Mayor Bloomberg, finished with his escapades in Colorado, is now targeting Illinois with a mandatory three-year minimum prison sentence for unlawful possession of a gun.  For example, under Bloomberg’s clever “black-bag operation” proposal, even if out-of-staters have a carry permit, if they have a gun in Illinois, they go to prison for three years, minimum.


New information suggests that Mayor Bloomberg and his personally-funded Mayors Against Illegal Guns national gun control organization have teamed up with Mayor Rahm Emanuel and are indeed the people behind the new proposal in Illinois to slap anyone with a gun with a 3-year mandatory minimum prison sentence.

Under this new proposal, people like Scotty Pippen and State Senator Donnie Trotter, both caught in recent years carrying firearms for personal defense, would be sent to the Illinois Department of Corrections for three years, minimum, to serve their sentences.

This is in a state where a nearly a third of gang-bangers in Chicago get as little as three or four months of “boot camp” for carrying a gun as a felon – and two even got probation – after Quinn signed a law in December 2009  mandating three to eight years in prison for gang bangers with guns.

Chicago politicians have raised concerns that the new law is nothing but a proposal to lock up more “black and brown” people.

This is potentially the end result, and it would be in the case of Pippen, Trotter and the 17-year-old college prep student Darnall Hamilton recently arrested for carrying a gun to school to defend himself against violent gang-bangers none to pleased by his refusal to join their gangs.  Hamilton was a straight-A student on track to go to a four-year college.  He had zero disciplinary problems in his school career.  And now Bloomberg’s minions want to throw him in prison for three years and ruin a promising young man’s life.

We’re not just concerned about black and brown people, but for all law-abiding individuals who may be caught up in Bloomberg’s new dragnet.  Take Edward Hambrick, the man from South Dakota working in Chicago.  Hambrick had a FOID card and a South Dakota carry permit when he informed an officer that he was carrying during a traffic stop as a courtesy.

He was arrested and spent fourteen months in Cook County jail, refusing to take a felony plea-bargain.

He has since been released after a unanimous Illinois Supreme Court ruled in Aguilar that Illinois’ prohibition on firearm possession outside the four-corners of your home was unconstitutional.

This new proposal would see Mr. Hambrick, and people like him, imprisoned for three years, minimum.

Oh yeah, Mr. Hambrick is black too, not that it matters.


The link from Bloomberg to Emanuel

The nanny-state Mayor Michael Bloomberg has a direct tie to the Emanuel administration in Chicago and to add insult to injury, she’s paid for by our tax dollars – $150,000 per year!

Janey Rountree was Mayor Bloomberg’s Firearms Policy Coordinator before sliding over to work for the Emanuel administration as Rahm’s Deputy Chief of Public Safety.  She was also Bloomberg’s Coalition Coordinator at Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns.

And we’re paying her $150,000 a year for her advocacy work against our Second Amendment rights on behalf of Bloomberg.

Let’s not forget that Mayor Rahm Emanuel brought in Garry McCarthy as his new police chief.  Yes, the inept, hard-drinking Garry McCarthy was a top official at NYPD.  Of course, he had a scandal or two in his day, but who doesn’t shoot out street lights while drunk and shouting racial epithets at nearby residents when they come out to see what’s going on or get arrested while acting like a jerk to police officers issuing his daughter a ticket in the adjacent state.

Don’t take our word for it regarding the Emanuel/Bloomberg connection.  Earlier this year, Michael Sneed at the Sun-Times wraps it up and puts a nice bow on it for us:

Cop shop III . . .

Bang! Bang!

New York/New York . . . Sneed hears Police Supt. Garry McCarthy, the bulldog from the Bronx, will now be dealing with another New Yawker hired by Mayor Rahm Emanuel as his new liaison with the Chicago Police Department: Janey Rountree, the gun-control point person for New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, is Rahm’s new deputy chief of staff.

Even before she came to Chicago, Rountree was working for Bloomberg, meddling (or “advocating”) in other states.

(RedState) – In 2011, “Firearms Policy Coordinator” Janey Rountree worked from Mayor Bloomberg’s office to help a MAIG employee in the Columbus, Ohio mayor’s office with a campaign to block a bill expanding Ohioans’ concealed carry rights.

It doesn’t stop there.

Illinois “3-year mandatory minimum” proposal, embodied in HB2265 / SB1342 is modeled on New York State’s Draconian law mandating 3 1/2 years in prison for unlawfully carrying a handgun.  This is the law that saw NFL star Plaxico Burress sent to prison for 2 1/2 years for carrying a handgun.  Burress was not a bad-boy playing in the NFL.  He had a Florida carry permit that had recently expired at the time of his arrest for carrying a gun for self-defense in New York City.

Of course Bloomberg insisted Burress be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law because anything less would be a “mockery of the law.”

In short, this new proposal from Senator Zalewski has Bloomberg’s fingerprints all over it.

Bloomberg, having been told by Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper to stay out of that state (as Bloomberg’s interference has cost Hickenlooper two Democrat senators their seats through recall elections and a third Democrat senator is now facing recall), has apparently decided to set his sights on Illinois.

And this isn’t the first time Bloomberg has looked at Illinois.  He spent roughly two million dollars to elect Robyn Kelly earlier this year.

It would seem he is back.

There’s more we’re working on…  a mountain of additional documents and information we’re sorting through.

In the meantime…


A call to action

Gun owners in Illinois, indeed nationwide, need to come together against this latest intrusion by Mayor Bloomberg in politics outside of New York City.

Call your legislator.  Tell him or her to say “HELL NO!” to this Bloomberg/Emanuel Bill.

Tell your friends and neighbors.  We’re pretty sure they aren’t big fans of Mayor “Nanny State” Bloomberg, either.

If you don’t already have your State Senator and Representative in your phone, we can helpClick for a directory.



10 thoughts on “Bloomberg’s fingerprints all over Illinois’ “3-year mandatory minimum” proposal”
  1. That’s true Stu but there aren’t many honest people involved in Chitown politics and there are plenty of those fools in Springfield! We definitely have to be proactive and make the calls, daily.

  2. I submit its time to stop holding the zealots hands. Let them pass the most draconian asinine laws they desire and instantly file suit against them before Quinn’s ink is dry. In fact DARE them to pass their idiocy but without the votes of the TRULY pro second amendment legislators.

    It’s no longer a “win” to “kill their bills”. As doing so means media just uses that outcome to further demonize us. See : background checks of the universal variety.

    The WORSE the law drafted is the easier it is to defeat in court. So when they are determined to pass their idiocy, why help them pass something only less idiotic? Why not let them screw the pooch real good so it’s easier to defeat judicially?

    1. But in the meantime, some innocent people are going to be swept up in this and spend significant time in jail – even if the law is EVENTUALLY thrown out (see Edward Hambrick, above). IMHO, better to kill it now than count of a court decision that may or may never come down.

  3. Wait, this proposal would have put Sen. Trotter in prison?


    Well . . . . . I’m still against it.

  4. I think Mr. Bloomberg is out to prove he can screw up the country better than his buddy KING “O” can. And to think, these people walk among us. “SCAREY”

  5. How many more laws do we need on the books before the clowns on the left realize they dont stop crime?
    They will not stop until we are completly disarmed and they have total power then people like us get to go the camps.

  6. Political blow holes think they are like garment workers, they get paid extra from what they steal, by each law they “violently conceived”.

  7. I think they are trying every dirty trick in the book to enrage the American people, make them revolt, then kill those who attempt to stand up to our government. They can then declare “martial law” send out the foreign troops that are already on American soil according to what I have read. Those troops will be told to confiscate all weapons from every American, and to kill those who don’t comply. I’d really like to be wrong.

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