Dear Illinois residents:  Do NOT register your “banned” firearms with the Illinois State Police.  Do not register your “banned” firearm accessories, .50 caliber firearms and ammunition, or anything else.

The registration period opened Sunday, October 1st and runs until December 31, 2023.

There’s ZERO benefit to registering your guns at this time and lots of reasons not to.

Repeat, do NOT register your stuff and here’s why:  There are already plans to move new legislation to “close the existing owner loophole” next year.  Pritzker & crew are keeping it under wraps until the registration window closes.  That proposed legislation would give those who registered their guns, ammo, and accessories 90 or 120 days to surrender those items to law enforcement, to destroy them or to move them out of the state.

Why else shouldn’t you register?

If your FOID card is suspended or revoked for any reason, you must divest yourself of those “banned” guns, registered or not, and you can never get them back.  They must be surrendered to police, destroyed, moved out of state or taken to an FFL to sell to someone out of state.  Even clerical errors or expiration of your FOID for any reason (including delayed processing of renewals) would result in you losing all of the most effective self-defense firearms and accessories.

What else would trip this?

An emergency order of protection, even if later determined to be unfounded, vexatious or worse yet, malicious.  Or conditions of pre-trial release over low-level crimes like a DUI arrest.

Do NOT register your firearms, folks.

You will have until the last week in December to revisit this decision.  Courts may intercede in the meantime.  Or you may make other arrangements.


17 thoughts on “ILLINOIS: DO *NOT* REGISTER your guns with Illinois State Police”
  1. Any options such as storing them out of state with Family, Friends, or a trust?

    Glad I don’t live there, but I can see our big city Democrats pushing similar laws, despite Bruen.

  2. Thank you for posting this John. The next time Senator Jason Plummer goes on Bishop on Air, OR Bishop on Air plays a sound clip of Plummer offering “sympathy” for the Illinois State Police over this law people most post that EVERYWHERE! He ran on a pro-2A platform and what the 55th Legislative District got was a representative for the STATE instead of for the people. He has yet to offer sympathy for his constituents over this gun ban. Although he’s not up for re-election next year the ones that are in both chambers need to know that if they offer support, including a yes vote on HB2722 then they give up their claim to be pro-2A. Speaking out of both sides of their mouths doesn’t cut it anymore. If they say they will protect the 2A then that also means they oppose the mechanisms in place that go against the 2A. Plummer repeatedly blames the governor and even said this registration is Pritzker’s entrapment when in reality besides pushing for the law and signing it, the governor is done with it. Once a law is passed an agency takes over the issue and enforces it. That is the ILLINOIS STATE POLICE! Plummer isn’t going to fool people into thinking the governor or the Dems are out to arrest them. The ISP are the ones doing it and thus, the ones that will NOT be trusted. As I’ve told my lawmakers here in IL many times since this law passed, this whole “back the blue” thing must be revisited because the old model of blanket police support is obsolete and now a detriment to constitutional rights. The recent event in New Mexico showed us that cops tend to shy away from enforcing gun control when THEY THEMSELVES are liable for civil rights violations. New Mexico eliminated police qualified immunity and made that happen by giving power back to the people. I don’t hear hardly anyone calling themselves 2A advocates pushing on this issue! Where are they???? Everyone, please don’t be shy calling out whomever needs it. This is a political assault on IL residents and Plummer for one is with the state.

    1. As I understand, it wasn’t just law enforcement in New Mexico that the elimination of qualified immunity affected – that’s why numerous elected officials stood against their governor’s emergency order as well as the Albuquerque Police Chief, Bernalillo Sheriff and several levels of prosecuting attorneys. Illinois officials castrating themselves? No chance of that happening here.

  3. I’ll be relocating to Nevada by the time the registration window closes. I’ve had enough of being abused by this Stalinist state. Best of luck to all of you who are still here.

    1. A simple internet search shows that Nevada has a sales tax of 6.85%, actually higher than the state rate in Illannoy.

  4. DO NOT REGISTER !!!!! GSL is the only gun rights group with the balls and the guts to say it out loud. Thanks for taking the stand while other outfits sit there handwringing, thanks for letting people post without the language / politically correct freak out. One of the other Illinois gun rights forums is about 30% chicken shit crybabies that will cooperate and collaborate. They don’t want to go too far and upset those that want them disarmed and or in prison. Then we have the ISRA which is great if you’re a crusty old Fudd that wants to “sit down at the table ” and negotiate away our gun rights. Neither of those will ever have the balls to stand up to the Stalinist regime we have in this state.

    1. Bingo! Illinois Carry sat down with Rep Kathleen Willis to craft the red flag law. Anyone who maintains a membership with them are just plain dumb.

  5. I won’t write in any public forum that I’m not going to register.
    I’m working on alternatives to keep my guns off of their radar and out of their hands though.
    Fall is a wonderful time for digging, I must say.

  6. “Do not comply” OK then what? Perhaps at some point the legislation will be ruled unconstitutional. If so great. In the interim what happens if you are found in possession of an unregistered weapon? At a minimum it is going to be expensive, and you may find yourself with a felony conviction, lose your right to possess any firearm and possibly end up in jail.
    Are you going to risk transporting the firearm to and from the range? Are you going to have the firearm accessible for home defense? If at some point you want or need to dispose of the firearm is a FFL going to facilitate the transfer.
    At a minimum you may wish to consider the “what then” questions before you make your own decisions. Unfortunately after January 1 you may find yourself with few if any options except holding onto the hope of a judicial remedy that may never come.

    1. first offense is a class a misdemeanor, if you have a good lawyer it will probably be reduced or thrown out. It will be found to be unconstitutional. Also most local law enforcement even those in cook county wants absolutely nothing to do with this. If you register and they decide to “close the existing owner loophole” you’ll be getting a visit from the ISP Firearms Enforcment Team. My advice would be to try to get out of the state if you can. And it WILL be found unconstitutional eventually even if it has to go to the supreme court. Connecticut had a similar registration scheme after Sandy Hook. Most owners ignored it and I cant find a single instance of one being prosecuted.

  7. Molon labe. What do you think they’re gonna do after they take our guns? At best they are going to let the thugs prey upon us. More likely I see subjugation and persecution. Not gonna register but I am not gonna have them in my house either.

    1. “first offense is a class a misdemeanor,”

      As I read the statute possession is a class 3 felony, class 2 felony if you have 2 or more. However unlikely prosecution is it remains a possibility. As to the possibility the statute will be found unconstitutional there are no guarantees. How many people bought into Caulkin’s assurances that the statute would be found facially unconstitutional under the Illinois constitution? How did that work out? Or the assurances that the FOID was going to be ruled unconstitutional. Everyone will need to decide for themselves. I am simply suggesting that it would be prudent to fully understand your potential risk.

  8. Elimination of qualified immunity is a key. This coming from a retired LEO. If one does the job properly and is informed of the Bill of Rights one has no problem. This takes a reasonable, intelligent, and brain capable of critical thinking. Not always the case, look at lowered standards and candidate quality these days; you tell me ?

  9. I have to post another one, cause it just cropped up tonight. We mention the wrongs that our government does, in specific, the gun-grabbing that they did in New Orleans after hurricane Katrina. I’ve mentioned the little old lady the cops SLAMMED against the wall to seize her lil .22 peashooter. She’s in this:

    What I had forgotten is, that during Katrina, cops from all over the country mobilized to N”oleans. Look’it the patches on the shoulders of those NAZI thugs beating little old white American grandmas. Look at the anger and frustration on the faces of the law-abiding citizens who had their sole means of defense STOLEN RIGHT OUT FROM UNDER THEM by the very people who took an oath to “serve and protect” them.

    Will we use violence to resist? Will you be disarmed? OR will you be shunted into the cattle cars, and thence to the “de-lousing showers” with the rest of the corpses? You think it can’t happen? IT ALREADY HAS!!!!!!!!!!!! The folks from Katrina NEVER GOT THEIR FIREARMS BACK. The cops STOLE THEM. AND KEPT THEM> It wasn’t even a gubernment seizure. It was armed criminals with the imprimatur of state and fed’l government breaking doors to steal.

    Remember the Boston Marathon bombing? How the cops went door to door pointing MaCHINE GUNS at citizens from MRAP’s in the streets? US vs. THEM, for sure.

    I’ve already been disarmed by my incompetent government. I KNOW it can happen. I lost my favorite gun to them. I won’t let it happen again.

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