If the sex abuse allegations prove true, Houston prosecutors will have a hard time finding a jury of twelve to convict a biological father of shooting his pre-teen daughter’s step-father.  The daughter passed a note to her mom that the mom’s boyfriend/husband was repeatedly sexually assaulting her.  She also told her biological father when she visited him.

So when the real dad gave her back to her mom, he followed them back to the ex’s residence.

A confrontation occurred and to make a short story shorter, the step-father took three slugs, one in the lower abdomen and two in the legs.  Was the biological dad aiming for the step-dad’s uh, “reproductive” organs?

Did the step-dad get violent or maybe produce a weapon to fend off the angry father?  Who knows.

Everyone’s got a plan until they get shot in the balls.

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HOUSTON – A girl’s father shot her stepfather several times on Friday in west Houston after she accused him of sexually assaulting her, according to the Houston Police Department.

The incident happened in the 700 block of Bateswood Drive at approximately 8:30 p.m.

Police said, the girl wrote a note to her mom that said she had been sexually assaulted by her stepfather.

Her mother saw the note and picked up her daughter from her biological father’s house, and they returned to the mother’s home.

The girl’s father later arrived at the mother’s home. They tried to discuss the situation, and the stepfather denied the assault.

The daughter and the mother then stepped outside, and this is when the father shot the 30-year-old stepfather three times. He shot him in the stomach and leg.

The story closes with this.

The father is cooperating with officers and could face a charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Those involved have not been identified.

Hey, biological dad, you should have watched this video before you went over to the mom’s place to confront the allegedly child-molesting step-dad.

Nothing you say to police can be used to exonerate you.  Nothing.

But anything you say can and will be used against you.

Nevertheless, I’m already leaning hard into “not guilty.”  And so too are enough Americans that finding twelve willing to convict a man for shooting another adult man serially raping his pre-teen daughter?  Yeah, good luck with that Mr. Prosecutor.  You better offer a plea deal for jaywalking and pray this guy doesn’t want to take this to trial.

8 thoughts on “NEED MORE INFO: Pre-teen girl’s biological dad shoots ‘step-father’ accused of serial rape of the girl”
  1. If he was going for a cock shot, he needs more time at the range. Also, next time, bring more gun. Rapist scum deserve no less than a 44 Magnum-ectomy.

  2. Best shot for those encountering anyone with body armor, go for the balls. Works for bullies and armored personnel as well. Outstanding father all around.

    “Everyones got a plan, until they get shot in the balls!”

    1. They might just have a groin protector (this would serve as a hat to protect the fly-sized brain housed in the junk of your average Chicago scholar). Always practice your Mozambique drill and make sure the perp gets his pumpkin busted with at least one round.

  3. Wow. Speaking of POOR JUDGMENT! HOLY crapola!

    WHat if the “pre-teen girl” was lying? Due process be damned? Cause, ya know, teenaged or pre-teenaged gurls NEVER LIE, do they?

    SHAME ON YOU ALL. Any of you watch that cute Amazon Prime series with John C. McGinley and that darling Janet whatever-her-name is, called “Stan against Evil?” It’s about the burning of HUNDREDS of witches in/around Salem in the 1600’s. Turns out, the one accusing them of witchcraft was the Constable. But in the REAL Salem Witchcraft burnings, it turned out that the FALSE ACCUSATIONS came from pre-teen and teenaged gurls. And how many HUNDREDS of good women were burned alive, at the stake? BUt, remember, not just “all wahmens must be believed,” but “all little gurls must be believed,” too, eh? SHAME ON YOU ALL.

    Now, if he’d caught ‘im in the act, that’d be one thing, but to act solely on the basis of a child’s statements? Have you never been falsely accused, gentlemen? You know, not one of you knows me here, but one particular mutt has referred to me repeatedly as a “pedophile” and a “scammer,” based on NOTHING. And judging from this, based on the statements of a 70-ish old coot, you’d execute me because, well, gsl1589 wouldn’t lie, would he?

    Why don’t you wait for the evidence? This is why we have a CONSTITUTION (which some of you appear to favor – or is it just that one amendment that pertains to your core self-interest?) and COURTS!

    You people terrify me. And you’re the ones who are armed! Sheesh.

  4. As some with a daughter but also had DCFS used as a weapon with 8 bogus reports I too want to know more. The girl could absolutely be telling the truth. The girl could also be manipulated by a vindictive female parent to say horrible things.

  5. I said that forcefully because I want the men here to consider what we will do with such people post-SHTF. my brother, one of the most brilliant men who has ever lived and 1 of the most devout Catholics you’ve ever imagined, says we’re just gonna string them up. Period. We won’t have unlimited government taxes to put up multi-billion dollar prisons and pay corrections officers 100 to $200,000 salaries to watch over this sort when we are struggling to scavenge food to live!

    And it’s going to be you men who are going to have to decide this. will you simply take the word of a young girl or will you require some more weighty evidence?

    I’ve been a prepper for almost 15 years now in addition to having been raised in the woods by wolves. if you have not yet considered what you are prepared to do to such animals in the future. I suggest you think about it for a bit before it happens.

    If you have never been falsely accused, then just ask someone who has been. I have been falsely accused of numerous things (no, not that one!) And what is amazing is the fact that so many men are so quick to jump to a conclusion without evidence.

    Just as I support equal but opposite sentencing today for women who falsely accuse men of rape, i would suggest that anyone who wrongly puts to death another accused of such a heinous crime, must himself be put to death. It will seem almost biblical in practice.

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