We covered how bad Memphis has become Sunday.  However, we missed the news from Saturday evening in that city.  A Memphis madman has murdered four women, wounded another, then suck-started his pistol.  The story isn’t one that the mainstream media wants to cover.  Why not?  Because Mavis Christian Jr. was a career felon for almost three decades.  He shouldn’t have had guns.  Gun control did nothing to stop him.

The Liberty Daily has it:

Mavis Christian Jr murdered four female relatives, including a teen, and critically injured another. He then killed himself. It’s a gun-grabber narrative that one would expect to make national news, but there is currently radio silence.

The murderer was a Black man with a rap sheet that dates back to 1996. Laws, if enforced, would have prevented him from owning the firearm he used to shoot women and girls. Therefore, it’s not a story that most in corporate media will want to cover.

From the AP:

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) — A suspect in Tennessee died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound while on the run Sunday after a series of shootings that killed four of his female relatives and seriously injured a fifth person, police said.

Officers found the body of Mavis Christian Jr., 52, in his car during a manhunt following shootings at three locations in Memphis that left three women and a teenage girl dead and a teenage girl critically wounded, the Memphis Police Department said.

Police said Christian was related to the victims but could not immediately specify how they were related. The names of the victims have not yet been released.

“We are deeply saddened by the tragic and senseless shootings on Saturday … resulting in the deaths of four innocent family members and a fifth victim critically injured,” the police department said in a statement posted on social media. “Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their loved ones as our community grieves more lives taken by domestic violence.”

7 thoughts on “MEMPHIS STRIKES AGAIN: Memphis madman murders FOUR women across city, mainstream media silent”
  1. Another example of lack of “prosecution to the full extant” multiple times? Follow the “perrp sheet” back round, mentally disturbed, multiple? felon, the family’s declaration of “he din do nuffin”, such a “good boy” when arrested, how many times? Did he vote “democRAT”? I doubt he ever had a red “MAGA” hat! Ya think?

    1. Chuck,
      only the informed know that and if the politicians would only learn/realize criminals cannot be controlled by laws, only incarceration, or death, and even then, they cannot control their minds if the criminals want to continue their crimes after being released from incarceration. The only persons “controlled” by “gun control” laws are those who would not be inclined to commit crimes in the first place, unless and until, the “gun control” laws infringe upon citizens’ natural, Constitutionally protected Rights.

  2. His body belonged in prison not on the streets. Of course, usual suspects get a pass to make up for all the wrongs done to usual suspects because usual suspects are a MAJOR contributor to the violent crime problem in our racist United States of America. WTF?

  3. Memphis has 10% of the state’s population and 40% of the homicides/violent crime. Nashville is 10/20 respectively. So 20% of the pop. are committing 60% of the violence.

    Both are the main ‘deep blue’ areas of the state.

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