One would think that ammunition prices are like crypto by how sharply prices have jumped since October 7th.  Both 5.56×45 rounds and their cousins the .223 Remington have spiked about 40% (give or take) just in the last week or so.  Both are now selling for .50/round, where buyers can find vendors with stock on hand.  As supplies continue to dry up and demand continues to surge, look for prices to head towards a buck a round.

And heaven forbid, if Hamas operatives or Hezbollah sleeper cells activate in the next few weeks, ammo food for ARs will likely jump still further.

This is on top of the news from the last week or so that Lake City Army Ammunition plant has cancelled all of their civilian 5.56 sales likely due to unavailability because of Ukraine and Israel.

And Tucker Carlson seems to think we’re headed towards conflict with Iran in the coming days or weeks at most.

Back to the ammo situation from ZeroHedge:

Graphs courtesy ZeroHedge.

As the Israel-Hamas war sparks fears of WW3, law-abiding Americans are streaming the chaos in Israel and Gaza on their smartphones or smart TVs and have come to one conclusion: It’s time to panic buy ammo (just like during Covid). 

New data from the ammo tracking website Ammo Prices Now shows 5.56×45mm NATO caliber ammunition listed online by popular brands has surged 39% in the past week, from .36 per round on Oct. 14 to .50 per round on Sunday.

The price spike is significantly larger than the move in early 2022 when Russia invaded Ukraine. Also, 223 Remington surged 42% last week…

Remember what Elon Musk said on X last week, “As tragic as the mass shootings are, armed citizens are essential to the defense of democracy.”

… and don’t forget when shit hits the fan, the government won’t be there to save you.