Lately, Joe Biden and his Department of Justice love to claim that domestic extremists (their new description of patriotic Americans) are the #1 threat to America’s national security.  It seems like those MAGA hat wearing Christian conservatives have replaced Global Warming as our nation’s biggest threat, especially as there’s an election on the horizon.

Part of Israel’s intelligence failure was something we’re experiencing here in America.  The deep state is so fixated on spying upon and going after their political opponents, they are failing to surveille our nation’s true enemies.

What happens when America has an “October 7”-style attack when Hamas/Hezbollah sleeper cells activate to begin attacking America’s infrastructure and our soft targets like schools, hospitals, malls and other “gun free” zones where large groups assemble?

I’ll tell you:

  • If you think the jump in 5.56/.223 ammo prices by 40% in the last week was something, just wait until we have a few coordinated terror attacks.

You won’t be able to find gun food for AR-platform rifles anywhere, at (almost) any price.

John Boch with the Zombie ammo for Rule 308.

For that matter, you won’t be able to find capable self-defense firearms anywhere.  Yes, if you’re in Illinois, I know at least one dealer that will sell AR-pattern rifles, magazines and the whole nine yards, regardless of the PICA law.  But for 99.999% of residents, they won’t be able to buy one unless they travel across the border and buy there.  (Just don’t use your credit cards, folks.)

Ammo prices and buying a gun may be the lesser of your concerns.

  • Utilities may be crippled in infrastructure attacks upon power substations (those transformers are easily disabled if you poke holes in them, allowing the coolant oil to leak out).  You could lose power for some time as those bigger transformers after often made in China and take six- to twelve-months or more to build.

You have a generator, right?  Especially as temperatures are going to be plummeting starting this weekend…)

  • Refineries could be attacked and crippled, leading to refined fuel shortages/rationing.

You keep an extra 10 or 20 gallons of fuel at home in addition to keeping your cars and trucks topped off, right?  And maybe another 10 or 20 gallons for your generator?

  • Cyber attacks could cause other irritations or other problems.

Do you rely on “smart” devices like locks on your house or garage door openers?  What happens if you lose your Internet?

  • You might have to stay home from work to be with your kids if you’re worried about terror attacks at your kids’ school(s).

And then there’s a big one that might make all of the aforementioned seem like child’s play:

  • What if Iran launches one of their capable ballistic missiles with a nuke on top of it and opens some canned sunshine high above the atmosphere, hitting the good old USA (or large parts thereof) with an EMP attack?

Yes, if we go to war with Iran, I think it would be a fair certainty that we’ll have Islamic sleeper cells activate to cause chaos and terror in America’s heartland.

Add in “pro-Palestinian” Antifa/BLM types doing their terror work on America’s streets, and you would be wise and prudent carry your gun(s) and have your self-defense legal coverage all paid up and current.

We covered the story about Hamas, Hezbollah terrorists already coming to America in recent days.  The story seems to be popping up in media outlets all over the place now.

From PJ Media:

Feds Warn of Hamas, Hezbollah Terrorists Potentially Crossing Southern Border

Bad news, America—Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), and Hezbollah terrorists aren’t just waging war on Israel, they are potentially crossing over the southern U.S. border too. World Jihad, here we come.

Two points are certain: that terrorist cells operate in the U.S. and that terrorists are crossing our southern border. The first has been established for years now. The second is amply illustrated by recent data. In fact, illegal terrorist and potential terrorist crossings have skyrocketed under Joe Biden. It turns out that open borders favor America-hating jihadis in their quest to infiltrate the U.S. Who would have thought?

The Daily Caller News Foundation exclusively obtained an internal memo from the San Diego Field Office Intelligence Division of Customs and Border Protection (CBP) warning that the bloody ongoing Hamas-Israel conflict could lead to an uptick in terrorists seeking to enter the U.S. through our southern border. Isn’t it wonderful that Biden funds Palestinian terrorists only for them to come here and try to kill Americans? Maybe we should bring over more Palestinian “refugees” from the Gaza Strip, where over 90% of residents support jihad against Israel!

Another very good story over at ZeroHedge has lots more ominous news about Islamic terrorist sleeper agents slipping across the border.

Again, Tucker Carlson seems to think we’re going to be in a shooting war with Iran in the coming days/weeks.

We also covered the spike in 5.56 / .223 ammunition prices (40% in the past week) as well.  And that’s not counting the places that are out.  Others are raising prices to slow sales a bit to allow those who really need it to be able to get it…  for now.

Just a quick search at AmmunitionToGo’s 5.56 ammo shows they have some left, but it’s a LOT thinner than a week ago.  And the cheap stuff is gone.  At Lucky Gunner, they have ammo, but decent stuff is now 60 cents per round, minimum and the good stuff is $1+.

Locally in Illinois, Locked and Loaded in Pana had 5.56 ammo a-plenty a week or ten days ago.  Not any more.  Not a single box of ammo.

Screen grab of Locked and Loaded website from Tuesday evening.





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  1. Don’t use credit cards out of state? Are you suggesting that the ISP is either capable or more like licking their lips to go conduct witch hunts on IL residents? Certainly not! Our “pro-2A” Republicans said they would protect our rights. Their definition of that is giving the ISP more of your money to do shit like this. Choose your friends wisely!

  2. You forgot churches as tempting targets for Muslim extremist savages. Some scary stuff you’re talking about.

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