The Illinois General Assembly returns to session Monday, October 21st,  and the anti-gunners are wasting no time in attempting to dismantle the concealed carry bill passed last spring. Your help is desperately needed to shut down the gun control movement’s efforts to strip you of your fundamental right to defend yourself and your family from muggers, murderers, robbers and rapists.

We also need your help to support 3 pro-concealed carry bills that have been introduced. The details on all the bills are below:


HB3646 – DANGEROUS BILL – Bans Concealed Carry in any restaurant that has alcoholic beverages on the menu. Drastically reduces your choices on when and how to protect yourself. This bill is a foot in the door to create a growing list of places where you will be prohibited from protecting yourself and your family from dangerous criminals.

HB3669 – DANGEROUS BILL – This bill eliminates “safe haven” provisions for areas near schools – meaning that you could not even have a firearm locked in your trunk if you drive on to ANY property controlled by a school district. Once again, this bill would severely limit your self defense options and would make you a felon for doing nothing more than possessing a firearm. Under this bill, you would have to leave your defensive firearms at home if your plans called for you to enter any lands controlled by a school district. The real purpose of this bill is to pave the way for sweeping prohibitions on concealed carry that would make self defense impractical and a serious legal risk for most Illinois citizens.

HB3675 – DANGEROUS BILL – This bill would severely increase penalties for persons found to be carrying firearms in restricted areas. This bill is designed solely to scare law-abiding citizens out of carrying defensive firearms. This bill in no way targets gang-bangers or other violent criminals.

SB2594 – DANGEROUS BILL – This is another bill that would prohibit carry in restaurants that have alcoholic beverages on the menu.

HB3651 – GOOD BILL – This bill lowers the burdensome 16-hour training rule to a more reasonable 8-hour requirement. This bill also eliminates the re-training requirements for carry permit renewals. In short, this bill undoes that anti-gunners’ attempts to discourage people from applying for carry permits by easing burdensome training requirements.

HB3650 – GOOD BILL – This bill provides for concealed carry reciprocity between Illinois and dozens of other states.

HB3649 – GOOD BILL – This bill reduces the exorbitant fees the State Police plan on charging people for permit applications. The state should not be allowed to price-gouge citizens who want to defend themselves. This bill would make fees more reasonable and thus allow greater access to self defense for Illinois citizens.


1. Call your State Representative and politely tell him/her that you are a law-abiding firearm owner and you do not want your right to self defense diminished for political reasons. Ask him/her to vote AGAINST HB3646; HB3669; HB3675.

2. While on the phone with your Representative, tell him/her that you would like them to vote FOR HB3649; HB3650 and HB3651.

3. Call your State Senator and politely tell him/her that you are a law-abiding firearm owner and that you do not want your right to self defense diminished for political reasons. Ask him/her to vote AGAINST SB2594.

4. Post this alert to any and all Internet bulletin boards or blogs to which you belong.

5. Pass this alert along to all your gun owning friends and family members – ask them to take action as well.


The last we heard was that Speaker Madigan wanted to give the new carry law a couple of years before modifying or amending it.

That hasn’t stopped some fringe members of the General Assembly from floating a proposal to further limit and restrict carry licenses.

We do know that the “good” bills are going exactly nowhere.


The governor isn’t going to sign them and without Madigan’s blessing, they aren’t going to receive the votes needed.

Of course, Madigan might have had a change of heart since then…


4 thoughts on “Campaign to restrict IL right-to-carry kicks off…”
  1. They already made themselves public. We now have our list of which Representatives and Senators to oppose in the next election cycle. We all need to re-enforce that attitude with everyone we phone and remind them all that we’ll be putting our effort and money into keeping “good” representation and replacing “bad” representation.

    Those phone calls are important and can probably be completed while enjoying a single cup of coffee! It’s not a lot of effort for each of us, but every call adds up.

  2. What is it the Democrats say about Obamacare?
    OH Yeah! It’s the law already, GET OVER IT!

    But it is not the same when they do not like whatever it is they believe should be overturned.

  3. Ask the democRATS about “their” history of claiming slavery as a law of the land and it was good. And on And on And on

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