99.8% of Illinois gun owners have a message for Governor Pritzker and his merry band of gun control jihadists:  Go pound sand.

Illinois State Police released Week 8 numbers for gun registration.  Only an additional 788 people registered newly-banned self-defense firearms and accessories in the eighth week of the gun registry.  The window to tell the state what now-banned guns you currently own closes in 30 days, and currently 99.8% of FOID holders have chosen to register nothing.

Chicago and Cook County residents, of course, face the very real risk of immediate arrest and confiscation of registered guns should they choose to register.  Why?  Because of the existing black rifle ban there.

We at GSL continue to recommend against registering your guns at this time.  However, we recommend telling everyone far and wide how you’ve gotten your guns out of the stateDoesn’t matter if you have done so or not.  Read this for more reasons why this is a GOOD idea.