So a whole bunch of America saw the video of Vince Ricci, an LA resident who drew his legal CCW to thwart a pair of armed robbers who hopped the fence around his home to rob him one night.  Thanks to great home security.  Now comes news that the LA County Sheriff has revoked his concealed carry license.  Was it because he talked with the media?  Or maybe it was because he was a white Christian male and the robbers were oppressed, misguided young aspiring cancer surgeons.

First Colion Noir has more on this including some video from the victim…

From RedState:

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department notified Vince Ricci, the Los Angeles Mid-City homeowner who opened fire on armed suspects who tried to get into his house, that his carry permit had been revoked. Last Sunday, Ricci was returning to his home when he turned the tide on two would-be-armed robbers when he drew his own licensed concealed firearm and opened fire on them. Ricci had just returned to his home after going to the gym when the two armed robbers ran into his front yard and confronted him at his front door. They tried to force their way into the home as Ricci was unlocking the front door.

The two suspects had already produced handguns and had pointed them at him when Ricci, who said that he “thought he was going to die,” produced his own handgun and opened fire on both suspects. Although no suspects were hit by his rounds, his actions immediately caused the two suspects to flee the area. Ricci stated that his five-month-old daughter and his wife were inside the home at the time as well, and he acted instinctively to protect himself and his family.

Was his mistake talking to the media, providing a glowing example of how gun ownership and concealed carry can empower the little people against armed thugs?  The gun-hating bureaucrats in state government can’t have that!

On Thursday, Ricci stated that the Sheriff’s Department called him to let him know that his permit to carry a concealed firearm had been revoked because he “yelled” at responding LAPD officers a few days later when they came out to investigate the incident further.

Ricci previously railed that the LAPD – the department investigating the case – carried out “sloppy police” work, including allegedly not picking up the casings scattered near his home as evidence.

Yelling at cops for not doing their jobs is now grounds for revoking CCWs?

What’s next…  dirty looks?  Not giving generously enough to the sheriff’s campaign fund?

13 thoughts on “THEY’RE EVIL: LA County revokes CCW license for man who fired in self-defense against pair of armed robbers…”
  1. A “police state” mentality is embedded with those who consider the Constitution a hinderance to their agenda: democRATS, the democRAT-i-KKK “party”, the “legacy media” that is the “democRAT party mouthpiece”, (but I repeat myself); there is nothing democratic about the democRAT-i-KKK party/agenda. They are tied in with Marxist/Communist ideals since before the Obama administration, but Obama is the one that embedded our government with anti-constitutionalists, misery and destruction be upon him.
    Pray for America that we can defeat the criminally treasonous Biden administration (aka: Oblama third term) and get America back to the Constitutional Republic as it was founded.

    1. They may not have “killed him”, but they left him and his young family vulnerable to the criminals and their associates that know where he lives and can return for more destruction/mayhem/criminality as revenge for their prosecution, if caught/prosecuted, if prosecutor even bothers to hold the thugs accountable.

    2. Looks like I’m not the only one that enjoys similar videos. I’m not real big on that guy, but I really like Jeff Gray’s “Honor Your Oath Civil Rights Investigations.”

  2. The leftist filth that decided to take his license must want him and his family dead. The LA county sheriffs office is probably trying avoid riots over the evil white Christian daring to fire shots at the oppressed products of the Dummycrat Marxist plantation ( that happens to have a darker skin color ). The race baiters are just waiting for a reason to do some window smashing and police car burning and the anti gun liberals quietly agree that this evil doer must be punished. How dare he not let him and his family be food for the animals.

  3. I wonder if Vince Ricci will be on this “back the blue” cult train after this? Half the people on commenting on this website would because they have zero self-respect.

    1. Yes indeed! The entire set up in American politics are globalist NWO friendly by design. The anti-constitutional gun grabbers pass the bills then the pretend 2A friendly republicans act like they oppose the laws BUT THEN turn around and support the ones enforcing them. Back the blue is like Black Lives Matter or Gays for Palestine. It makes gullible people feel like they are welcomed into a group of like-minded people that think they are correct, and their political opponents are wrong. When in fact they are just useful idiots or cogs in a wheel to serve a greater purpose that is not in their interest but they are so clouded by years and years of mental conditioning they refuse to acknowledge it even when presented to their faces. People just don’t want to accept it when they have been used. How many 2A organizations and video creators have called for the end police qualified immunity? If mrgunsngear hadn’t mentioned how New Mexico ended qualified immunity a couple years ago and THAT was the very thing that made police NOT want to enforce their governor’s gun ban orders I wouldn’t have even known about this. The 2A groups have attached themselves far too much to the GOP and it’s to our own defeat. People ask what party replaces them and the answer is NONE. Just stop voting in these grifter Republicans to the IL General Assembly. Vote R in city and county elections all you want. That’s a different level. We have the luxury of doing this in Illinois. There is no reason to vote R. Of course they grift on abortion stuff but guess what? Does anyone honestly think the democrat super majority will do anything that is inconvenient to abortion? Illinois gun owners can vote R or D or third party or not at all and still get the same democrat control of everything statewide. The IL Republican Party deserves to learn a hard political lesson. The pro-life voters should be outraged by the grift they’re getting too. Although I will say the R’s care far more about abortion than the 2A. Voters do have a choice. Get over the “obligation” to vote for whatever party you want to be in the club with. They’re just using you.

    1. Here are a pair of blue heroes, and look what they did to an American patriot and his service dog:

      I won’t use the smear that sheriff does, but draw your own conclusions. I would surmise that one or both of them were affirmative action hires.

  4. Another situation that calls for defunding the government, police and gop rinos. I hope he sues the hell out of the police, both lapd and lasd. Even if he can’t conceal carry, he should definitely be able to protect his home with any type of firearm he wants.

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