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Dick’s sales go soft after Black Rifle ban

Poor Dick's. They opted to quit selling America's favorite rifle following Sandy Hook. Guess what happens when you quit selling something Americans love? You don't sell as much stuff in your stores - especially when you anger gun owners by cancelling purchases of guns already bought and paid for by…

Boston was a “Come to Jesus moment” for many

Last week, we published a poll showing that half of all non-gun owning households contacted expressed a desire to own a gun should an armed lunatic be on the loose in their neighborhoods/communities. HALF, Eddie.  Half! That's a lot of non-gun owners who are undoubtedly reconsidering changing their status from…


Seems the urban youth aren't that impressed with the Chicago Police Department.   If criminal hoodlums in Chicago are brazen enough to vandalize a CPD unit, what sort of disregard do you think they will have for your family if you visit Chicago?

Growing popularity of ARs with women

Imagine that?  A mainstream media outlet, hardly pro-gun, covering the rising popularity of the AR-15 among women shooters. Well, gee, let's see, they don't call it America's favorite rifle for nothing!  And women 'ain't' stupid. The AR is easy to use, minimal recoil, a proven man-stopper (especially with quick follow-up…