People ask what’s the difference between the NRA’s state-affiliate organization, the Illinois State Rifle Association and Guns Save Life.   This month’s editions of each orgs journals sums the difference between the two orgs up rather dramatically.

I found the ISRA’s current issue at Farm & Fleet in Bloomington.

In a state where in the past month or so we’ve seen the No Cash Bail law formally implemented, there’s no mention of it.

In just the last two weeks, we’ve got our state’s very first gun registration scheme that has kicked in, but no front page story about it.

So what does the leadership of ISRA think are the biggest issues Land of Lincoln gun owners need to know about or care about the most?  That Quickbooks isn’t discriminating against gun dealers any more?  That Biden creates a do-nothing office on “gun violence prevention” headed up by the most inept, do-nothing Vice-President America has every had?  And alas, a story about gun control in a country halfway around the world.

9 thoughts on “NOTICE A DIFFERENCE: The Illinois Shooter vs. GunNews, published within days of one another…”
  1. Did you mention the ISRA comes out with theirs 4x per year, sometimes way late? Versus every month with your excellent GunNews? Very profound difference in covers, no doubt. There’s many reasons I am no longer a member of ISRA. Publications aren’t one of them, but now that you mention it…

  2. “Seat at the table” chumps.
    Your 2A support dollars are better spent literally anywhere else …

    GSL, SAF, FPC, GOA, NAGR, any of the groups Boch and Todd V. recommend for IL-specific lawsuits. Illinois Carry even, before ISRA or NRA. (At least Wayne’s slush fund puts out a good magazine or two)

  3. I was at a class held at the ISRA range a couple years ago. The nature of the class involved open carry of pistols and the slinging of rifles when not actually firing. All hot, at all times, as per the instructors insistence. During lunch one of the instructors stayed at the range so we could ground our rifles. A few of us continued to wear the rest of our gear, that included our openly carried pistols, then up to the main building for lunch. We were told we could not come in with our openly carried pistols due to safety concerns. W T F!!! I was curious to know if the range workers are married to Moms Demand Action harpies. Their reasoning for not allowing us to carry is EXACTLY the same as the reasons given by anti gunners for banning concealed carry. I wrote a letter, rather than send an email, to the ISRA regarding my confusion in the matter. Never heard a word back. Eff the ISRA.

    1. I’ve experienced that myself. And another range, the Iroquois Co. Law Enforcement Range had a ban on CCW posted on the doors. Nice, nice range, but if they’re gonna ban CCW, I’ve got lots of other places I can shoot that don’t make themselves “unarmed victim zones.”

  4. Stark contrast in publications. Stark difference in attitudes too. One group is whistling past the graveyard like it’s just another day. The other is educating, energizing and taking bold stands for our rights.

  5. Never have been impressed with the ISRA. Met Rich Pearson a few times at IGOLD, and always thought he was more of a this is a job I made up so I can get paid for not doing much kind of guy.
    Not impressed in the least. And they have accepted way to much overreach from the current and past horrible Illinois legislature and the even worse Governors.
    GSL tells it like it is and has been for a long time now.
    Too bad the way it is sucks!
    Keep fighting the fight and don’t give up!

  6. I was asked to leave one of their meetings in E.Peoria a few years ago. They didn’t like my questions. I didn’t leave but I really stirred things up.

  7. Just like the NRA, the leadership in both groups are past their use by dates.
    Both organizations seem to believe that the anti gunners are just willing to make a deal and everything will be fine.
    They don’t realize that the game has changed and the anti are flying the red flag of no quarter.
    Until the ISRA and the NRA bring in new leadership I’ll keep tossing their mail straight to the trash .

  8. Every gun owner needs to make it known that the ISRA does NOT speak for all Illinois gun owners. The ISRA paper is great for ass wiping and nothing else.

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