The Illinois State Police proudly announced that the registration portal is now open at the ISP’s Firearms Services Bureau website.

I’ll cut to the chase:  *if* you choose to register, don’t do it before the end of December.  Give the courts an opportunity to act.

*If* you do decide to register, expect that next year legislation will be introduced to “close the existing owner loophole.”  Expect that the new law will give folks 90-120 days to surrender their registered guns, accessories and ammunitions or risk additional felony penalties.

Sources inside the governor’s inner circle have leaked to us that Pritzker and crew have already discussed it.  It will be triggered by the first serious mass casualty incident that happens once the registration window closes – especially if it happens in Illinois.

If you fail to surrender registered items at the end of that term, expect home visits from Illinois State Police firearm enforcement teams.

We have a message for the State of Illinois, courtesy of our friends at The Firearms Policy Coalition.

14 thoughts on “NO THANK YOU: ISP announces gun, magazine, ammo registration portal”
    1. Either that’s three men, or three women with no boobage, or wearing chest flateners.

  1. Thank you for this very well written article. You said it as good as it could be said. This registration is like a chunk of cheese in a mouse trap. Except this mouse trap doesn’t go off upon pressing down on the button. It does however start the clock for when the bar will come down on you. The cheese might give temporary satisfaction, only temporary. Once you click submit, your compliance plants the seed for confiscation. IF you take the bait your fate has been sealed. Mark my words.

  2. Could you provide a mailing address for the ISP, so we might send them some untraceable snail mail with the sentiments from the FPC?

  3. I just noticed that the ISP Troopers pictured are not wearing ties. Are they not afraid that their foreskin may pop uo and knock their hat off ?

  4. I kinda like the cut of their jib over at that FPC place. Coarse but pithy.

    Wonder what psyops games state gov will play to leverage compliance?

    I won’t write publicly that I won’t comply.

  5. Will ISP send the three in the photo posted in this article? Better find some other troopers, those three don’t look as if they can breach a door.

    1. Yeah, I think it’d be amusing watching any one of those three trying to wrestle down a thug. They’re not likely to win. I’ve seen multiple cases of women cops (there was no doubt in those cases that they were women) on the show Cops, making an attempt to deal with someone who is putting up resistance. Their success rate is rather low.

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