The Illinois State Police posted the Week 7 number from the so-called “Protect Illinois Communities Act” a couple of days late.  Frankly, we expected they were going to start burying the very worrisome numbers.  Why?  They represent a giant embarrassment for the Governor and his merry band of gun grabbing jihadists.

“How dare they not comply with our edicts passed in the middle of the night at the last minute!”

An additional 650 Land of Lincoln gun owners took the plunge and registered at least one of their now banned self-defense firearms, bringing the total number to 4089 who have “complied.”  Considering there are 2,415,481 FOID holders, that brings the total compliance rate to, brace yourself:  .1692%.

In other words, 99.83% of Illinois gun owners have declined to comply at this point in time.

Happy Thanksgiving, folks.

9 thoughts on “99.83% NON-COMPLIANCE: ISP release Week 7 gun registration compliance numbers”
  1. Embarrassment for the governor and his gun control friends? Sure. Once again the readers of these articles have to come in and tell the complete story. It’s an embarrassment to the Illinois State Police. Otherwise known as the ISP. Otherwise known as the ones who get sympathy from Plummer and any other lawmaker that prioritizes the state over their own constituents otherwise known as citizens. Blaming anyone and everything EXCEPT FOR THE POLICE WHO ACTUALLY CARRIES OUT GUN CONTROL ENFORCEMENT ACTIONS for the violations of our rights is like someone on their 4th covid shot who’s had heart problems, became diabetic or stroke continuing to support their lord and savior Fauci or trusting the CDC while blaming climate change or anything else for their new problems. Hint: The Branch Covidians and supposed pro-2A people with an organization or a voice with a platform behave just like each other while mocking each other. Psychological projection! You all deserved to be mocked right out of the USA.


  2. Why are people on here so anti-cop? The state troopers have a job to do. They can’t always help what laws they have to enforce. They have bills to pay like you do. Gun owners should gladly accept the mostly peaceful felonies they will get for non-compliance. I can’t believe people think their constitutional rights are more important to them than a cop’s paycheck. Who do they think they are? Jail won’t be that bad. If you ask to put a Blue Lives Matter flag in your cell they might not take your state-sponsored slavery seriously and give you more food at dinner time and smile more around you!

  3. Everyone has a job to do. That’s fine. Until you start breaking your oath. I am pro cop from a very pro police family. But when I see bad cops I call em out. Bust FOID holders with illegally and arbitrarily banned guns? Fuck them.

    1. I am with you Sam, the Toad and gls 1589 (NOT me), Amy, and ken are part of the ANTI-FA, anti-law enforcement trolls and I believe are only one or two individual posters, changing the posted names to appear as a “majority” or at least more than respectful posters. F-‘EM very much.

  4. Almost 17 hundredths of ONE percent, basically one month to go, if we put up a contest to see who comes closest to guessing how many will comply, my guess would be less than .25 % or less than one quarter of one percent.
    Registration will soon lead to confiscation, don’t be on the list to have your firearms “stolen” by the democRAT -I-KKK PARTY and their co-conspirators!

  5. GSL 1589 has shown his true colors. He considers someone who values their constitutional rights over a cop’s paycheck as someone like ANTIFA. There you go right from the horse’s mouth. The “back the blue” crowd are nothing more than propagandists for the state. They value the government over the people. Cops are the government. Get used to the term UNIPARTY. Congrats GSL 1589, YOU are a statist!

    1. Travis = Toad = Amy = ken = lying propagandist = democRAT enabler = gls 1589 = anarchist = TROLL = BLM = ANTI-FA = etc., etc.

    2. Travis, just like the Toad, must be an “in-depend” ant, strikes out at repubs, while their own vote/representatives (the in-depends minute minority) have no sway in any political endeavor. Pitiful, they have no representation, their ideas and agenda go NOWHERE yet they denigrate the constatives that struggle against the Marxist democRATS and fight to keep our Constitution valid.
      CongRATS to you Travis, YOU are a Marxist-democRAT ENABLER, you are NOTHING, your vote is NOTHING, your in-depend (bowel) movement is NOTHING but a pile of excrement.

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