An incident that was shaping up to be a mass public attack on innocent people was truncated last weekend by a legal gun owner carrying his personal defense tool at a house party.

A 27-year-old partygoer in Glendale, Arizona was drunk and disorderly and asked to leave a party after a heated argument at about 1:00a.m.

Upset that his good time was being truncated, he left and returned a short while later with a rifle and began firing rounds in the air before pointing the gun at others at the party.

Whereupon a 39-year-old attendee of the event pulled his handgun and perforated the would-be mass murderer rapidly and promiscuously.

Police arrived a couple of minutes later, questioned and released the 39-year-old and took the younger man to the hospital with life-threatening injuries.

Imagine, a responsible individual at a party where alcohol is being consumed.  Our politicians in Illinois would never trust Illinois’ residents to be responsible, law-abiding gun owners while possessing a gun in a location where people are drinking.

The investigating detective told the Arizona Republic newspaper:  “Information and evidence detectives have gathered leads them to believe the 27-year-old was not only firing his rifle, endangering partygoers, but also pointed the weapon at other partygoers, endangering them, prior to the 39-year-old displaying a weapon and shooting the 27-year-old.”

If the cops and medical personnel had only been a little slower responding, they might have saved the citizens of Arizona a long, expensive prison sentence for the 27-year-old scumbag.

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  1. If I remember correctly it only merited a third or fourth page mention here. The AZ Republic is as leftist as they come, counter intuitive for a paper in AZ.

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