOVERNMENT.

    Until the courts will recognize that it is to stop THEM, as much as either of the other two branches, from unlawfully exercising power, the 2nd Amendment will be simply a bastard red-headed stepchild.


  4. I hope the ISP does not visit Mr. Bailey and attempt to confiscate his guns. Can the local sheriff stop ISP? Will local citizens stop ISP? What will we do as gun owners?

    1. Right now Pritzger has egg on his face and is looking like a fool starring down a 97% non-compliance on his PICA crap and he will feel he has to do something immediately now that his former political rival has made him into an even bigger fool, as Darren said in his interview, if he was to be arrested he would have to be tried in the county of his arrest…..Mr Bailey enjoys enormous popularity in his county and garnered over 90% of the vote in his county of residence in his quest to be governor in 2022…..it will take the ISP to carry out the search and when they find his 2 scary guns sitting on the table just like in the picture they will arrest him and take him down to county jail to process him in……let me see….2 guns now that makes it a felony….more than likely the county states attorney will not prosecute the case so now it will be Kawame Raoul and his team will head downstate from Chicago to conduct the trial …..were it gets interesting is when it comes to jury selection as Raoul could end up with 12 jurors who are NRA members or are all pro 2A….would be very hard to find anti gunners in Southern IL……anyway ….worst case scenario for fat ass would be jury nullification on the grounds of unconstitutionality…..Darren Bailey could very well be pushing the edge of the envelope in forcing Pritzgers hand.

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