We first saw this at Second City Cop, a blog run by a current CPD officer.  On December 29th, the Chicago Police Department issued a new General Order titled, “Interactions with Youth and Children.”  In it, it gives general guidance that “alternatives to arrest while connecting at-risks (sic) youths and children to diversion services as part of an integrated approach for community safety.”

Even more shockingly, it urges officers not to take “youths” – those aged 14 to 25-years-of-age – and children “into secure custody unless no other effective alternatives exist.”

In other words, don’t arrest those who are driving the violent crime in Chicago.  Here, read it for yourself.

CWB Chicago’s Tim Hecke offered this:

CHICAGO — While you were enjoying the holidays, your Chicago Police Department leadership issued a new general order that formally defines 18- to 25-year-olds as “youth” who must be given special consideration by the city’s police officers.

“Youths and children are developmentally different from adults and therefore require the use of unique approaches during voluntary contacts, investigatory stops, searches, and custodial contacts,” the order, entitled “INTERACTIONS WITH YOUTH AND CHILDREN,” explains.

Claiming people under 25 are “developmentally different from adults” is an interesting starting point for a police department that accepts applications from 20-year-olds and hires at the age of 21.

When cops encounter “youths and children … the primary concern will be to safeguard the youth’s and the child’s emotional and physical well-being,” the order continues. “All members will maintain a sensitive approach in responding to these situations to minimize any trauma.”

Officers, even those who are technically “youths,” will “engage with youths and children in a developmentally appropriate manner,” the department order continues, saying cops must “[take] into account their age and physical, cognitive, social, emotional, cultural, and linguistic development.”

Exactly how police officers under 25, whom the department believes are not fully developed, can make those determinations is a mystery.

In one notable passage, the general order tells cops that “a youth or a child may not comply right away with orders.” Presumably, CPD leaders considered that as they issued the order to “youth” police officers.

There’s more at CWB.

Here’s Second City Cop’s thoughts on Brandon Johnson’s woke new General Order for the PD:

Re-Defining Age Groups

Got to embrace the “progressive” stupidity:

  • Adult – A person who is age eighteen years or older
  • Child – A person under the age of thirteen years old
  • Juvenile – A person who was seventeen years old or younger when the offense occurred
  • Youth – A person of the age thirteen to twenty-four years old

As far as we can tell, this is not a LEGAL definition, but rather a POLICY definition. The order encourages alternate responses to arrest and juvie court, meaning if you encounter such a situation, you will be hung out to dry should you deviate from POLICY, even if you can’t be tagged legally.

Amusingly, the Order also states that youths and children are developmentally different from adults which is probably the reason we don’t let them drive, vote, enlist or drink until certain ages. Maybe we shouldn’t be letting them be cutting off their man and lady parts if they don’t have the mental capacity to make those decisions?

The comments, as usual, are priceless:

Can’t get cigarettes, tattoo, or liquor by a certain age, but you can cut off body parts. We’re living in bozo world.

12/31/2023 12:17:00 AM


In just about the same sentence, it says that a person aged 18 to 24 is both an adult and a youth.

So which is it? It seems that someone at Research & Development didn’t proofread this because someone 18 to 24 cannot be both an adult and a youth. For arrest purposes, 18 and over is an adult. Maybe they meant a yute is someone 13 to 17?

12/31/2023 01:11:00 AM



I simply can’t understand why police in big Democrat run cities would arrest anyone. White leftists hate the police and they hate law and order. That is, until they are personally inconvenienced or threatened by the scum they love so much.

With that being said, criminals should be escorted to the areas where the white liberal dumbasses who voted for this shit live and told they can do whatever they please with no interference. They don’t want police arresting and jailing so called “youths” or “teenagers”? Fine. Kayden and Allissya got their house broken into and someone beat them down and stole their “free Palestine” sign? Tough shit.

Pain and suffering are excellent teachers and class should be in session.

12/31/2023 01:13:00 AM


From the D: Youths caught in hijacked vehicles that are not picked out are being diverted to a new program. 1/2 hour victim impact video and a…wait for it…$500 cash card. No BS. This must be why we have BJ on the cover of the trib dancing. Retirement can’t come soon enough.

12/31/2023 07:15:00 AM


When you give a Juvenile a break, he or she will realize that violent crime is not the answer. They will take the break given them and become citizens that will rebuild this city and create jobs that will help redefine how we feel about our future. Or they will just start killing more people.

12/31/2023 07:47:00 AM










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  1. And these are the same assholes that deprive us of our gun rights in favor of this street vermin.

  2. Zippy the pinhead has nothing on Big Brain Brandon. Although the posted picture bears some resemblance. Seriously though, how can we take anything the left does with anything but a ton of salt.

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    1. For some funny reason, when I saw that picture of numb-nuts, I got a sudden craving for Hershey’s Kisses.

  5. I must of missed class the day they taught us in government that the constitutional rights of one person were greater than those of another. I hope they fly that logic by SCOTUS in their attempt to sell PICA. (Page 1 – Policy F.)

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