Chicago Police solve precious few carjackings.  Sometimes they catch bad guys behind the wheel of ‘jacked rides, but they usually charge them with Criminal Trespass To Motor Vehicle (CTTV).  But on incident last week, CPD got their man.  In fact, the only thing that (alleged) aspiring carjacker Darrius Berry didn’t have was a bow on top of his sorry, 18-year-old head.

See Darrius very politely carjacked a man out of his SUV at 6:30am last Tuesday.  He told the driver to go into his house and apologized for carjacking him.

So the driver did as he was asked.  And he got his gun.

Then he walked back out, found Darrius texting his physics professor that he would gave have his dissertation ready for submission on time after all.  As Darrius did so, he left his gun on the passenger seat.

So the car’s owner made Darrius an offer he couldn’t refuse.  The owner told the media how it went down and they prolly sanitized it a little:  “If you reach for it, I’ll blow your head off,” he supposedly told the tatted thug scholar in the driver’s seat.

Darrius, the polite “youth,” got out of the car very slowly and laid down on the pavement.  And he patiently waited for police to rescue him from the pissed off owner of the car.

CWB has the deets:

Carjacking victim fetched a pistol and forced the hijacker out of his car at gunpoint: Chicago police report

CHICAGO — A Chicago man turned the tables on an armed carjacker who forced him out of his car at gunpoint Tuesday morning: He walked into his nearby home, fetched his own firearm, and forced the carjacker out of his vehicle at gunpoint.

That’s according to a Chicago police report documenting the arrest of 18-year-old Darrius Berry.

Officers responding to a call of a “citizen holding an offender” in the 9400 block of South Laflin arrived to find the 39-year-old carjacking victim holding Berry at gunpoint in the street at 6:28 a.m., the report said.

They detained Berry and asked the man what happened.

He explained that he was sitting in his 2021 Mazda CX9 when Berry walked up to his driver’s window and pointed a gun at his head.

“Please give me the keys,” Berry told him, according to the report. “I need your car. I’m sorry, sir… Go in the house.”


Judge Susana Ortiz detained Berry at the request of prosecutors.

He is charged with aggravated vehicular hijacking with a firearm, misdemeanor possession of a firearm, misdemeanor driving without a license, and traffic infractions. Police also cited him for driving in reverse under unsafe conditions and operating an uninsured motor vehicle.

So carrying a loaded gun as a gang banger committing a forcible felony is now a misdemeanor, along with brandishing it by pointing it at the head of the car’s owner while carjacking him?

But lawfully storing a lawfully possessed gun in your hotel room is a felony if you’re a law-abiding CCW holder from Iowa?

I think we all understand.

4 thoughts on “POLITE YOUNG MAN GETS MORE POLITE AT GUNPOINT IN CHICAGO: Polite carjacker meets Armed American… lands in police custody”
  1. Hell, I’m just surprised that the good guy wasn’t sent to jail for carjacking his own car back!

  2. Yeah but CPD issued a couple traffic ord violations. The ‘revenue’ will go to those needy illegal aliens Chicago sanctions.

  3. I guess that if the riots of the summer of 2020 were “mostly peaceful” then a carjacker pointing a firearm at your head could be considered “polite”, after all if he asked (told?) vehicle owner to go (back) into his house, (if he) “please”(ed”), that would be much more polite that bashing the owner’s head in or shooting him.
    Lets see, a “gang member” with a firearm, (10 year penalty?) no FOID permission card, (10 year penalty?”) using a firearm to (attempt to) commit grand theft (high priced automobile) (at least another 10 years), how soon before Darrius is free on “no bail” release? Maybe a week? Less? in time to turn in his dissertation to his professor without a “late penalty”?
    Pray for America!

    1. My guess is Darrius was texting a “fence” for the stolen auto to let the fence know he was on his way and wanted his money as soon as he delivered the auto so he could get out to find another to ‘jack. Just sayin’.

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