(GSL) – As of this writing, 99.7% of gun owners in Illinois have elected not to comply with the new PICA gun and magazine ban’s gun registration requirement. That is effectively everyone.

We’ve repeatedly covered multiple reasons for not registering. These include the governor’s plans to “close the existing owner loophole” after a mass casualty incident next year by demanding those who registered guns and accessories to surrender them within 90 days or face felony charges.

Outside of people doing really stupid stuff, we don’t see most folks coming onto the radar of police reference these now-banned firearms. Frankly, for most folks really the most likely way they might come to the ISP’s attention is from an informant’s call.

With specifics of what you’ve got and where you store them, that might have enough to motivate a police agency to seek out a warrant from a judge.

How do you fix this?

You tell everyone who will listen that you’ve moved all of those banned guns out of state until this new law is struck down.

It doesn’t matter if you moved them or not. You tell everyone you did. Mention it to neighbors, friends, family, in social media posts, maybe even letters to the editor or your kids’ teachers. Tell everyone, loudly and emphatically.

You can be angry about it. I’ll even grant you permission to use a swear word or two.

Your goal is to give the snitches – wherever they might exist in your world – the perceived satisfaction that they’ve “won.” Let them think that you submitted to gun control, obediently, like a good little boy or girl.

If potential snitches believe they’ve won, they have no reason to call the police.

Start today, my friends.