As if your run of the mill criminals rampaging through downtown Chicago wasn’t enough to keep you away, we have a new, improved threat.  Check out this duo of outstanding individuals.  At the very least I’d describe them as a bit intimidating.

Now, I don’t know them from Adam, but I know that when people dress the part, they sometimes play the role.

Would I want my wife and kids anywhere around these clowns on a weekend trip to Chi-town?  Uh, that’s a hard no.

Yeah, terrorists – or terror wannabes – in American cities?

So glad the adults are in charge in Washington lately.

10 thoughts on “DOWNTOWN CHICAGO: Terrorists – or terror wannabes – all dressed to kill in Downtown Chicago”
  1. I bet you won’t see anyone dressed up like these pig shit eaters in a small town. That may result in a good ass kicking from some locals. In Chicago the cuckold ratio is way higher being a Marxist utopia so this and all the other sicknesses of the mind are tolerated. It would be fun to ask them if there’s a goat fucker convention in town or maybe if they’re trick or treating a little early.

    1. No shit. Try that crap in a small town and they’ll get a lot more attention than they bargained for.

  2. Well, aren’t they precious? Just a couple of more 6th century barbarians that have no business in our country. Deport them to Gaza along with the rest of their supporters like Tlaib. IDF knows how to deal with this kind of trash. Don’t forget to take your fellow travelers in academia with you when you go.

  3. Just a couple of the delegates to the democratic convention later this summer. Probably just figuring out the best places to stay and eat.

    1. Amen! I welcome them to protest outside the DNC event if they don’t have the delegate credentials in time! That would be a great look for the cameras.

  4. Never get a second chance to make a first impression. Wonder if they “imported” their own AKs or are maybe “just returning” some of our equipment left behind in Kabul?

  5. Just wait until they start wearing bomb vests made with road flares.
    To me, that’s a “shoot on sight” fashion accessory. Head shot, of course.

  6. When the terror cells pouring through Mexico and Canada go operational we’ll see how diverse, equitable, and inclusive you are. When your daughter is raped in a shopping center then shot in the head, all filmed for social media, we’ll see how welcoming you are. When your sons have their throats slit in the street we’ll see how woke you are.
    Most Americans are little more than toadstools glued to their hand-held devices. It is coming.

  7. You know, 9/11 was fairly genius. they took some relatively unsophisticated personnel and infiltrated a very important industry, and used it to destroy Commerce for a decade in a very simple, very low cost attack.

    I can’t wait to see what they have planned next!

    I despise the big blue liberal cities in this country. And fortunately it is they who will be destroyed. They’re not gonna attack our little towns. if you haven’t read William forstchen’s “day of wrath,” take a close look at it. It posits a very inexpensive, very low-tech way for them to destroy American confidence in the entire system, starting with those who are most precious to us, our kids.

    And just as every foreign nation has a war book in which they plot ways of destruction of the United States – as we do too ( I know because I have family who are the bright boys of the month at the pentagon who do just that) – you know darn well that these terrorist nations are planning something right now and we’re not doing anything to prevent it.

    And OP has a point: There’s a much bigger reason why they’ve allowed an army of 15 to 20 million young men of fighting age and of no particular loyalty to the Constitution of the United States in through our Borders. you all know they are here too, so maybe these sleeper cells are going to infiltrate the small towns. that would be fairly genius too! Just make sure that you have your arms ready and your powder dry!

    I hate to sound unpatriotic, but what comes next will certainly be magnificent! If you like big bright flashy lights and very, very loud booms, followed by decades of death and destruction, then it’ll be for you!

    And I would say to those who say oh, God, will protect America. No God doesn’t give a s*** about America, america abandoned God decades ago and if you pay any attention to the Bible, there’s no america come riding in from the West to save the day. we’ll be nothing but a footnote in history unless the moslem wins and in that case, they just erase history, so it was a good run while we had it thanks founding fathers. You tried!

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