Memphis has always had a bad reputation for violent crime.  Under Soros-funded prosecutors and woke political leaders, the descent into anarchy and chaos continues apace.  How bad is it?  Bad.  So bad that when FoxNews started to do an interview with a local political candidate about violence in the city – in a supposedly “safe place” – gunfire broke out nearby as gang members shot at other ‘bangers.

Do we want this in Chicago or in other communities across Illinois?

Outkick did a quick run-down of stuff that’s happened in the past few days.

Crime is so out of control in Memphis that police chief CJ Davis doesn’t think the Army can save the day.

OutKick readers know the situation in Memphis is far past bad. It’s downright appalling, and a stain on the entire country that criminals seem to run roughshod in a major American.

Below are a few recent examples of the carnage and chaos:

Crime is out of control in Memphis.

The situation is so bad that Davis doesn’t even think sending in the troops can get the job done at this point.

“I don’t care if we have the entire United States Army here in the city of Memphis. If we continue to see the same individuals committing crimes, you know, arresting our way out of this isn’t possible,” Davis told Action News 5 when talking about the chaos unfolding and repeat offenders.

Emphasis original.

Pretty sure getting rid of the Soros-funded prosecutor and turning the cops lose to arrest offenders would probably put a dent in the crime.  So too would encouraging the local residents to tool up.  Replace “Snitches get stitches” with “Thugs get slugs.”

Long term, providing better education so public schools aren’t graduating a bunch of borderline illiterates would help too.

Sadly, Chicago’s not far away.

Under Mayor Brandon Johnson, Chicago’s doing its best to achieve Memphis-like criminal violence.  From CWB Chicago this morning.

5 thoughts on “MEMPHIS: City devolves into chaos and lawlessness; mayor more worried about ‘narratives’ than safety”
  1. The mayor (elect?) is right, they can’t “arrest the way out of the crime problem” because …duhhh, the prosecutors do not prosecute criminals, the criminals know there will be no consequences for their criminal activity, therefore they continue their crime spree, escalating to more serious crimes, just the way the democRAT-i-KKK party wants it. The more crime, the more reason to enable their “anti-firearms” agenda! Keep voting democRAT, the leftists are working to destroy your Constitutional Rights!

  2. Mayor Elect, your ‘people’ ARE the usual suspects. Change the narrative? Change your culture; guns, violence, money, drugs, rap crap, abuse and toleration of abuse of women, your unintelligible language, pants off your ass etc…etc…etc…

    What did I say wrong ?
    Oh, and take all these stupid white ass clowns who emulate your bullshit with you.

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