The NRA is still around.  They aren’t out of business and they haven’t abandoned Illinois.  In fact, at a direct invitation from Guns Save Life, we have some great news!

The NRA-ILA’s Illinois lobbyist John Weber will join most of Guns Save Life meetings next week to bring us up to speed on how things are going at NRA and a legislative report on where he sees things going in Springfield.

He and I get along like we’re long lost brothers and best friends.  We think alike on both political strategy and advocacy.  While GSL has eleven, soon to be twelve regional grassroots meetings and thousands of members, he’s got the resources, the reputation and the 4ish million member National Rifle Association behind him.

Like them or hate them, the NRA is the biggest dog on the block, in our state and in our nation when it comes to protecting and defending our 2A rights.  And the NRA-ILA are the people who are tasked with serving as the tip of the spear in that endeavor.

Along those lines, he’ll be joining us to talk about what’s been happening, where the NRA has been (and why they haven’t been in Springfield as much as some people would like since COVID) and where things are headed.  He’s a no-BS kind of guy.

He will appear in Danville on Monday Evening at Ela’s Eatery.

On Tuesday he will join GSL members in Rantoul and the KC Hall.

On Wednesday, he may be at the NW Chicagoland meeting (this one isn’t confirmed)

On Thursday he will be in Charleston at the Unique Conference Center ballroom.

See the “Meeting Lineup” box for times and locations.

8 thoughts on “NRA IS COMING! The NRA-ILA’s Illinois lobbyist to appear at GSL meetings next week”
  1. When I was able, I supported NRA-ILA with relatively small donations, now with the nation’s Bidenflation/Bidenomics, I am struggling on limited income to continue to pay necessities, but still believe that NRA-ILA is a good organization to help fight unconstitutional laws.
    Pray for our Constitutional Republic and the defeat of the Marxist influencers in our government.

  2. Glad to hear. I’ve seen him speak a couple times on the Zoom calls, but they spend SOOOO much time on introductions and procedures that there’s only about 10-15 minutes of valuable content on those calls. Please ask him if he is seeing any positive movement in actually fighting for rights now that Money Drain Wayne is gone.

  3. Will the NRA Negotiate our rights away like always or join forces with GSL to apologize and defend Pritzker’s storm troopers who are enforcing this travesty on the public? Maybe you should invite that state police sympathizer also known as Jason FUCK OVER MY CONSTITUENTS Plummer to do a dance for everyone. I’m sure many of these boot lickers in your “gun rights” club will be happy to see they aren’t the only ones defending gun control enforcement teams and those armed boots on the ground who willfully carry out the orders of the Democrat Party.

    1. BLAH, BLAH, BLAH,,… And just what are YOU doing, OTHER than complaining???? HMMMM, Scott???

  4. Here’s a topic for the next GSL meeting:
    I’m sure people have brought this up before but in light of the FOID being found unconstitutional in court twice now, why don’t we the people of Illinois start a class action lawsuit versus the state of Illinois?! We have been FORCED TO PAY for our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT by the criminals mismanaging our state for decades now (some have even paid to carry concealed [I NEVER will] by the same) and most, if not all, are SICK of this extortion! Once the Supreme Court finally finds it federally unconstitutional, the people of Illinois MUST be compensated for this injustice. If the corrupt unions running this state into the ground are paid for sitting on their asses, We the People who actually work and pay taxes must be given justice for the decades of theft and corruption forced upon us! And we should also file suit against Governor Fatboy for the unconstitutional “assault weapon” ban, after all, he has billions. If the democrats can sue the people for any and everything, we should follow suit and sue them into the mud.

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