99.8% of gun owners in Illinois have elected not to comply with the new PICA gun and magazine ban’s gun registration requirement.  That is effectively everyone.

In addition to the other reasons we’ve repeatedly mentioned (here and here, for example) for not registering your stuff, Cook County residents face immediate confiscation and arrest thanks to the Cook County ordinance banning said guns.

Having said that, the Illinois State Police doesn’t have the manpower to start visiting houses on confiscation raids.

Outside of people doing really stupid stuff, we don’t see most folks coming onto the radar of police reference these now-banned firearms.

There are some scenarios when police might get involved:

  1.  You welcome first responders in some capacity.  For instance, you have a medical emergency or a fire at your home and firemen are tripping over these banned guns.  Perhaps you’ve had a home burglary and you’re trying to give law enforcement an honest report of what’s stolen.  Any or all could happen to any of us.  Unlikely yes, but possible.
  2. Folks Red Flagged or served with similar orders of protection where things devolve to the point where cops show up to collect the guns.
  3. Domestic violence calls.  Unfounded or not, if cops make an arrest, don’t be surprised to see them at least attempt to get the guns out of the house.
  4. Lastly, the targets of snitches.

Got an angry ex- or estranged spouse with vindictive tendencies?  A gun-hating mother-in-law?  Or perhaps you’re in the middle of a child custody fight.

Do you have an a-hole neighbor who hates people with guns and glares at you in the past when you’ve cleaned your guns (or loaded them into the car)?  Have you posted stuff on Facebook where some “friends” who don’t like guns and have an axe to grind with you?

Bad Tinder / Grindr date?

If these people were to go to police with specifics of what you’ve got and where you store them, that might have enough to motivate a police agency (cough, Illinois State Police, cough) to seek out a warrant from a judge.

Even if they don’t get a warrant, they might want to send out a “gun owner compliance team” to drop by for a “compliance check.”  They’ll try to buffalo their way into your home or get PC to do a search based upon plain-sight observations while doing a knock-and-talk at your door.

Pretty quickly, you could have a veritable boatload of felony problems.

How do you fix this?

You tell everyone who will listen that you’ve moved all of those banned guns out of state until this new law is struck down.

Doesn’t matter if you moved them or not.  You tell everyone you did.  Mention it to neighbors, friends, family, in social media posts, maybe even letters to the editor or your kids’ teachers.  Tell everyone, loudly and emphatically.

You can be angry about it.  Not only that but I give you permission to use a swear word or two.

Yes, you can cuss the governor and the political hacks who voted for this up one side and down the other.  It might even sound better if you do.

Your goal is to give the snitches of the world – wherever they might exist in your world – all the satisfaction in the world that they’ve “won.”  Let them think that gun control did a number on you and that you submitted, obediently, like a good little boy or girl to the tyrants in Springfield.

Not only let them, but help these anti-gun losers bask in the schadenfreude of your anger over being forced to relocate you collection.

If they believe they’ve won, they’re gonna be a whole lot less inclined to drop a dime on you to put you into group #4.

Create plausible deniability that you still have all those guns.

Start today, my friends.

4 thoughts on “‘I MOVED EVERYTHING OUT OF STATE’: Start telling everyone how you divested yourself of your ‘naughty guns’ to avoid snitching”
  1. I declare that I have no “assault weapons/firearms” illegally and unconstitutionally “banned” from ownership in the Marxist state of ILL-Annoy, I have never owned any firearms illegally accused of assault under the democRAT-i-KKK PARTY “definition” of an “assault rifle”.

  2. Honest, I moved all my firearms out of the communist state of Illannoy! I packed them up with all my other belongings when I moved out to a free state where I have been enjoying over three years of freedom.

  3. I have no “banned” weapons, accessories or any other item in my possession within the jurisdiction of Illinois or its borders, those darn gun grabbers caused me too much “angst”.

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