Ladies and gentlemen, if you needed another reason not to register your guns with the State of Illinois, we have another one for our state’s most populous county.  Cook County residents should know that if they registered guns restricted by the so-called “Protect Illinois Communities Act” they are admitting to violating Cook County’s ordinance against ownership of said firearms.

And by registering those banned guns to enjoy the “so-called” grandfathering for existing owners (for now, at least), they the risk of immediate confiscation of said guns and arrest and prosecution for violating the Cook County local ban on the guns.  The whole registration process gives local law enforcement all they need to get a warrant and come make an arrest.

Do you really think for a moment that Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle or Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart wouldn’t just LOVE to make some arrests of those who have flouted the county ordinance for all these years?


10 thoughts on “COOK COUNTY RESIDENTS BEWARE: ‘Registering’ black guns puts you at risk of immediate confiscation and arrest for ‘violating’ the Cook County gun ban”
  1. So so glad I don’t live in that shithole Crook County. I suspect you’re right. If you register in Cook Co or places like Highland Park or Deerfield you are screwed.

  2. Prize Pig Toni Prickwrinkle has zero interest in gang members, criminals, hoards of criminal illegals raping and pillaging but she’ll happily go after law abiding citizens. Political hack Tom Dart will too. Stay away from the steaming shit pile known as Cook County. leave the liberal scum enjoy what they keep voting for.

  3. Just imagine living in Cook County and voting Democrat and doing this to yourselves. The alternative is to vote Republican and have them protect your rights. Oh wait……………………………..they support not you but the police who will arrest and make you a made up felon for a paycheck. Congrats people! You get the two-party system you perpetuate. IF you can’t figure out the way out of this enjoy your mostly peaceful felony!

    1. Go vote “in-depend” ant, see what that gets you Travis, NO representation, marxist-democRAT enabler!

  4. Ahhhhh… not exactly. If one lives in a home-rule community that HAS NOT adopted the Cook County ordinance, even if the municipality is within Cook County, one is NOT in violation of the ordinance. Furthermore ‘local’, I assume you refer to municipal police officers, DO NOT enforce county ordinance. As example: One lives within the corporate limits of Arlington Heights. Arlington Heights is within the borders of Cook County. Arlington Heights has NOT adopted the Cook County ordinance concerning AR15/AK rifles. You as an Arlington Heights resident are fully in compliance with your AR15 in regard to Cook County ordinance.

  5. If you don’t think they’ll break your doors, look what these HEROES IN BLUE did to this poor ol’ guy when he refused to hand over his driver’s license:


    COME around to this way of thinking or YOU MAY BE NEXT. As former cop “Rick” (“hey gun people!”) says, “Back the blue until it happens to you.”

    Three years ago I’d have gotten johnboch’s “banhammer” for voicing this. What do you fellows say now?

  6. GSL 1589 what I meant was stop voting D or R. What do you meant independents don’t have representation? Be definition, Independents are NOT party affiliated. Perhaps that’s a strange concept to some people in Illinois that voters out there vote for the person that represents their values and is thus represented by a democrat, republican, libertarian, green, etc. It’s true in some places like swing states/districts that INDEPENDENTS decide elections. So public officials had better listen to them. 1 or 2% of the vote matters in some states and districts. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. The Republicans (Uniparty) could pass a bill giving any police officer $1000 bonus of your tax dollars for every person they arrest in violation of PICA and the Republicans know they could fuck you over all they want and you’d come and vote for it again. If you want strung along like the gullible sheep you are then you get the government you deserve. One would wonder if you say out loud in public what you say on here. You level of self-respect is absolute zero.

    1. IF, WHEN an in-depend ant politician actually is on a ballot somewhere, they vote/are affiliated with the democRAT-i-KKK “party” (a-la: Bernie Sanders/Communist to the bone) so you have NO IN-DEPEND ANT representation, PROVE ME WRONG! What local or ILL-Annoy “in-depend ant” politician votes any different than a hard-core democRAT? HMMM, Travis??/

  7. MY level of self respect is just fine, mr. “in-depends”, and your pile of excrement is filling up your diaper and it smells pretty foul, you better change your depends, you are the one with no representation and when your politicians and all one or two percent of registered voters “get together” their votes just enable the Marxist-democRAT-i-KKK “party”, and the democRATS are laughing all the way into office! I know of one national “in-depend-ant”, I think his name is Bernie Sanders, but he is commie-cRAT through and through, what local in-depend-ant politician is your local “hero” that has changed anything about ILL-Annoy politics? IF you have any “self respect”, you would go hide in yer mommy’s basement, Travis!

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