The radical left (or is it “Left”) in America remains terrified of Donald Trump winning his race for President.  One of their latest efforts involved stripping him of ballot access in a number of states.  They claim that – even without formal charges or a conviction – that Trump engaged in an insurrection on January 6, 2021.  Nevermind that those who scream about insurrection the loudest are those who actually committed it.  Joe Biden didn’t win in 2020.  Ballot fraud in deep blue areas put him over the top.

And Bidenomics and his presidency have been a disaster for America.

Interestingly those states stripping Trump of ballot access included ILLINOIS.

Decide what you want about Trump and whether he participated in an insurrection, but remember who would deny you the right to vote based on what you decide.

All that has been nixed by the US Supreme Court.

In a unanimous decision, SCOTUS said, “The judgement of the Colorado Supreme Court cannot stand.”


8 thoughts on “TRUMP WILL BE ON THE BALLOT: SCOTUS unanimous opinion striking down Blue state efforts to strip him from ballots”
    1. well that didn’t work. I tried posting emojis but it wouldn’t let me. Oh well basically I was just saying haha to these left wing nut cases.

  1. Wanna bet Illinois does it anyway? The desperation of these people is really shocking. The funny thing is, the more dems try to keep him out, the more his popularity grows.

    1. I expect some County Clerks to “Obey” the Cool County judge versus the Supreme Court and miss the printing deadline for ballots or some such excuse.

  2. They have another, more permanent plan to destroy him prior to November. I have no doubt, and no trust in the oligarchy. We aren’t the rioting crowd, this is all being calculated. I really hope I am wrong.

  3. Having been an election judge for many years. I’ve seen the changes in how Illinois handles elections. When I read the part of the judges decree. I was furious. It flat out said they were suppressing our ability to vote for President Trump. Crazy shit in Crimenois.

  4. 9-0 should never have been in doubt. Federal statute is clear in this matter. What concerns me is the writings of Coney-Barret in this case. She seems to equivocate, writes of ‘temperatures’ and social concerns. She is a USSC Justice, interpret the law, do your fucking job.

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