Yesterday, in Clark County Nevada (Las Vegas/Henderson), a defendant in an attempted battery case objected when the judge indicated that Deobra Redden, aged old enough to know better (30), needed a taste of something other than pre-trial release.

The bailiff, head inserted deeply in his rectum, failed to noticed pre-violence indicators by the defendant.  Or maybe Mr. Bailiff had become desensitized to them after seeing them day in and day out.

Just watching the video, you can see the tension in Deobra’s body, along with the multiple witness checks as he glanced towards the bailiff.  He correctly assessed that the bailiff was in Condition White, reading glasses on, looking at some paperwork instead of paying attention to his surroundings.  He needs a new job.

In fact, Deobra further tipped off his attack by shouting “Oh!” as the judge spoke.  Then shouted even louder, “f**k that, Bitch!”

Here’s the YouTube version…   Age-restricted.  Go figure.  As The Conservative Treehouse writes:

Due to the race of the defendant, cultural sensitivities, political correctness and the graphic nature of the events, the courtroom video has been restricted by Google in an effort to forestall public awareness. [WATCH HERE]

This is what George Soros prosecutors and misguided judges are turning loose on the streets every day when they do not incarcerate violent offenders.  Had this man received yet another probation sentence, the next victim would have been anyone in this defendant’s orbit and not the judge.

At which point he charged the bench, leapt over her desk and proceeded to batter the judge repeatedly and savagely, causing a head injury and more to District Court Judge Mary Kay Holthus, a former prosecutor.

Worry not, we bring you the Twitter version…

Welcome to our world, your honor.  Frankly, the Cook County criminal justice system in Illinois could benefit from incidents like this on a regular basis.  Most of these judges spend their lives working behind armed bodyguards that shield them from the worst of society.  Yet they think nothing of turning violent sociopaths like Deobra loose without any bail (visit CWB for the daily parade) or with sentences of probation instead of prison (like the serial rapist who drugged young women in bars for years…  he would then take them home, rapes them and turns them loose to call for an Uber the next morning).

Once loose, these offenders then victimize those around them in their neighborhoods and elsewhere again, and again and maybe the tenth or twentieth time they catch an arrest.  And after another release, they continue the cycle.



9 thoughts on “Judiciary gets a taste of street violence in Nevada”
  1. Send in the social workers. Just another misguided yute. Someday, people will grow tired of coddling this subhuman scum, and demand they be tossed under the jail forever. Crime apparently hasn’t been painful enough for them yet.

    1. My sentiments as well, Gipp, unlike John Cash’s Boy named Sue where he went searching for his Pa, mammy probably raised him and wanted another welfare queen, baby-maker, which caused Deobra to hate women “in authority”. Just sayin’.

  2. Hmmmm. I agree with the benefits of such rancor. About time the Elites start feeling the pain. Who better to deliver such pain than the Usual Suspects, the pet project of the Elites. “Oh, f*^k that bitch!” Absolutely.

  3. Ghetto trash like this have no self-control, or respect for authority. That’s why they’re nothing but social parasites. Too many glorify that “lifestyle.” Just looking at his cheap “hip hop” shirt which glorifies the ghetto lifestyle, and his demeanor, or lack thereof. You know he’s nothing but trouble.
    This morning, at the gym, they had that damn hip hop music channel on. Those “rappers” singing about how they got money and “bitches” and expensive tastes… They haven’t got a clue and they aren’t anything other than ignorant trash pretending to be something they aren’t. Successful men don’t need to speak of their wealth and lifestyle. High value men don’t wear two pounds of gold around their neck or flash a wad of $100 bills while wearing sunglasses indoors. No, they go to work and make the world a better place.
    Bet at shithead’s next court appearance they have him chained up like King Kong. Perfect.

  4. Pretty sure even liberal, “everyone deserves a thirty-second chance” judges might reconsider their rose-colored beliefs after getting pummelled by a couple of perps like this one.

  5. Kudos to the gentlemen standing to the right of the judge. He identified the threat and jumped right into the fray. Fox News showed an extended clip and this guy is punching the shit out of Deobra as LE gains control. He deserves a medal and a pay bump. It’s a shame that he didn’t have a sap in his pocket. ( legal CCW in Florida)

  6. Wow. Stunning disrespect of authority. Congrats Debra, er Deobra. You just earned your fellow thugs harsher sentences and higher bails from this judge.

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