While thousands of Illinois gun owners have chosen to register something Gov. Pritzker and his merry band of gun control jihadists deem “naughty,” millions have not registered a thing.  For those who have been living under a rock, the deadline for registering your banned firearms, accessories and ammunition is today at midnight.  That makes today (Sunday, December 31st) the last day for you to (legally) rehome your now-banned guns outside of Illinois if you chose not to register.

Now, keep in mind that a great majority of those who own these banned guns are doing nothing.  They’re just keeping their guns put away at home while telling everyone that they moved everything out of Illinois for the time being.

In fact, if you just have a single banned firearm, you’re only risking a trivial misdemeanor charge if you opt not to register.  If you keep that banned gun in the back of your closet or gun safe, you have little to nothing to worry about.  In order for you to run afoul of the law, police would have to find the gun inside the home and the local state’s attorney would have to want to prosecute the case.  Even if cops show up and knock on your door asking about it, unless you’re giving cops consent to search and answering questions about your guns, that’s just not likely to happen.

Even were you to get convicted of failure to register a single item, that misdemeanor conviction will not cause you to lose your FOID or your carry license.




Make sure your spouse and kids are on the same page as well!


4 thoughts on “LAST DAY: December 31 is last day to rehome your ‘naughty guns’ legally”
  1. Once again, you assume that most gun owners are simply choosing non-compliance. I suggest that most owners of these firearms are completely unaware of the impending consequences since they are far more casual about keeping up with firearms news and their impending legal peril. ISP did the barest minimum to reach out to gun owners required by the courts, period. Money was allocated for outreach when this shit was signed, and ISP conducted three bullshit hearings with no information provided. Public knowledge of those hearings was dismal – most gun owners had no idea even those were conducted. ISP failed to notify FOID holders by either snail mail or e-mail of the impending changes in the law, the details of how to comply with it. I have spoken with quite a few FOID holders personally, and the vast majority of them are completely unaware of the law, its requirements or its consequences. The courts utterly failed in their responsibility to direct ISP to ensure all FOID holders were contacted about PICA. ISP chose to do as little as required, which will ensure may gun owners will be entrapped by PICA starting tomorrow.

    It is also misleading to state in the title that today is the last day you can rehome your guns. That is completely false – IF – you registered them. If not, you can still move them out of state, though you also risk being busted for possession during a normal traffic stop enroute if you didn’t. When I see ISP start confiscation attempts, I will move mine out of state in a pre-determined plan. Until then, I can still keep them here, use them, etc. Registration is utter bullshit, but the courts fucked us with their inaction and this is what we are stuck with. Being the owner of more than one listed rifle, I would rather gamble upon compliance now with an exit strategy than doing nothing and not even being able to remove one of them from the safe without fear of being ‘swatted’ by some busybody fuck with a cell phone and a hatred of guns. Referencing ISP PICA FAQ# 48:

    “Prior to January 1, 2024, the owner may transfer the assault weapon to an heir, an individual residing in another state maintaining it in another state, or a federal firearms licensee. If possession continues beyond January 1, 2024, the owner must have completed the endorsement affidavit and submit it to the Illinois State Police and then, may only transfer the assault weapon to an heir, an individual residing in another state maintaining it in another state, or a federal firearms licensee.”

    So, your title is bullshit, and playing fast and loose with the truth yet again. We have enough misinformation from our government. Stop confusing people about this even more than they already are.

  2. Not Likely to get pulled over by an ISP officer if you live in a rural area since the vast majority ISP patrols the interstates and are largely concentrated in “Crook” county trying to chase down the gang bangers and other miscreants….very seldom ever see ISP in the rural area that I live in and most traffic stops I have seen involve either city cops or county cops…..I have heard that your Illinois license plate if scanned will inform any law enforcement officer that the owner of the vehicle has a valid CCL permit…..if that is true then (given our current political climate) what is to stop that fat bastard governor of ours from issuing out directives to ISP to do random stops and searches of any Illinois licensed vehicle flagged for a CCL or a FOID ….something to think about as we are certainly heading in that direction….stay safe out there and keep your powder dry.

    1. They aren’t justified to stop you for being legal. Besides, someone else could be driving my vehicle. It’s not illegal to be legal. Now, if we can only get the 7th Circuit to understand that principle.

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