There’s a madman shooting up the town of Lewiston, Maine this evening, Wednesday, Oct. 25th.  Police have issued a “shelter-in-place” order for the residents of the town for their safety.  You can bet that those who have guns probably have brought them out to ensure the safety and sanctity of their residences and their families.  Meanwhile, those without guns will probably wish really hard that they had one or more of them along with the ammo to feed them.

Now imagine that in two dozen American cities…

Now, imagine this playing out in a dozen communities across America with pairs of fanatical Hamas / Hezbollah Muslim killers blasting away at unsuspecting Americans pretty much simultaneously across American cities.  Schools, churches, hospitals, malls all getting hit over the course of a couple of days.  And add in another half-dozen or dozen teams attacking public infrastructure like power substations, rail switching areas, bridges, water treatment facilities and telecommunications and Internet hubs.  Our nation would go into abject panic.

Obviously we’re cheering for either an armed American or a police officer punching this guy’s ticket in Lewiston.  And the sooner the better.

But just imagine what this would be like if we had an organized bunch of sleeper cells springing into action due to the US trading shots with Iran formally.

Our nation isn’t ready for anything like that.

While you can’t do anything about Joe Biden’s fiddling while our nation burns, you can work to improve your emergency readiness.  Food, water, communications, medications, fuels, firearms, and planning are all things you can do to ready yourself, your family, and even into your neighborhood and your city.  YOU can make a difference to enhance your ability to turn a life-threatening emergency into a manageable inconvenience.  And by doing so, you can help your neighbors navigate the emergency, and especially others less fortunate including the elderly, those with very young children or those with disabilities.

Visit to learn more about things you can do to better prepare your household for emergencies.

And pray for the good guys to take care of this lunatic.

2 thoughts on “BREAKING: Murder Spree in Lewiston, Maine; 22+ dead, dozens more wounded, suspect at large… Now imagine that in two dozen American cities over a few days”
  1. Scary stuff indeed. Some say that this guy was in a mental ward for a couple of weeks this summer. A certified lunatic! But the left will use him as a poster boy for disarming 99.99998% of gun owners.

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