by Ed Moser


Gun Control and Genocide

Throughout history tyrant governments have killed over a hundred million people with relative ease.  They’ve killed orders of magnitude more innocent people than wars and criminals combined.  So how are tyrant governments able to kill so many people with so little resistance?  The answer is always the same: the tyrant government always first disarms the people.

The crimes of tyrant governments in modern times.

Turkey.  Between 1915 – 1917 the Turkey government murdered a conservative estimate of 1,150,000 Armenians.  The Turkey government imposed strict gun control laws in 1911 to disarm any resistance.

Soviet Union.      Bolsheviks passed strict gun registration laws in 1918.  Soon following, guns were banned for private ownership and gun confiscation disarmed the people.  In 1929 when the people were totally disarmed, Stalin began his tyrant government control, resulting in over fifty million murdered.

Germany.  The Weimar Republic confiscated all privately owned firearms.  In 1928 the strict firearms prohibition was relaxed, with laws allowing private ownership of arms establishing a system for permits for ownership.  When Hitler came to power, the permit lists were used to disarm the Germany public, especially the Jews.  The Nazi gun control law of 1938 banned all private ownership of firearms, except for the elite Nazis.  Hitler made any possible means effective resistance impossible for an unarmed citizenry, then he began his tyrant behavior of murdering over six million Jews and millions of others whom the Nazis deemed to oppose them.  The battle of the Warsaw ghetto in 1947 stalled the Nazis because a few privately owned firearms had been hidden from confiscation.  What would have happened if the entire citizenry of Germany had not surrendered their firearms?   It is estimated Nazi Germany murdered around fifteen million people who had no means to resist them.

Communist China.  The Communists won the civil war and took control of the government.  Communist China made strict gun control laws which in essence prohibited private ownership of firearms.  In the 1960s, China’s Red Guard began a campaign of terror, in which more than eighty million were murdered by the government.  Could an armed Chinese populace have detoured, stopped or reduced the murderous behavior of its communist government?

Uganda.  The British governed the Uganda colony and imposed a ban on firearm ownership.  After Uganda gained its independence, the Ugandan government passed laws restricting private firearm ownership to a government permit system.  In 1971, Idi Amin seized power of Uganda.  He was a tyrant dictator.  The permit system allowed for effective disarmament of Uganda citizens.  He killed 300,000 unarmed defenseless Ugandans.

Contrary to the preceding examples, Afghanistan stands out as an example of what an armed citizenry can do.  In 1979 the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan.  The Afghanistan people were well armed and maintained their independence from the Soviet Union.  Genocide is difficult to accomplish when the victims are armed.  Disarming the people is always the first step before genocide.  Gun registration is always the first step toward gun confiscation.  The government that disarms its people may not be the government which commits the genocide, but has made it easy for a replacement tyrant government to do so.  Governments of tyranny are history’s biggest murders, far surpassing all citizen criminal murders.  Tyrants are successful because they receive no resistance from an un-armed populace.  Tyrants disarm the populace by making laws criminalizing the keeping of firearms.

In colonial times here in America, the British attempted to disarm the colonists to maintain their tyrannical control over the colonies.  The first shots of the American Revolution began on the green of Lexington, when the British marched to seize a stash of colonial arms and gunpowder.  From there the American Revolution began.

Without private ownership of firearms, the colonies would never have gained their independence.  If gun registration had been in effect, the British would have had better luck disarming the colonist.  Now DemoRATS are busy incrementally passing stricter and stricter gun laws, all in the name of reducing crime, with no reduction in crime resulting from these laws.

Thomas Jefferson has said it best.  “Government power originates in the people, not in the government.  When it comes to the people versus the government, it is the government that must give way, and the people not only may but must be armed in order to keep the government under control.”  Or something to that effect.

We must resist political efforts to recreate past tyrannies.  We must fight against gun control schemes of all sorts including firearm registration, “permits” and limits on the types of firearms may be privately owned.  Remember which party by and large  pushing gun control schemes.  Remember that when you vote or give any other form of support.

We must stop gun restrictions, registrations and confiscations by being politically active.  Freedom is not a spectator sport.  We must be vocal and active in our daily lives.  We must contribute to and vote for candidates who support the 2nd Amendment.

Politicians who support any gun control need to be called out.   Gun control laws do nothing to tame the criminal.  Instead, they just make criminals of law-abiding citizens.

If you do some research, you will learn there are enough gun laws on the books to stop criminals now.  Problem is they aren’t enforced, or if they are, too often they are plea bargained away at sentencing time.  If guns laws now on the books aren’t effective or aren’t being used, why are more laws needed?

Again, the goal of gun laws is to disarm the law-abiding populace.  If today’s modern, very radical Democrats were at all serious about stopping crime, they wouldn’t pass laws like eliminating cash bail for arrestees and banning guns from the law-abiding.  To stop crime, there must be swift and meaningful punishment for criminal behavior.  Today’s Democrats running Illinois just pass laws which protect and empower criminals while ignoring their victims.

Do you want to be able to defend your home and family from violent criminals?  If so, you are needed to keep the 2nd Amendment.  Again, freedom is not a spectator sport.

Do what you can to help repeal gun control schemes (like the FOID card and our new PICA Gun & Magazine Ban) and to fight any new gun control schemes.

It’s an uphill battle with today’s radical Democrats running Illinois and the fact that Chicago controls all of Illinois, but it is a fight we must fight.

We fight by being active in our personal lives, and by belonging to a gun organization(s) which fight for out gun rights.  We fight by calling and writing our elected representatives.  We fight by contributing money to fight unreasonable gun laws in court.  We fight by participating in civil, law-abiding demonstrations/protests against tyrannical rules.  I recommend not being armed when in attendance of any protest and always be peaceful.  Most importantly, don’t let the Democrat talking points promoting gun control schemes go unchallenged, in either private or public conversations.  Tell the truth.  Gun control laws are nothing but tools of tyranny to disarm and control the people.  They must be resisted by all citizens.


Reprinted with permission.

17 thoughts on “MOSER: Gun control & Genocide… If you want to retain your ability to defend yourself and your family against criminal attack, then you must fight gun control schemes”
  1. DemoRATS incrementally passing stricter and stricter gun control? Let us NOT forget the Republicans who are aiding and abetting gun control via Back the Blue – funding gun control operations. These are the same Republicans who sent you postcards in the mail during the primary season claiming to be pro-2nd Amendment. They passed this AFTER the gun ban PICA law was passed so they knew full well what they were doing. ZERO EXCUSES!! Their roll call votes as in, actions speak louder than words tell you what they really think of you. YOU, the subjugated peon are nothing more than a useful idiot tool to put them in power and once in power, they turn on you and empower the very action they claim to be against. Gun control and subsequent confiscation takes money. Your money. You cannot claim to support the Bill of Rights while simultaneously funding its demise. One agency is guilty of carrying out these operations against you. Take a guess which one. Here is the roll call vote in favor of gun control. Look for yourselves folks!

  2. DemoRATS passing stricter and stricter gun control? Let us never EVER forget the Republicans who aided and abetted gun control via the mechanism of Back the Blue – empowering gun control operations. These are the same Republicans who sent you postcards in the mail during the primary season of their candidacy claiming to be pro-2nd Amendment. However their actions speak louder than words roll call votes tell the true story of what they think of you, the subjugated peon. They played you the legitimate gun owner and gained your confidence to only go to Springfield and betray you, turn their backs on you and empower the very political weaponized agency who’s job it is to enslave the population. They passed the gun control and subsequent confiscation operations knowing full well what they were doing given this bill was passed AFTER the gun ban PICA law was already signed into law. Take a look for yourselves folks! It’s right before your eyes.

    1. I’ll have to ignore everything you said because if I accept the plain as day facts you just provided I’ll have to also accept that I’ve been played and suckered into supporting those who betray me. I can’t stand the thought of being wrong because I have to be right. This is why people continue to wear a mask while they’re alone in the car. The minute they remove the mask because it’s obviously stupid is the minute it transfers the stupidity to the one who got duped. In order to avoid the embarrassment I’ll continue to wear the mask, or vote for the republican grift. I have to be right and can do no wrong.

  3. GREAT ESSAY, Ed, here is another Thomas Jefferson quote:
    Laws that forbid the carrying of arms …disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes …Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man.
    American citizens need to study the founding fathers’ quotes and philosophy as concerns the ratification of the second amendment to understand the true reasoning and substance surrounding the RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS!
    May God Bless America, again and protect us from the tyranny of the leftists/Marxists!
    Happy New Year to all. (even you “ken”, just GO AWAY!)

    1. Most hard core gun rights people know all of this. It no longer matters. Governments do not follow the laws they write, and the courts no longer can be bothered to fix the unlawful bullshit the Executive and Legislative inflict upon us. Meanwhile, crime is out of control, the borders are a sieve, and our Constitution is now toilet paper. All by design. The country that our Founders created no longer exists, and we are so far gone that I see no possibility of it being set to rights again. Illinois, California and New York are just the tip of the spear, but the rot from within is terminal.

  4. GSL 1589, we all see you. You defend gun control operations and those who carry out such operations.

    1. I am getting to the point that I ignore both of them, because of this stupid, childish name cloning horseshit they engage in.

    2. LRC:
      “ken” and his aliases are the “clone” (clown) crowd, he pulled the same piles of manure many moons ago, and holds animosity towards me from long ago, that is his “M O” (modus operandi, aka: mode of operations), the GRIFTERLYINGSCUM aka: GLS is “ken’s” fabrication, get your facts correct.

    3. “Mark”
      I am “man enough” to accept an apology, but, if you don’t offer one I will know you are just as much a “grifter” as the GLS 1589 GrifterLyingScum is and will believe you and GRIFTERLYINGSCUM are one and the same alias from “ken” or part of his clown-clone “posse”. Just sayin’.

    4. Apparently, “Mark” can’t see the difference between myself and the GrifterLyingScum: GLS 1589 and is another “ken”clonea$$hole.
      GO AWAY “kenMarkGLS1589” AND all you “kenclones”,
      I try to ignore you bass-turds, but like “catturd” on FR you are turds that just won’t flush and you just create a large manure pile..

  5. We tried. The courts fucked us up the ass with their combination of judicial activism and inactivity. That ship has now sailed here in Illinois.

    1. We The People have the power to stop this shit but there’s not much interest. I told jboch months ago that he or someone should set up a website where people can report constitutional offenders (police) who violate their oaths and betray their populations by enforcing PICA and he shot down, pun intended, the idea immediately. Their badge number and license plate numbers are public information and it would have been an excellent stigmatizing tool. Next as some have mentioned is for FFL’s to collectively refuse to sell items that are banned for the citizens to law enforcement and make it their burden so they’ll be the ones screaming to end this law. Law enforcement will be taken seriously while the citizens concerns fall on deaf ears. If the 2nd Amendment was a left wing cause this law would have been gone many months ago because they move as one solid political force with the single goal of WINNING. They don’t take a loss. But no, the 2A is a right wing cause and so is blind support for police. We have far too many in the 2A community that flat out ignores the lesson from New Mexico where police did not want to enforce the gun ban order because police lost qualified immunity in that state and now citizens can sue them PERSONALLY when their rights are violated. I know of an email that went out to gun store after PICA was passed of a flyer they can post on their counter informing any officer that if they come in there for inspections they’ll be taken to court under 18 U.S. Code 241 Conspiracy Against Rights and no store is doing it. We sit back and let these abuses happen to us because no one wants to legally challenge police authority when THEY operate outside of their authority. No one will stand up to police abuses because they are terrified of being called anti-cop. We are in this condition by choice. People get the government they deserve and now I can only hope that one of these boot lickers are rounded up under this PICA law. It will be delicious entertainment under the old phrase of I TOLD YOU SO.

    2. Another thing Travis is that the left is more than happy to call out police abuses and many support ending qualified immunity so the general public will have more say in their government. You’re right, if the 2A was a left wing cause gun control would collapse very quickly. But no of course not, the 2A is a right wing/conservative cause along with this “Back the Blue” bullshit so we have a majority of (the right) in support of defeating their own rights. Support for the Bill of Rights and support for police are conflicting views and guess what? The Bill of Rights loses EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. You’re right, we are in this condition by choice.

    3. Travis wrote: “I told jboch months ago that he or someone should set up a website where people can report constitutional offenders (police) who violate their oaths and betray their populations by enforcing PICA and he shot down, pun intended, the idea immediately.”

      My plate overfloweth. You set up such a website and I’ll write about it.

      Ben wrote: “support ending qualified immunity so the general public will have more say in their government.”

      I fully support ending or at least rolling back Q.I. I know police orgs claim it would be a disaster, but like many things, predictions and reality seldom come into complete alignment. He mentions New Mexico has successfully implemented it. Good for them. It hasn’t been the end of the world for policing there. It won’t be here either. It seems like a couple of other states have rolled back QI as well.

      Doing so won’t impact good cops much at all. Rogue cops, on the other hand, shouldn’t be able to hide behind qualified immunity while running roughshod over the constitutional rights of folks under the color of authority.

  6. Jboch – thank you! Perhaps you can put up an article regarding qualified immunity and how it’s been good for New Mexico because the time for that discussion has arrived in Illinois thanks to PICA which has also exposed the true positions of our lawmakers who claim to be on our side. ONLY if you want to of course! And like you said it won’t impact good cops much, only rogue ones. We need to get that discussion going during this election year we are now in. Republicans, some of them talk about getting rid of “bad apple” cops while otherwise offering general support to the departments. Let’s press for the elimination of qualified immunity and see who puts their money where their mouth is and sponsors a bill. This should be good. AND….voting gun owners need to know who’s for them, us, and who pretends to be for the citizenry but is actually just another cog in the wheel of and for the system.

    1. Travis:
      Why don’t YOU put together YOUR OWN web page instead of trying to “manage” this one according to YOUR “standards”? John Bach has a very large “plate” full, a family to take care of, GSL meetings all over this state to help oversee, among many other things, I am sure; If I run across firearm related articles I think might be beneficial to this site, I forward them to John’s attention. He has used a few and it is up to his discretion if he wants to use them, just this morning I forwarded an article about a sheriff in Michigan putting classes together for a constitutional “militia” for citizens of his county, a “second amendment sanctuary” county, that will get certificates for completion to fight anti-2A legislation.
      YOU, Travis, can do something other than denigrate or complain about those who actually DO something. Put your BIG “punk-boy” panties on, are they really pink? Mine are “camo-commando”!

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