Friday night in comments, one of our readers saw a story at ZeroHedge about how California’s AG Rob Bonta flipped out about federal court judge Roger Benitez striking down that state’s ban on black rifles.  We covered the decision here.

What has California done since the first strikedown of their beloved gun ban?

One commenter at CalGuns caught the eye of the ZeroHedge writer.  I share it here to give my fellow Illinois residence a road map of where Gov. Pritzker could soon take us…

After Duncan (not to mention Heller, Peruta, Bruen, etc., etc.) talk of this being a win is just delusional. NOTHING has changed for the better. In fact it’s far WORSE.

Can I buy handguns the rest of the nation can? NO.
Can I open carry? NO
Can I carry concealed? NOT AFTER JAN 1, 2024
STD mags? NO
Can I own AR-15s or the like that aren’t bastardized, unsafe, nonstop ugly a*s reminders of our impotence? NO
Can I buy ammo online like I used to? NOT WITHOUT JUMPING THROUGH FFL03+COE HOOPS).
For crying out loud people, we can’t even buy ammo without first asking permission and then having to paying for that permission (background check)!!

What a joke this all is. And there’s so much more I haven’t even thought of. You call this winning? Wake up. I’m done.

Just leaving that here for discussion.


5 thoughts on “WHERE THEY’LL TAKE US SOON: Gun owners in California unimpressed by Benitez’s rulings for Second Amendment.”
  1. I have no doubt the ISRA will further cement their seat at the table to help make the bad bills worse. Like the “FOID Modernization Act.”

  2. I kinda share the feeling of this rant as well as a little of the viewpoint. I hold every small win with some optimism but anyone living in a blue run state knows that state corruption seems to stop or slow any win on the rights that the people have. Two Illinois supreme court judges prove that. I don’t care how moral you say you are $1.6 million a pop in campaign contributions from the defendants I’m sure helped in their decision.

  3. Ending qualified immunity for civil rights violations (contrary laws) perpetrated by law makers, executives, and attorneys general would be a good start. Tax-payers are tired of paying vast sums to sue the State and the State using vast sums of tax-payer funding to defend themselves, let alone any settlements. By-the-way, how does one hold or shoulder a west coast compliant AR rifle? Monkeys and footballs come to mind.

  4. There shouldn’t even be qualified immunity for any politicians. It encourages them to act in an empirical manner. So much for the land of the free.

  5. Well…….. unfortunately we have a court process. Whether you live in Illinois, California, Maryland or where ever else this bullshit will be over soonerrather than later. I thought the IL cases would make it to SCOTUS first. I am rethinking that as the Maryland ‘assault weapon’ ban case is much further along. When SCOTUS gets it and the summary judgement is filed the gun grabbers are going to be disappointed. It sucks having to wait while our rights are trampled this happens when your fellow citizens are spineless assholes whose microwaves work. F them all, useless as boobs on a bull.

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