Governor JB Pritzker has dreams of more than sugar plums and extra large meat-lovers pizzas when he lays his head down at night.  He desperately wants to rest his head on pillows at The White House as President of the United States.  And why not?  He’s got the money to self-fund his campaign for President and still have a billion (with a ‘b’) left over.

At the same time, JB Pritzker has a huge problem brewing.  His new gun ban law faces countless lawsuits challenging its constitutionality.  In an even bigger problem, one that’s very public right now, relates to gun owner compliance.  In short, there is almost no compliance.

How dare those gun owners thumb their nose at our all-powerful governor and the radical Democrats who run this state!?!

While thousands of gun owner have registered popular self-defense firearms, accessories and ammunition prior to the December 31st deadline, millions have not registered a thing.  In fact, as of a week before the deadline to register, 99.4% of Land of Lincoln gun owners have opted not to comply.

As if Pritzker didn’t have enough problems with coverage of low gun owner compliance, along comes Congressional Candidate (and Pritzker nemesis) Darren Bailey with social media posts.   On New Year’s Eve, Bailey posted this:

“I’ll be here putting together this puzzle waiting for Pritzker to knock on my door and take my guns. I will not comply.”

Bailey also posted this gem on New Year’s Day.

“I’ll say something the weak-knee Republicans are too afraid to say: I will never give up my guns, and I will NOT comply. Like I’ve said many times, I’ll die on my porch before I give up my guns.”

Given how the puzzle image showed what surely seem to be a pair of PICA-banned firearms, Bailey’s putting himself firmly in the felony territory under the new law.

I know Darren Bailey personally and have known him even years before he ran for governor against JB Pritzker.  I consider him a friend.  Frankly, I’m concerned that Gov. Pritzker might find some young troopers eager to earn some brownie points with their superiors willing to take Bailey up on his pledge to meet them on his porch.

Clearly Bailey has laid down the gauntlet for Gov. Pritzker.  I’m afraid the governor has a better hand at this game of poker.

15 thoughts on “BALLSY: Darren Bailey publicly humiliates Gov. Pritzker… ‘I will NOT comply’”
  1. This might be just what we need, a “high profile” hard-core Second amendment Patriot to put himself on the line and take this “PICA” UNCONSTITUTIOAL FARCE to SCOTUS and shove this bill/law up the rear ends of the anti-constitutionalist Marxist-democRATS!

    1. I love his choice of firearms to display as well, a Thompson with a thirty round magazine! Does he have the 50 round drum magazine as well? That would really make the Marxists “poop-shute” pucker up and maybe make them constipated beyond comprehension! HAHA!

  2. This is huge, all the big name pro 2A You Tubers are going to get a hold of this and it will go national….exactly what fat ass doesn’t want in his quest for the 2028 presidential race.

    1. Not sure how this is detrimental to Pritzker. No one applauding Bailey is going to vote for Pritzker anyway. I can see Pritzker doubling down by directing the ILSP to investigate and charge. Anyone who supports Pritzker and his legislation will be delighted.

    2. Wheel Gun Guy,
      lets get this spread far and wide so the Marxist-media can’t ignore it, If Darren Bailey would be arrested/prosecuted imagine the publicity, or, if he is in a “2-A sanctuary” county, we DO have a few in ILL-Annoy, so much the better, lets get together and get Mr. Bailey into the legislature and help him FIGHT BACK against the Marxists!

  3. We will see if this has any effect at all. Politicians can often get away will stunts like this. The average citizen cannot.

  4. My personal guess, by the way, is that Putzker and ISP will simply choose to ignore this to avoid the spotlight of bad publicity statewide. They have done a good job of not informing the public, and keeping very quiet about PICA overall (with a big assist by our news media). I doubt this is the test case they would want as an example.

  5. I doubt a simple picture or two is enough proof to get a search warrant, if that is someone’s intent. You’d have to prove when and where the picture was taken, which could have been anyplace or anytime. Even if it were proven to be his home, those would likely be nowhere to be found. Darren is not stupid.
    One thing I’m curious about is the “thousands” who have registered. What percentage of that number is in Crook County and the surrounding area, as opposed to the real Illinois.

  6. I registered “something” that wasn’t subject to registration. The system accepted it.

    I wonder what ISP will do with it?

    I wonder if I should file a court petition to “unregister” it, and take up ISP lawyers’ time?

    Did Todd register his light sabers?

    *beware, GLS1589 is a SPOOF account that spoofs to ol’ fart GSL1589. Be careful when reading HIS postings, cause he’s painfully, glaringly ironic and sarcastic. GSL1589 doesn’t get it, and thinks he’s on the same page as he is. He’s not. He’s delightfully critical of the boys in blue (and ponytail patrol!).

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      GO AWAY, “ken” and take all of your aliases with you, from the first time you have posted many moons ago you just try to spread discord and manure because you have animosity toward John Boch and seems you want to invalidate this web site. You are a pathetic pile of “rap, …with a “c” in front, “ken”, just GO AWAY!

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      “ken” is the kind of scum that drives with his obnoxiously bright LED headlights on tailgating at night, blinding others on the road, or in an oncoming vehicle who will not dim his lights just to be an a$$hole, and there is nothing that can be done about it.

  7. all political power comes from the barrel of a gun. The communist party must command all the guns, that way, no guns can ever be used to command the party – Mao Zedong

  8. Bailey’s got bigger balls than me.
    Pritzker? He hasn’t seen his balls for fifty years. At least.

  9. His post wont go unanswered.
    It will be on the Pretorian Guards time and choosing.
    They wont shoot him, he is too big to Martyr.

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