At Guns Save Life, we defend your right to self-defense.  Everyone’s right to self-defense.  In recent days, a prosecutor in North Carolina charged a 15-year-old youth with murder after a stabbing at Southeast Raleigh High School.  At this point, unless that prosecutor is a Soros-funded hack, I see the charges in this case dropped before this goes to trial.  Because once a jury sees the higher-resolution video and hears from a competent defense team, that murder dog ain’t gonna hunt.

Some people have tried to inject race into this incident, as if the defender being black diminishes his fundamental right to self-defense.  Sorry folks.  Your right to self-defense doesn’t depend upon your skin color or your zip code.  Or at least it’s not supposed to.  “With liberty and justice for all.”

Here’s the video:

If Twitter takes the video down, we’ve got it here.


Here’s my back-of-the-napkin analysis of the incident as a 25-year-plus instructor with at least a couple of hundred hours of use-of-force training (including Ayoob’s Lethal Force Institute…  yeah I’m dating myself, I know) in my past.

The video opens with a 15-year-old man (the accused murderer) getting taunted by a bully.  Pretty soon the bully sucker punches him.  The 15-year-old then runs into the gym in an effort to get away.  At that point, a mob swarms after him for whatever reason.  They get him down on the ground and begin kicking and punching him.

Anyone who has had any training at all knows that once you’re on the ground, the attacker’s shod foot becomes a deadly weapon.  At this point, force is justified – even deadly force.  Why?  Because the attacker’s foot becomes a deadly weapon to a defender on the ground.

Even punches to the head can cause fatal injuries but a kick has a LOT more energy – especially when crushing the skull against something hard like gym floor or concrete sidewalk.  Between the disparity of force involving numbers of attackers vs. the single 15-year-old and the fact that the young man (probably a freshman) was on the ground (another disparity) getting attacked by older, stronger kids (more disparity), there’s not a lot of doubt here.  What’s more, when he was able to regain his footing and get back on his feet he didn’t attack anyone else before fleeing to relative safety.

Folks, that’s clear-cut self-defense.

No, it’s not pretty.  Self-defense isn’t pretty as a rule.  In this case, a young man swarmed by a mob of thugs stabbed his way out of the melee by poking one or both of his assailants in the buttocks area.

I’ll go as far as to say that 15-year-old should teach a class on how to escape a mob attack.  He used the tools he had available.  He hit the targets made available to him by two of his more aggressive attackers.  And he showed no hesitation in attacking with maximum violence until he was able to get back on his feet and run away without slashing or stabbing anyone else.

I hope my own boys are equally skilled, able to function while under attack and of a similar mindset if a mob attacks them.

8 thoughts on “SELF-DEFENSE: North Carolina high school stabbing sure looks like self-defense, not murder [VIDEO]”
  1. What is it about the mindset of these feral teens? that they crowd around, knowing trouble is at hand so they have their phones out, ready, taking video of the “mob violence”? No one steps up to avert an attack by three or four thugs on one, what events lead up to the attack? Where do the young learn these “tactics”, and why? No discipline? No consequences?

  2. I concur. That was a righteous stab. Hope the one that lived will never shit right again. Or better yet maybe he skewered a nut or two as well. You know, aside from the dead one, none of them prolly learned a thing.

    Good story idea: write about consequences for the real victim here. He will have to move a long way away and maybe change his name.

    1. Femoral cut. Probably. Had two to four minutes of panic and maybe a little regret for his path in life before he lost consciousness for the last time. Who am I kidding? I hope he called for his mommy as he took his final breaths. Good riddance, Mr. Bully.

  3. First time at Guns Save Life’s website. Seeing one of the signs on the way into work reminded me to look it up. Wow. Nice. As for this, I had no idea this might have been self-defense when I first saw it in the news a couple of days ago. I chalked it up to black gangs acting like black gangs in schools. I’m glad my kids don’t go to a school where this sort of thing happens. Not very often anyway.

    1. Welcome, alum! Hope you enjoy your stay here!

      I would like to laud the young man for his Rittenhouse-level self-defense.

      Just as the boys at arf com, who are combat veterans, lauded kyle for his excellent self defense this Young man did everything that he could have and should have done.

      Well done, sir, well done!

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