Governor Pritzker signed the so-called “Protect Illinois Communities Act” on January 10th.  It was supposed to, well, “protect” Illinois communities.

Clearly it’s completely disarmed and neutered gang members in Chicago, right?  Note that Glock Switch on Mr. Friends’ Gat.

Or these aspiring rocket scientists.

Included in the bill is that law-abiding Land o’ Lincoln residents are supposed to register their self-defense firearms during a roughly three-month window from October 1st through December 31, 2023.  Young scholars like those above are exempted from the registration requirement because, well, they’re criminals.

Guns Save Life recommends that FOID holders in Illinois simply decline to participate in this scheme.

There is nothing to gain by registering “naughty” guns at this time and lots of reasons not to.

As of this writing, our state’s gun owners have spoken with their thoughts about registering.  In short, they’re not.  The Illinois State Police have achieved a .0847% compliance rate among FOID holders registering their “banned” firearms.  Just barely 2000 of 2.4 million.

You ask, what are reasons not to register?

First and foremost, what guns you own and where you own them at is none of the state’s business.  Furthermore, the law may be struck down by the courts.

Secondly, if you lose your FOID card for any reason, you must relinquish ownership in all registered items – and you can NEVER get them back.  Even if it’s the state’s fault for not processing a FOID renewal in a timely manner.  Or if it’s the suspension of your FOID card due to a malicious or vexatious preliminary order of protection (including those ex-parte orders where you don’t get due process before a judge signs away your 2A rights.  Yes, even if it’s later ruled to be an unfounded allegation.

Want a third reason?  Govenor Pritzker has already strategized about promoting legislation that would “close the existing owner loophole” next year after the registration period ends.  The triggering event for closing this “loophole” and demanding all of the registered guns be turned in within 90 to 120 days would be the first mass casualty incident, especially if it happens in Illinois.  The event in Lewiston, Maine as an example of what would trigger Gov. Pritzker to publicly promote this proposal.

So, don’t register your firearms.

You have options.  You can move them out of state and store them with a friend or relative.  You can bury them or lose them in a boating accident.  You could even simply ignore the law’s provisions and keep a low profile.

IF you are inclined to go ahead and register them, and your circumstances don’t change, wait until the last week of December to do so.


3 thoughts on “ILLINOIS: **DO NOT REGISTER** your firearms with the Illinois State Police”
  1. I believe the democrat’s gun ban law’s provision which mandates already owned guns be registered with the Illinois state police is an unlawful ex post facto law enacted in violation of both article I, section 16 of the Illinois state constitution and article 1, section 10, clause 1 of the U.S. Constitution. Because at the time a person acquired the gun, it was completely legal to possess it without a mandated registration. To then make it unlawful as Illinois did and say you have to register all your lawfully owned guns of a certain type or it’s a felony making unlawful something which was lawful when you originally did it is an ex post facto law.
    Governor Pritzker and the democrat-controlled state legislature violated article 1, section 16 of the Illinois Constitution’s Bill of Rights which states:
    “No ex post facto law, or law impairing the obligation of contracts or making an irrevocable grant of special privileges or immunities, shall be passed.” (Source: Illinois Constitution.)
    According to Black’s Law dictionary, an ex post facto law is: “A law passed after the occurrence of a fact or commission of an act, which retrospectively changes the legal consequences or relations of such”
    How much clearer can it be? The democrats unlawful gun ban contains an ex post facto provision. In the U.S. Constitution, there is a clause in article 1, section 10 which states: No State shall pass ex post facto Law. The law-breaking democrats who voted to enact the gun ban law shamefully violated both the Illinois state and U.S. Constitutions, the same constitutions they swore an oath to uphold.
    Their oppressive and tyrannical gun ban law persecutes Illinois citizens. They ignored the law of Constitutions when it’s their job to apply the constitutional law as it was drafted.
    We must make the government play by the rules laid out in the constitutions, otherwise we will live in a police state.

    1. They can’t read the Second Amendment. How do you expect them to read the state constitution?

    2. Never seen this angle before, Mr. G.
      Love that GSL has the balls to say “Don’t register” while that other group’s worried about whether or not some goddamn accounting software discriminates against gun stores.

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