Do you recall Devin Krueger? He’s the prolific and destructive sociopath who savagely victimized one Guns Save Life family – repeatedly. Repeatedly as in three times in five days. He now calls the Graham Correctional Center Prison in Hillsboro home.

Satan? No. It’s Devin Krueger.

Krueger stole from other people because it’s the career path he chose for himself as a bad person with evil in his heart. For his “hard work” at stealing from others, he accumulated convictions in Jersey, Macoupin, Greene, Bond and Madison Counties.

He and his burglary crew repeatedly trashed our GSL family members’ residence over those three visits in five days. Krueger also trashed their peace of mind and he pretty much did his best to wreck them financially as well.

His family – his kinfolk – reached out to GSL and demanded we take down our stories about what happened to our member family and CrimeStoppers updates as that organization offered a reward for information leading to Krueger’s capture.

And they’ve kept up the steady drumbeat of messages DEMANDING (although at least they’ve dropped the empty threats…)  that we take down the stories.

Here’s the damage he and his crew did trying to force entry on the third and final burglary.

They claim our reporting of the CrimeStoppers reward for info leading to his capture constitutes a “hit for his life up on your website.” They also claimed he was doing 25 years “paying for his crime.”

The Krueger story was a year-plus-old post that saw very little traffic and taking it down wouldn’t have been that big of a deal. But first, I checked with the IL Department of Corrections. You know, “Trust but verify.”

Well, his family lied to me. For no good reason. Go figure. He was sent to IDOC in July 2023. And his projected parole date is October 2035. That doesn’t make 25 years. In fact, that’s about half of twenty-five years.

Interestingly, in a back-and-forth text messages, they revealed some information likely only known to people who were inside the GSL family’s home. Did they accompany Devin on one of the three burglary trips? Perhaps to load his truck and/or trailer with stolen goods?

They also said that his victims “had insurance.” Because insurance covers all the loses? It didn’t. And now they are uninsurable because of their repeated claims related to Devin’s deeds.

Moreover, as though the fact that his victims “had insurance” makes it somehow less socially unacceptable to steal their property and peace of mind?

So no, we won’t be taking down the Devin Krueger posts for now. If they want us to take them down, deliver to us restitution funds and we’ll forward them to Jon and his wife. If that makes them whole and there’s anything left, I’m sure they’ll forward it to the authorities to offer to other victims of Devin Krueger.

And then we’ll take down the post(s) they claim solicits a “hit” on lil’ Devin.


4 thoughts on “Devin Krueger’s kin continues DEMANDS that we take down stories about his crimes against a GSL family”
  1. Does his low life family think that these posts will somehow keep their shit stain relative from landing a job when he gets out of prison ? For the damage he’s done he should be doing a lot more time. Too bad some homeowner didn’t turn him into worm food during his crime spree.

  2. I have taken shits that were more productive than this criminal. In fact maybe I will take a Devin right now.

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