These was a mass casualty murder spree in Lewiston, Maine on Wednesday evening.  Finally, after close to two hours of multiple scenes of chaos, cops caught up with the suspect named Robert Card.

The good news is the cops caught him.

The bad news is he’s still alive.

As we wrote prior to his capture, America is likely infested with Hamas and Hezbollah sleeper cells.  Now imagine what this guy did in Lewiston happening in twenty different cities across America as those sleeper cells are activated.  And another dozen or two dozen cells that target infrastructure – things like the power grid, communications/internet, water treatment facilities, bridges, rail switches, etc.

UPDATE:  Law enforcement already had this guy on the radar and did nothing, even after getting committed to a mental hospital for two weeks THIS PAST SUMMER!

5 thoughts on “LEWISTON, MAINE: Suspect taken into custody… 22+ dead, 100+ plus wounded in multiple locations”
  1. Another gun on a rampage. No, another head case on a rampage. The antis will be screaming for more gun control. When in reality. It’s a mental health issue.

    1. It’s politically INcorrect to say anything bad yet correct about mental issues. They normalized being crazy years ago and this is what you get. The mentally defunct person is always accommodated with their “I can’t help it” dog ate my homework line of excuses while the ones abused because of it are silenced and expected to just put up with it. Whenever someone complains about any “stigma” that the mentally ill have it’s the indication they want the blame shifted to anything and everyone else except the sole person who has the problem and is imposing it on everyone else. So basically, the mentally ill and the rank and file state storm troopers get similar treatment. THEY personally cause the problem, then everyone else gets blamed while expected to put up with the bad behavior. IE: Troopers on the ground arrest and ruin the lives of people over a gun ban but the governor gets the blame. See how this works? The “pro-2A” Republicans accommodate the troopers and blame everyone else while YOU, yes YOU get the abuse.

  2. Where did this info come from that the guy has been caught? It’s the next day and he is still at large.

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