RINO Mark Kirk appears with Chicago’s chief of police and amateur streetlight assassin to advocate for bringing Chicago-style gun control to the entire state of Illinois. Trib photo.

We’ve seen a number of reports indicating that Mayor Bloomberg/Emanuel’s Draconian 3-year mandatory minimum prison sentence for carrying a gun is dead on arrival in its current form.

Even the bill’s sponsor is now acknowledging that changes – major changes – will have to occur before it has a prayer of passage.

SPRINGFIELD (Chicago Tribune) – Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s plan to impose mandatory minimum sentences for illegal gun possession was pulled from a House panel’s agenda Tuesday for further negotiations after it faced almost certain rejection from state lawmakers.

Rep. Mike Zalewski, D-Riverside, made the decision to yank the measure from the House Judiciary Committee, saying progress was being made to allay fears of gun-rights advocates that law-abiding citizens who make a simple mistake could face mandatory prison time under the Democratic mayor’s plan.

“It’s a reasonable and honest concern,” Zalewski said. “We’re doing our best to address that.”

The measure pushed by Emanuel calls for a mandatory three-year prison sentence for certain violations of the unlawful use of a weapon statute. Supporters say the measure is aimed at felons, gang members and people in possession of weapons without a valid firearm owner permit.

“We’re giving an added assurance in the law that no mistake will be made when it comes to the law-abiding gun owner,” Zalewski said.

The details of a compromise were still being worked out, but Zalewski said his goal remained passing the bill during the fall session.



7 thoughts on “Bloomberg/Emanuel “3 years mandatory minimum” proposal pulled; DOA as written”
  1. Of course no mistake will be made when it comes to the “law abiding gun owner”

    When there are thousands of laws, a gun owner is sure to violate one of them.

    Then he’s no longer a “law abiding” gun owner, and therefore give him the 3 years mandatory minimum.

    Somehow, even though you’re “giving an added assurance in the law” – I’m not assured.

    Pull the proposal permanently.

  2. I said it before and I’ll say it again, this one is an easy fix. Add the languge “… during the commission of a violent felony” to the bill. Not such a major change.

    1. EXACTLY !!!!!, But this isn’t about violent criminals. the goal here is to scare everyone away from lawfully carrying concealed .

  3. Once again Rep. Zelewski, a one man disaster when it comes to common sense isn’t doing anything to go after criminals. He is so busy doing the bidding of Comrade Rahm and lowest popularity in America Gov. Quinn in their desperate attempt to keep their criminals safe. Rahm won’t go after the gangs and Pat keeps letting the jail birds loose so it’s obvious who they’re trying to protect.

  4. a good stalinist stooge with “trust me” face. If you shake his hand count how many fingers you get back.

  5. Don’t you see in all of this. These leaders controlling us ??? This nation will soon be communist. America. If we don’t stop it. And. I am not sure we can !! –“”–

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