We ridiculed Murder City USA Mayor Brandon Johnson’s clumsy, dim-witted proposal to buy votes to reduce the rampant violent crime that’s leaving his city a total cesspool of crime and violence.  However, the crime problem could be brought under control in short order – IF Brandon Johnson and the Illinois Legislative Black Caucus really wanted to do so.

If they really wanted to bring crime down to civilized levels, they wouldn’t even need to reinvent the wheel to do so.

Florida had a violent crime crisis long ago.  Then they implemented a 10-20-Life law.  Bad guys toting guns in the commission of violent crimes got a 10-year sentencing enhancement on top of the underlying crime.  There were no options for plea bargains, probation or early release.  This was hard time.

Thugs discharging their guns picked up twenty extra years, effectively taking them out of circulation for a generation.  And if their shots wounded or killed anyone, they got a 25-years to Life enhancement, keeping them locked up for even longer.

With a few short years under 10-20-Life, Florida’s firearm violent crime numbers fell to historic lows.

Contrast Florida’s response to real-world Chicago, where armed carjackers are released without bail.  And where a drunk woman, illegally packing heat, can pull her gun, shoot at others (see above video) and escape with nothing but a misdemeanor charge.  In Florida, Mr. Carjacker would have been sent upriver for a minimum of 10-20 years.  As for little Miss Dangerous popping shots at people who “disrespected” her, she would have been a guest of the Department of Corrections for a minimum of 20 years.

Implementing any programs to hold violent criminal predators responsible for their mayhem would require locking up bad guys.  That’s something the Illinois Black Caucus, Mayor Brandon Johnson and other radicals among the Illinois Democratic party refuse to do.

It’s so much easier to just blame law-abiding gun owners.



3 thoughts on “Chicago’s Violent Crime problem could be solved in a matter of months if Illinois political leaders really wanted it to stop”
  1. When you say Florida is hard time, you aren’t kidding. Those old boys down there don’t play games with criminal scum. In many places in Florida, an armed citizen ventilating a crim is considered a public service.

    No one wants to solve the issue of crime in Shitcago or any other urban jungle. They are all self-cleaning ovens to be ignored, at least until its time for the latest Dem shitwit to run for office. Dem is elected, promises to be tough on crime forgotten, free shit passed out. Rinse, repeat.

    You aren’t going to get anything like 10-20-Life in Illinois. About 98 counties would vote for it overwhelmingly, but we are the state of subsidized abortion tourism and No Cash Bail. Might as well move the State Capitol to Englewood since it is already run by the same element dressed up in suits instead of urban wear.

  2. Democrats in Illinois might as well be the criminals’ union reps. Dems coddle the criminals while telling the productive types to pay more taxes, buy green shit and give up their guns.
    It’s not all bad though! You can chop your dick off and get free hormone treatments while pretending to be something you’re not.

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