The final numbers were just dropped by the Illinois State Police.  29357 FOID holders registered guns, accessories or ammo.  2.4 million registered nothing.  98.8% non-compliance rate.

We’ll have more on this tomorrow.

9 thoughts on “BREAKING: Final gun registration numbers in… 29,000 registered guns, 2.4 million did not”
  1. I would bet a whole lot of those disclosures are items that didn’t have to be submitted. The accessory registration is an utter joke, for example. Registering a non-serialized “assault grip” is an exercise in bullshit. That data is 100% useless for anything. I also would guess there are a whole lot of gun owners out their in the People’s Republic that are now unwitting felons, completely unaware of their ‘legal’ requirements and in possession of more than one of the bad guns or evil accessories.

    Now we see just how hard core Toilet-Cracker Pritzker and his Paul Blart police force will be in trying to enforce PICA. It sounds like he isn’t going to get shit for help from most counties and many police forces across the state. How long will it be before this ludicrous law forces a bloody confrontation and lives are lost because of it? When it happens, we will hear contempt for the formerly legal citizen drip from the donut-caked orifice of Fat Bastard. Big crocodile tears will be cried, while the reality is that this would be just the kind of event this asshole wants to provoke. And, they will then use it to tighten the noose even further. I doubt many Sheriffs and smaller police departments are going to want to sign up for that kind of duty, though some will do it gleefully I suppose.

    I pray to God that people can retain their cool if these idiots go overboard on pushing this crap, but there is a lot of anger out there, and it only takes one bad lapse in judgment. The courts need to get off their asses sooner rather than later and slap this down once and for all. We need something besides words – it is clearly time for ACTION from these courts.

  2. why don’t you fkng [ahem] show up @ colonoscopies, satisfy your [Democrat?] heart’s desire?

    1. You make NO sense, “i am a lying mofo” troll, go back to the dumbocRAT Underground where they might comprehend your idiocy, just sayin’. At least you could be posting with your “own kind” of idiocy.

    1. Asshole. You turn on your own people for trying to comply with this bullshit law that we were all backed into a corner on. Let me guess – one gun in your possession (if any at all) so you don’t give a shit because the most you face would be a misdemeanor offense. Many of us got made instant felons because of multiple guns.

      Pathetic, keyboard warrior leading the revolution with his tongue up his own sphincter. Go fuck yourself.

    2. Registration is a red herring. They already know you own the guns. Heck, your credit card company has been ratting you out, and your Android phone location history is sold to advertisers (and the federal government), and when you purchased the guns, you tipped them off with a background check, twice.
      The registration process is a perfectly trap laid for you. And 2,400,000 million people fell for it. Now, JB has just made 2,400,000 of his political enemies into criminals. And it just so happens there are roughly 2,400,000 Trump voters in the state too.
      The law will eventually be overturned, but it’s pure copium that it will happen anytime soon. Maybe at the end of the next SCOTUS hearing schedule, in June 2025, we’ll be lucky to get a decision one way or the other. My guess is that the registration part will be found legal, but cannot be criminal, and the banning of unregistered but legally purchased legal weapons is not. I mean, you’re a criminal now. You can’t dispose of the weapon, you can’t own the weapon, you can’t transfer the weapon, and you risk prison time by even transporting the weapon out of state, and you risk imprisonment for turning the weapon in to the ISP. It’s a trap and the SCOTUS knows it.
      But even if we win this battle, there will always be another one: Ammo taxes, mandatory insurance, high fees to register guns, prohibition of use, etc. Our legislators don’t care about the US Supreme Court or the constitution. The IL Democrat Party has their own ideas about what is legal and what is not.

  3. gun control confiscation/registration nwords, proceed @ your own risk – in or out of Il.

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