Governor JB Pritzker’s life just keeps getting messier when it comes to guns.  Funny how tyrants don’t like it when the people don’t roll over and give up their rights, isn’t it?

Da Guv’s latest headache also comes from the opposite end of the state.  Jefferson County Sheriff Jeff Bullard offered his thoughts on the so-called “Protect Illinois Communities Act” to WSIL.

“We won’t be enforcing it,” he said to the media outlet.  That on top of describing the new gun control measure as “more like a request” than law.

It’s not what Gov. Pritzker wanted to hear, especially after Darren Bailey’s announcements on New Year’s.

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Ill. (WSIL) — The January 1st Deadline for Illinois gun owners to register their assault-style weapons is approaching.

This is for Illinoisans who already owned assault weapons before the Protect Illinois Communities Act was passed last January.

Jefferson County’s Sheriff Jeff Bullard says the law is more like a request until the Supreme Court determines if the law is constitutional.

“The fact that 90 sheriffs have declared that it’s unconstitutional, including myself being one of them, uh, and stating we won’t be enforcing it,” Bullard said.

Obviously the pressure continues to build on Pritzker and the Illinois State Police to “make an example” out of one or more people to keep the average gun owners in line with their edicts.  Our popcorn is ready for the microwave.

4 thoughts on “ILLINOIS SHERIFF: Pritzker’s new gun & magazine ban is ‘more like a request’”
  1. Sheriffs must remember they elected by the people in their respective counties. They answer to voters not the governor. Remember this cute little fact dear sheriff’s of the land in 2nd Amendment sanctuary counties since keeping your paycheck seems to be the main concern for cops. This is an example where police paycheck protection and not enforcing PICA share a common goal. Unlike state troopers the sheriffs are there by voter’s choice.

  2. Marbury v. Madison RUINED the whole system. We should have had a Constitutional amendment following it; it’s too late. In that supreme court decision, the supreme court seized for itself the power to declare laws unconstitutional. That is not in our Constitution. EACH branch is comprised of INTELLIGENT MEN, able to decide what is and what is NOT constitutional. Remember when George Bush signed xxx into law saying, “it’s unconstitutional, but I’ll leave that up to the supreme court?” It was his COEQUAL responsibility NOT TO SIGN unconstitutional legislation into law.

    Just as the federal branches can do this, the state can, as well. But, we have others that are, for the most part, co-equal to our three state branches. Those are the CONSTITUTIONAL OFFICERS we call SHERIFFS. They also have the power in their bailiwick to decide what is and what is NOT Constitutional.

    Bless these sheriffs for standing by their principles, and for we, the people!

    1. “EACH branch is comprised of INTELLIGENT MEN”

      That there is where the system breaks down completely. Our government is filled with idiots, cretins, morons, dimwits and fucktards with a generous helping of outright Marxists these days. The courts are loaded with them, all the way up to SCOTUS.

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