Do you recall Devin Krueger?  He’s the prolific and destructive sociopath who savagely victimized one Guns Save Life family repeatedly among many others.  Repeatedly as in three times in five days.  He now calls the Graham Correctional Center Prison in Hillsboro home.

Krueger stole from other people because it’s the career path he chose for himself as a bad person with evil in his heart.  For his “hard work” at stealing from others, he accumulated convictions in Jersey, Macoupin, Greene, Bond and Madison Counties.  Yeah, he was the leader of a heckuva crime wave.  Who knows how many more productive individuals he violated but wasn’t brought to justice for those crimes.

Anyway, his family – his kinfolk – reached out to me again yesterday.  They’re demanding we take down our stories (1, 2 – the must-read story, and last but not least 3).  They say he’s doing 25 years in prison.

There’s a lot of hate and anger on that face.

Here’s their text:

Hi we are the family of devin Krueger I see that you still have your hit for his life up on your website.

There’s no “hit” on his life, or threat on his life on our website.

If you could, could you please take that down he is in prison doing 25 years paying for his crime.  He’s also getting help and education to better himself drugs made him do the things he did the person he is off of drugs is not that same person as his family would really appreciate it if you would take that down it is not beneficial to anyone.  I thought I would reach out to you first before getting information on legal recourse.

I countered that the good news for their criminal kin is that he’ll be out soon as prison sentences are like dog-years in reverse.  Maybe as soon as six years.

They replied:

He won’t do six years he’ll have to do 25 years thank you very much his sentence and runs consecutive.

If I posted a post on my Facebook page that I was gonna offer $3000 for you dead or alive I would be arrested that’s a murder plot so you really need to take that down

Devin’s kin can’t even put together a sentence, much less a paragraph that reads cogently.  Their reading comprehension is pretty awe-inspiring too.

Yeah, it’s a year-plus old story that sees very little traffic.  I was inclined to take it down or at least seriously neuter it.  Then I went to IDOC.  You know, “Trust but verify.”

Well, they lied to me.  Go figure.  He was sent to IDOC in July 2023.  And his projected parole date is October 2035.

According to my public school math, 2023+25 years= 2048, not 2035.

So Devin’s family lied.  For no good reason.  Well, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

And the fact that he had been to prison once before and released tells me he didn’t learn any lessons and any talk of him getting help or becoming remorseful is just poppycock.  They blame his affinity for drugs for his actions.  While we can’t be completely sure, I’d bet a $100 bill that nobody held a gun to his head and forced him to smoke crack or whatever drug cocktail he was consuming that supposedly drove him into serving in Satan’s service.  A bad man with evil in his heart.  He’s lucky he didn’t get well shot burglarizing all those homes in rural Illinois.

As for our GSL family, Devin and his buddies caused tens of thousands of dollars in damages to the residence and as well as far more in stolen, damaged or destroyed possessions in three burglaries in the span of five days.  They can’t get traditional insurance today because of the nature, size and repeated five-figure claims of damages and losses done to them by Devin.   To say nothing of Devin destroying their peace of mind and victimizing their sense of safety and security in the home.  He violated them.

He trashed over a hundred grand so he could come up with a couple thousand bucks for drugs, gambling or sex or whatever he wanted.

When I contacted his victims, the male half wrote something I can’t print initially.  I’ll give you a hint.

Later, probably after calming down, he sent another text.  “He’s changed the course of our life permanently.”

His spouse offered this:  “You can tell him you’ll take it down when he writes a heartfelt apology to all his victims and vows restitution that you can publish and print.”

Seems fair.  But Devin’s never going to have a hundred bucks in his wallet.  And by the time he graduates in 11 more years, even if he had a hundred bucks it might buy dinner for four at McDonalds or fill your gas tank.

I mentioned how Devin destroyed the sanctity of our members’ residence.  Here’s an example…

You think that was bad?  Check out what he did to the exterior on his third visit…

Yeah, to the Krueger clan:  You should go and love yourselves.  Come up with a hundred grand in restitution and deliver it to me and we’ll take care of one of Devin’s victim families.  I’ll get it to his victims and take down the posts about your kin.


12 thoughts on “REMEMBER DEVIN KRUEGER? His kin want us to pull down stories relating to his antics”
  1. Old dog, new tricks and all that. They used to hang horse thieves. They had a lot less crime back then too…
    You are right though… he will never become a productive citizen with assets to provide restitution.

  2. I think Mr. Krueger’s antics should be displayed until he makes restitution for any and all damage and thievery he perpetrated upon any and all of his victims as an example of what lowlife criminals can and will do if not raised to respect other people’s property and lives as an example to other criminal “wanna-bees”! That was the very reason for public hangings in the “olden days” for murders and horse thievery, for if you stole a person’s horse you subjected them to possible death from exposure or other mishaps.
    Too bad Mr. Krueger’s “kinfolk” didn’t leave “well enough” alone, now his antics will be displayed and renewed in the spotlight again. TOO BAD, SO SAD, that it bothers them, shame should be felt good and hard for many years, he chose to do the drugs, he chose to perpetrate the crimes, let him and kinfolk live with their shame!

  3. Lol piece of crap. Hey tough guy, your reputation precedes you. Enjoy it. Scumbag.

    As for the good guys…the preventive measures mentioned in the previous articles can’t be stressed enough. We live in a world filled with scumbags like this. Monitored alarm, A#1. Locking gates, window bars, good doors, good locks. (I like door locks with cylinders on both sides, not a deadbolt inside. A key stays in the door when someone is home, and comes out when leaving the house unattended. Eliminates doors as egress points if someone comes in a window, making their taking of my crap just a little bit harder.) Keep your stuff locked/hidden, harden “important” rooms, and not insignificantly, KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT! Protecting your house is a little bit like surviving a bear attack. You don’t have to be faster than the bear, you just have to be faster than your friend. Make your house a less-attractive target than your neighbor’s.

    1. A good protective dog is a good companion as well as an alarm to strangers, thieves rarely want to deal with an attentive vocal dog or two.

  4. Good advice on securing your home and making it more difficult. Guessing this house is in a rural type area which means no neighbors on top of you to watch your place. Devin Krueger should remain a poster child for maintaining your situational awareness and carrying a gun everyday. The only bright side to him getting out sooner rather than later is that he’ll pick the wrong house and get shot by his next victim sooner.

  5. Those “kinfolk” are crazy to ask for favors. This afterbirth is still costing people money with his incarceration. If he decided that someone’s possessions were worth more than his life, someone should have agreed with him.

  6. Let him rot and tell his lying family to go scratch or start making payments to the victims of their family member if they really want to make things right. Hopefully he’s getting to be someones girlfriend and / or enjoying some good beatdowns.


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