Video out of Philadelphia allegedly shows what happens when a carjacker picks the wrong car to steal.  It’s what will undoubtedly come to Chicago and other jurisdictions where Soros-funded prosecutors don’t prosecute offenders.

It’s not very safe for work.

In this case, these two gents didn’t bring Mr. Carjacker to justice.  Instead, they brought justice to him.

Another instance also popped up in the news of late.

Mr. Key-job is lucky he didn’t get his ankles stomped and maybe his knees stomped leaving him with limps and arthritis for the rest of his life.


One thought on “STREET JUSTICE OR MURDER? Carjacker FAFOs, picking wrong victims in Philadelphia.”
  1. Vigilante justice is always the result of no organized, peaceful means of dealing with crime. Citizens used to let the courts deal with these a holes. Now theres no belief in the courts by design, people will take to administering justice on their own. I have seen offenders who were happy to be arrested when the cops showed up, because thats when their beatdown ended. Far too many imbeciles in control of things no longer understand this.

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