99.8% of gun owners in Illinois have elected not to comply with the new PICA gun and magazine ban’s registration requirement for existing owners.  That is effectively everyone.  In addition to the other reasons we’ve repeatedly mentioned (here and here, for example) for not registering your stuff, Cook County residents face immediate confiscation and arrest thanks to the Cook County ordinance banning said guns.

Having said that, the Illinois State Police doesn’t have the manpower to start visiting houses on confiscation raids.

Outside of people doing really stupid stuff like posting threats against law enforcement of photos of you defiantly waving your banned but unregistered guns around after the new year, or maybe dry firing your black rifle in the picture window of your living room as the school bus is dropping off kids from school, we don’t see most folks coming onto the radar of police reference these now-banned firearms.

  1.  You welcome first responders in some capacity.  For instance, you have a medical emergency or a fire at your home and firemen are tripping over these banned guns.  Perhaps you’ve had a home burglary and you’re trying to give law enforcement an honest report of what’s stolen.  Any or all could happen to any of us.  Unlikely yes, but possible.
  2. Folks Red Flagged or served with similar orders of protection where things devolve to the point where cops show up to collect the guns.
  3. Domestic violence calls.  Unfounded or not, if cops make an arrest, don’t be surprised to see them at least attempt to get the guns out of the house.
  4. Lastly, the targets of snitches.

Got an angry ex- or estranged spouse with vindictive tendencies?  A gun-hating mother-in-law?  Or perhaps you’re in the middle of a child custody fight.   Do you have an a-hole neighbor who hates people with guns and glares at you in the past when you’ve cleaned your guns (or loaded them into the car)?  Have you posted stuff on Facebook where some “friends” who don’t like guns and have an axe to grind with you?  Bad Tinder / Grindr date?

If these people were to go to police with specifics of what you’ve got and where you store them at on your property, they might have enough to motivate a police agency (cough, Illinois State Police, cough) to seek out a warrant, or at the very least drop by for a “compliance check.”  They’ll try to buffalo their way into your home or get PC to do a search based upon plain-sight observations while doing a knock-and-talk at your door.

Pretty quickly, you could have a veritable boatload of felony problems.  Not only that, but if you’re sitting around holiday meals (Thanksgiving/Christmas) talking trash about someone’s beloved Governor JB Pritzker, calling his daughter a THOT and his wife a cow, you might just be creating enough animus to cause a gun-hating lefty lunatic to drop a dime on you.  Especially if someone’s in a bad mood because the turkey is dry or over-cooked (or both), tellin’ folks how you’re not registering jack poop, they might seek to take you down a peg or three by exacting some payback via a call to police.

How do you fix this?

You tell everyone who will listen that you’ve moved all of those banned guns out of state until this is taken care of.

Doesn’t matter if you moved them or not.  You tell everyone you did.  Mention it to neighbors, friends, family, in social media posts, maybe even letters to the editor or your kids’ teachers.  Tell everyone, loudly and emphatically.

You can be angry about it.

Not only that but I give you permission to use a swear word or two.

Yes, you can cuss the governor and the political hacks who voted for this up one side and down the other.  It might even sound better if you do.

Your goal is to give the snitches of the world – wherever they might exist in your world – all the satisfaction in the world that they’ve “won.”  Let them think that gun control did a number on you and that you submitted, obediently, like a good little boy or girl to the tyrants in Springfield.

Not only let them, but help these anti-gun losers bask in the schadenfreude of your anger over being forced to relocate you collection.

If they believe they’ve won, they’re gonna be a whole lot less inclined to drop a dime on you to put you into group #4.

Create plausible deniability that you still have all those guns.


7 thoughts on “PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY FOR ALL: Gun owners need to start telling *everyone* that they’ve moved ‘banned’ guns out of state”
  1. Some advice from someone living far from Illinois. If I was closer, I would open an expensive high security storage business just across your state line. Maybe one of you should?
    Clean out the damned safe! Leave only the fully compliant and/or registered guns, mags, accessories, tools, and ammunition in it. After you make the Illinois Stasi get a warrant, “See! I did move it all out of state!!!” If you really had moved it all out of state your safe would be empty of contraband, RIGHT?!?
    Move all the non compliant stuff to a new, secure hiding place, Out of State! A closet out of the way, and far from the firearm storage safe? With a locked cabinet inside, Full of boxes and crap piled up in front. Maybe a locked JOBOX, with a false bottom and hand tools piled on top, and with a ton of dusty, dirty stuff on top of the Jobox. Since it’s out of state!!! You need to hide it from burglars because it’s out of state!
    Keep the stuff the dogs can find in the known safe, like Hoppes oil and ammunition. Why would you take that stuff out of state?
    Do not brag or tell anyone how you are smarter than the Illinois Stasi Police. They might take that as a challenge.

  2. I even have I-Pass data of me leaving the state and returning sometimes days later, when I put property in out of state storage.

  3. For any and all, be it known that none of my firearms have ever assaulted anyone and I have owned many of them more than ten years, and some more than forty years, and know their “intentions”, they have sworn to me to be only DEFENSE firearms and I believe them because they have always been honorable and truthful. In practice, the ammunition fed through them may have “assaulted” steel and paper targets, however, that was at my discretion and should not be blamed upon my firearms’ character. Anyone that accuses my firearms of being “assault” firearms is a liar and must prove they have assaulted anyone since their production/assembly.

  4. Yessiree! I moved all of my liberal kryptonite out of state. Along with all of the rest of my belongings, my beloved, and my two beloved dogs as well. In a sense, they won because another pew pew loving citizen is no longer residing in Illinois. But I certainly am much happier.
    Fingers crossed y’all get some action from ACB in the coming days.
    And, THOT?? Who’d a thunk you could learn some trendy new modern day slang from GSL?!

    1. Cactus Cornelius,
      Congratulations on re-homing your loved ones and yourself out of the Marxist run state of ILL-Annoy, I love my home state, have lived here most of my life as did my Mother and Father, however, I am disgusted with the Marxist-democRAT-i-kkk politikkkal party “governing” this once great state. I am “up in years”, living on fixed income, disabled with MS since the mid-1990s and unable to consider a move out of this Marxist-run state. My only hope is that the majority of citizens get fed up with the crime, criminals, both in and out of elected office and turns this state around and away from the “deep state ” and corrupt-o-cRATS running this state into Hades.
      I am old enough that I have no idea what the slang term “THOT” is although it was previously used to denigrate our fine firearm rights leader Mr. John Boch by a troll many moons ago where he was accused of referring to the governor’s daughter of/with that term.

  5. I have been advocating this since JB the Hutt signed it into law. Since I’m fortunate enough to own property in a very gun friendly state, that is where I moved all of the things on the list we own on that list. I’m glad that others are beginning to share my point of view.

    It is my understanding that some gun dealers across state lines are already offering inexpensive storage. Davenport, West Quincy, Fort Madison are places I know that Illinois guns are being stored. It might be helpful for people that actually know of such places might want to post them.

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