99% of Illinois residents chose not to register their defensive semi-automatic rifles, shotguns and handguns ahead of the December 31st deadline under the Protect Illinois Communities Act gun and magazine ban.  The mass civil disobedience is proving an increasingly black eye to the governor’s “reputation” as an effective hard-left state leader.

Among that 99%, Darren Bailey remains alive and well, unmolested from Governor JB Pritzker and Pritzker’s Illinois State Police.

This  following his New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day public announcements that he had no intention of registering any of his defensive firearms, nor was he surrendering them.

Along with this video:

Pritzker wants desperately to look “in control” as a strong leader for the upcoming DNC convention in Chicago this summer.  This gun ban “accomplishment” of his is not going as he planned.

Furthermore, the Illinois State Police announced that they won’t pursue charges against Bailey – or anyone else who didn’t register their guns by the January 1 deadline.

Springfield, IL-(Effingham Radio)- The Illinois State Police won’t pursue charges against Illinois residents who didn’t register their weapons that fall under the new law by the January 1st deadline.

The ISP says the FOID Portal will remain open and people can submit endorsement affidavits at any time. Residents who fail to register weapons that fall under the law could face felony charges. More than 29-thousand residents have registered their assault weapons.

This, by the way, should be interpreted as good news for the rest of us as well.   If ISP isn’t going to pursue Darren Bailey, that means they’re less likely to go after people who aren’t publicly taunting the Governor over this matter.


Mike Bost on guns:  “No one’s a stronger supporter than Mike Bost” yet he’s strangely mum on defiance of PICA law

Bailey also challenged Congressman Mike Bost to publicly condemn the gun registration AND to tell folks that he too will not comply.  After all, Bost proudly proclaims “no one’s a stronger supporter” of gun rights than Mike Bost.

No comment from Congressman Mike Bost on accepting Bailey’s challenge.

This despite Bost’s claim that When it comes to our guns, no one’s a stronger supporter than Mike Bost.”

Really Mike?  Time to put up or shut up on that claim.

17 thoughts on “Illinois State Police says ‘no intention’ of pursuing charges against Darren Bailey, Meanwhile his opponent claims that ‘When it comes to our guns, no one’s a stronger supporter than Mike Bost’ yet he’s strangely mum on gun registration”
  1. Pritzker’s Illinois State Police? Good on you for the reporting. Remember a few articles ago where it was mentioned that police can lie to citizens and with the ISP leaving the disclosure option open after the deadline of December 31, 2023 at 11:59pm is very possibly an entrapment tool. Be careful folks!!!!!!!! Police LIE because they get away with it – not just from the system but they also have citizen apologists who run wild among us known as “Back the Blue” who can’t be trusted.

  2. May God Bless Darren Bailey; the ISP, Jelly-Belly Prickster, and the Marxists that wrote the PICA unconstitutional legislation, know it is unconstitutional, they are pandering to the “anti-firearms” Marxists in/of the democRAT-i-KKK cabal party.
    If the ISP arrest Darren Baily, he will serve as a martyr and would be the catalyst to get this PICA farce to SCOTUS to be overturned and really put the shame to those who have no shame because of their arrogance and narcissism!
    God Bless America, again, may He help us to defeat the Marxists infiltrating our government by We, the people.

  3. Of course ISP will not charge anyone. Fatass and ISP said all along that it is up to the prosecutors to charge people. More lies and confusion from our government.

  4. It appears Bailey has some nuts. Mike Bost fights for southern Illinois? More politician bullshit. As Foghorn Leghorn says: “Awwwwwwww shudd’ up !” Wish I had the stick to beat Bost’s bottom. ISP publicly announced no arrests will be made for defiance of the registration why is this unconstitutional garbage in place? I know statutes exist on the books to charge criminals for unlawful possession and employment of firearms, enforce the laws we have and actually sentence the guilty to serve their full terms? Once again Illinois government wasting tax payer dollars (legal fees etc on this issue) while trampling their citizens rights for an failed exercise in hubris. The idiots in northern Illinois will continue to vote stupid.

    1. Bailey is a grifter and a blowhard who’s all talk and wants to go to D.C so he can get on Fox News every night. Bost is a good congressman. He votes the right way and tries to actually govern. The fact that Darran Bailey is being endorsed by pedo Matt Gaetz says it all. Nope nope and nope!

  5. Careful, everyone. The only entity that lies worse than the gun-haters cabal in Illinois (Lard Lad, Fluffer Bob Morgan, Kwame the Klown and the ISP Leadership) is Joe Bribem himself. No way ISP initiates enforcement of PICA on a high-profile target like Darren Bailey UNLESS the order to do so comes from the Toilet Cracker himself. The average citizen gun owner has no such protections whatsoever. If you are unregistered (or registered for that matter), your silence is golden about your evil black guns at this point. Don’t self-incriminate yourself on social media or anywhere else, and don’t fall for ISPs generous offer without considering whether or not they are working an entrapment angle.

    Good on Bailey for putting his finger in Fat Bastard’s eye publicly and trying to force his hand. It is politically astute, and gives the poor bastard that gets targeted a lot of ammunition to argue ‘selective enforcement’ should ISP decide to pursue PICA prosecutions. In the meantime, I wouldn’t recommend trusting ISP as far as you can throw Putzker after downing his daily repast of a box truck full of Krispy Kreme.

    1. George Washinton is remembered as the father of our country.
      Joe Biden will be remembered as the father who took showers with his own daughter.
      George Washinton has his face on the dollar bill. Joe Biden should have his face on the food stamp for putting half the country on the dole.

    1. This is pure cope. It’ll be several years before this law gets overturned. And in the meantime, you’re now a criminal.

  6. I live in Congressional District 15. Mary Miller represents me in Congress and does a good enough job of it that I can’t say anything bad about her. Mike The Screamer Bost slandered my Congresswoman and for that, I will help Darren Bailey’s campaign. I’m thinking that Bost wears too-tight of underwear.

    1. L O L,
      Mary Miller is my representative as well, very nice lady, came to GSL meeting when campaigning, is a GSL member, from what I have seen she associates with the Freedom Caucus in the house, have seen her with Marjory Taylor Green, the only “Greene agenda” I support, very outspoken about the issues I strongly agree with in the House.
      I have no idea who M. Bost is, will find out, but if he is running against D. Bailey, F ‘im.

    2. And what has Mary Miller accomplished other than embarrassing herself and quoting Hitler. Yeah the Freedom Caucus is the problem. None of them give a damn about you. All they care about is getting a camera in front of their face and feeding their own egos. Bailey is a blowhard and a loser who lost a winnable governors race and the fact that he’s endorsed by Matt Gaetz is reason alone to oppose his candidacy.

    3. The “freedom caucus” is the grass-root constitutionalists, the flop-flippers are the dem-lite repukeli-cants, the “go along to get along” embedded rhino-puke that can’t be depended on unless you are democRAT-bass-turd scammers!

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