The Joint Committee on Administrative Rules is meeting on January 16th to take a look at the latest proposed rules from the Illinois State Police reference gun registration.

We are pleased to report that while the final proposal is not finished, we believe there have been some positive proposed changes that eliminate some of the “gotcha” aspects of this scheme – at least for as long as the PICA law remains in force before the entire thing is chucked into the dustbin of history.

For instance, “accessories” designed for Airsoft “guns” would be exempted from regulation and criminal penalties.

Ditto for parts like springs and pins.  And fixed magazine capacity would be codified in rulemaking to specify that the chambered shell size will be the measuring stick.  So your old trench pump gun that might hold six or seven 2 3/4″ 12 ga. shells will remain legal and unrestricted…  and some enterprising anti-gun investigator won’t be able to stick 11 “shorty” shells into it and claim, “A-ha!  You have an unregistered ‘assault shotgun’!  You’re under arrest!”

We’ll have more on this as these will likely be published in the coming days when the final version is finished.

I know this is arcane stuff, but we’re doing our best to help codify some of the vagueness out of things to protect gun owners as much as we can under the current circumstances.

Just wanted to keep folks up to date.

9 thoughts on “ISP Emergency Rulemaking on Gun Registration, version 2.0 UPDATE”
  1. I still fail to see how a vertical foregrip makes any ‘normal’ gun an assault weapon, regardless of who makes it or what they say its for. Many Airsoft guns use a standard picatinny rail, so people naturally use accessories on them that might be sold as an accessory for an AR/AK platform rifle. There is ZERO difference. Same for folding stocks, etc. The only rules change that makes sense for accessories is dumping that entire class from the requirement, since it is totally illogical. ISPs ‘expert’ that wrote the identification guidebook is a fucktard with shit for brains. There are tens of thousands of people IN THIS STATE with a far better grasp of the inner workings of firearms than the jackoff who formed their legal definitions of what is and is not an assault weapon, accessory, or dangerous ammunition. ISP would have been far better served employing an actual firearms expert for this work. This is why a Ruger 10/22 with a conventional stock is OK, but the same gun with a Magpul stock becomes an assault rifle. Fucking ignorance – stupid politicians advised by brain-dead ‘experts’.

    Also, shotguns that are not semi-automatic or with a revolving cylinder are exempt from registration under PICA. The hypothetical pump shotgun is not the best example since by definition only unnamed semi-auto shotguns that hold 5 or more rounds or have at least one other defined characteristic fall under the registration rules. See the flow charts for additional details:

  2. Drizzle, Drazzle, Druzzle, Drome…..ohhhhh Mr Wizard……
    What a bunch of bullshit no matter how many times amended. Idiots.

    1. Every October the ISP “expert” can perform fellatio on the Director ( a political hack in charge of ISP who is NOT a LEO but a bootlicker for JB Pigster ) and then shove his head back up his ass and come up with all kinds of new things to add to the list. If this horse shit is still law we have about 9 months until all kind of new firearms and other items get added.

    2. I doubt their expert waits 9 months for that, Bill. Most likely a weekly staff meeting kind of thing over there while Lard Lad inhales donuts. Better hope the damn courts get off their asses and get this sorted soon.

  3. Mr. Boch and all, It would be in everyone’s best interest to simply IGNORE this ILLEGAL “law.” That’s all it is. Talking about it and acting worried over it through energy-wasting blathering and bickering just gives Job-Blow Prickster more bolster and false pride like It thinks It has one over on us.
    It does NOT. If we stay patient, remain calm and stand quietly at the ready, there’s nothing to fear.
    Be ever-ready and waiting to serve. We must protect what is ours for posterity and for our children and relatives into a secure future where the 2nd Amendment stays the True Law Of The Land.
    Make a conscious choice and Choose to get right with God now (whether you want to believe in Him or not) and you truly have Nothing to fear. Remember, “F.E.A.R.” = False Evidence Appearing Real. God, Guns and Gold. Jake

    1. Jake,
      The “Constitutional authority” aka: We, The People, can not and should not ignore unconstitutional laws, We, The People MUST remain vigilant and vocal, at the very least. We must state our cause loudly and proudly that this PICA legislation was conceived under false pretenses using a stalled “insurance bill” that went nowhere, rewritten in the dark of night at the tail end of a lame-duck session of the legislature, shoved through and to be enacted at the signing of the governor without possibility of opposition or discussion by anyone who disagrees with the Marxist, anti-constitutional fascist cabal.
      You are correct that to help destroy unconstitutional legislation we must use “civil disobedience” as a way to bring attention to the unconstitutionality of this PICA firearms law by not adhering to it.
      Pray for America to defeat the Marxist fascists!

  4. GSL, Let me be clear: You are ABSOLUTELY correct. Getting the word out about the unconstitutionality of this {or any} Fake “law” is what should be done. It’s all the ridiculousness in the postings I read that demonstrate bickering, back-and-forth name calling, uncalled for swearing, cut-downs and all the other mamby pamby crap commentary one would find on any third grade school yard.
    THAT is the “energy-wasting blathering and bickering” to which I was referring above.
    Tell the world the TRUTH. Shout it from the roof tops. GET THE WORD OUT EVERYWHERE!
    But, I truly believe the rest of it (the worthless waste-of-energy and demonstration of concern and fear through all the inane postings) should stay tucked away inside the mind & soul of each of us who has a part to play inside this illegal farce and charade perpetrated upon us by Communists.
    In the mean time, stay true to yourselves. [Try to] Have honor and integrity in all you do in this life. We only have one shot at it. Let’s make it count.
    Brothers and Sisters of the 2nd Amendment, I salute each and every one of you. Without knowing who you are, I choose to love everyone 1st. After all, if we had enough Love in the world, NONE of this B.S. would be going on in the 1st place. We each need to use what the Notting Hillbillies referred to in their song as “The Weapon Of Prayer.” We can also be of service in that way. And it works.
    Until the resolution with Peace and Prosperity for all – God, Guns and Gold, Jake

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